Tetrapodophis is a minor antagonist in the 2015 Disney/Pixar animated film, The Good Dinosaur. It is a legged snake ancestor whom Arlo encountered on his journey that by sheer coincidence, resembled a species discovered late during the film's production, Tetrapodophis.


The Good Dinosaur

Tetrapodophis only makes a brief appearance when Arlo and Spot encounter it on their journey. It first appears when Arlo starts eating berries and Tetrapodophis falls on him and Arlo shakes it off. Confronted by the Tetrapodophis after falling off the cliff, Spot was able to wrestle it to save Arlo from the predator, thus retreating. It is never seen again for the rest of the film after this.

Video games

Dino Crossing

Several Tetrapodophis appear as non-playable characters throughout the game. They are seen as obstacles that the player has to avoid. Depending whether the player is controlling Arlo or Spot individually or controlling Arlo and Spot together and he/she touches one, touching a Tetrapodophis either loses a life or causes an instant game over.


  • The Tetrapodophis was discovered in early 2015, a few months before The Good Dinosaur's release. When the news broke, Pixar embraced the discovery of something that coincidentally resembled something the artists put into their film.


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