"Sofia The First" Is A Series That Appeared Before The Movie Did And You Might Notice It On Disney Junior Sometimes After It Aired And After The Series It Was Cancelled To Be Replaced By Fancy Nancy

Theme Song To The Sofia The First Series=

Sofia: I Was A Girl In The Villige Doing Alright Then I Became A Princess Overnight Now I Have To Figure Out How To Do It Right So Much To Learn And See Up In A Castle With My New Family And A School That's Just For Royalty A Whole New Change Of World Is Just Waiting For Me I'm So Excided To Be...

Girls: "Sofia The First"!

Sofia: I'm Finding Out What Being Royal's All About

Girls: "Sofia The First"!

Sofia: Making My Way It's An Adventure Evreyday It's Gonna Be My Time To Show You All That I'm..

Girls And Sofia: "Sofia The First"!

Title: "Disney's Sofia The First"

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