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Tennis Racquet is an animated short starring Goofy.


A tennis match between Goofy and Goofy, with Goofy spectators, a Goofy announcer, and a Goofy groundskeeper tending the court during the match.




Home video

Have a Laugh! changes

The following scenes were deleted from the short version due to time constraints:

  • The line of cars going to the flower show instead of the tennis game.
  • The crowd getting packed in is shortened significantly.
  • The contestants coming out onto the field and Big Ben removing his tennis racquet cover.
  • The sportscaster accidentally unplugging his microphone and plugging it into a spectator's radio.
  • The gardener's smoking pipe causing Big Ben to sneeze.
  • The initial play and the spectators watching is shortened.
  • Little Joe accidentally getting buried under a newly-planted tree; him burrowing through the ground is retained, however.
  • All scenes between Little Joe now serving and Little Joe "jab[bing] with a smash" are cut.
  • The spectators watching during the slow motion scene.
  • Further plays after the slow motion scene and before the point where the game is won are cut.
  • Big Ben receiving the giant trophy and Little Joe angry at losing.


  • The animation of the spectators taking their seats is reused from Hockey Homicide, which was also narrated by Weaver.
  • This is the only short where Goofy is portrayed with brown fur.
  • The trophy at the end is labeled "Edwin Parks Trophy", a nod to Ed Parks, an animator for Disney.


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