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'''Film:''' ''[[Into the Woods]]''
'''Characters:''' [[The Baker (Into the Woods)|The Baker]] | [[The Witch (Into the Woods)|The Witch]] | [[The Baker's Wife]] | [[The Wolf (Into the Woods)|The Wolf]] | [[Cinderella (Into the Woods)|Cinderella]] | [[Prince Charming (Into the Woods)]] | [[Jack (Into The Woods)|Jack]] | [[Jack's Mother (Into the Woods)]] | [[Rapunzel (Into the Woods)|Rapunzel]] | [[The Other Prince (Into the Woods)]] | Wicked Stepmother | Florinda | Lucinda | [[Little Red Riding Hood (Into the Woods)|Little Red Riding Hood]] | [[The Giant (Into the Woods)|The Giant]] | The Baker's father | Cinderella's mother | Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother
|group1=''[[Into the Woods|<font color= #E0BA0F>Into the Woods</font>]]''
'''Locations:''' The Woods | The Baker's House | Cinderella's House | Rapunzel's Tower | Cinderella's Prince's Castle | Jack's House Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother's House | The Beanstalk
|group2=[[The Baker (Into the Woods)|<font color= #E0BA0F>The Baker</font>]] • [[The Witch (Into the Woods)|<font color= #E0BA0F>The Witch</font>]] • [[The Baker's Wife|<font color= #E0BA0F>The Baker's Wife</font>]] • [[The Wolf (Into the Woods)|<font color= #E0BA0F>The Wolf</font>]] • [[Cinderella (Into the Woods)|<font color= #E0BA0F>Cinderella</font>]] • [[Prince Charming (Into the Woods)|<font color= #E0BA0F>Prince Charming</font>]] • [[Jack (Into The Woods)|<font color= #E0BA0F>Jack</font>]] • [[Jack's Mother|<font color= #E0BA0F>Jack's Mother</font>]] • [[Rapunzel (Into the Woods)|<font color= #E0BA0F>Rapunzel</font>]] • [[Rapunzel's Prince|<font color= #E0BA0F>Rapunzel's Prince</font>]] • [[Cinderella's Mother (Into the Woods)|<font color= #E0BA0F>Cinderella's Mother</font>]] • [[Florinda|<font color= #E0BA0F>Florinda</font>]] • [[Lucinda (Into the Woods)|<font color= #E0BA0F>Lucinda</font>]] • [[Little Red Riding Hood (Into the Woods)|<font color= #E0BA0F>Little Red Riding Hood</font>]] • [[The Giant (Into the Woods)|<font color= #E0BA0F>The Giant</font>]] • [[Granny (Into the Woods)|<font color= #E0BA0F>Granny</font>]] • [[The Baker's Father|<font color= #E0BA0F>The Baker's Father</font>]]
'''Songs:''' [[Prologue (Into the Woods)|Prologue]] | [[Cinderella at the Grave]] | [[Hello, Little Girl]] | [[I Know Things Now]] | [[A Very Nice Prince]] | [[Giants in the Sky]] | [[Agony]] | [[It Takes Two]] | [[Stay with Me]] | [[On the Steps of the Palace]] | [[Witch's Lament]] | [[Moments in the Woods]] | [[Your Fault]] | [[Last Midnight]] | [[No One Is Alone]] | [[Children Will Listen]]
|group3=<font color= #E0BA0F>The Woods</font> • [[The Baker's House|<font color= #E0BA0F>The Baker's House</font>]] • [[Cinderella's House|<font color= #E0BA0F>Cinderella's House</font>]] • [[Rapunzel's Tower (Into The Woods)|<font color= #E0BA0F>Rapunzel's Tower</font>]] • [[King's Castle (Into the Woods)|<font color= #E0BA0F>King's Castle</font>]] • Jack's House • Grandmother's House
'''Other:''' [[The Witch's Curse]] | Red Riding Hood | Cinderella's Golden Slippers | Magic Beans | Milky White | Rapunzel's Hair | The Baker's Bread | The Giant's Harp | Gold Coins
|group4=[[Prologue (Into the Woods)|<font color= #E0BA0F>Prologue</font>]] • [[Cinderella at the Grave|<font color= #E0BA0F>Cinderella at the Grave</font>]] • [[Hello, Little Girl|<font color= #E0BA0F>Hello, Little Girl</font>]] • [[I Know Things Now|<font color= #E0BA0F>I Know Things Now</font>]] • [[A Very Nice Prince|<font color= #E0BA0F>A Very Nice Prince</font>]] • [[Giants in the Sky|<font color= #E0BA0F>Giants in the Sky</font>]] • [[Agony|<font color= #E0BA0F>Agony</font>]] • [[It Takes Two|<font color= #E0BA0F>It Takes Two</font>]] • [[Stay with Me|<font color= #E0BA0F>Stay with Me</font>]] • [[On the Steps of the Palace|<font color= #E0BA0F>On the Steps of the Palace</font>]] • [[Witch's Lament|<font color= #E0BA0F>Witch's Lament</font>]] • [[Moments in The Woods|<font color= #E0BA0F>Moments in the Woods</font>]] • [[Your Fault|<font color= #E0BA0F>Your Fault</font>]] • [[Last Midnight|<font color= #E0BA0F>Last Midnight</font>]] • [[No One is Alone|<font color= #E0BA0F>No One is Alone</font>]] • [[Children Will Listen|<font color= #E0BA0F>Children Will Listen</font>]]
|group5=[[The Witch's Curse|<font color= #E0BA0F>The Witch's Curse</font>]] • [[Red Riding Hood|<font color= #E0BA0F>Red Riding Hood</font>]] • [[Cinderella's Golden Slippers|<font color= #E0BA0F>Cinderella Golden Slippers</font>]] • [[Magic Beans|<font color= #E0BA0F>Magic Beans</font>]] • [[Milky White|<font color= #E0BA0F>Milky White</font>]] • [[Rapunzel's Hair|<font color= #E0BA0F>Rapunzel's Hair</font>]] • [[The Giant's Harp|<font color= #E0BA0F>The Giant's Harp</font>]] • [[The Beanstalk (Into the Woods)|<font color= #E0BA0F>The Beanstalk</font>]]}}<noinclude>
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[[Category:Into the Woods]]

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