Texas is the Burners' muscle from Disney XD's 2012-13 television series Motorcity. He drives Stronghorn and is voiced by Jess Harnell.

Physical appearance

Texas is the 2nd shortest of the Burners but definitely the most muscular. He is Filipino and has tanned skin and short, unruly black hair. He wears a race car driver's uniform that is black with red flames decorating the sleeves and several patches. The colors on his pants are inverted. He wears black shoes and a black baseball cap with his Burner logo on it.


Texas is slightly stupid, somewhat lovable, and REALLY violent. He won't think twice about punching anything. Dedicated to the team, he'll be the first to the battlefront when a fight breaks out.

Be it a KaneCo security bot or a towering Ultra golem, Texas will charge at it with fists, feet, head, teeth, and really any other body part armed and ready. Texas dreams of leading the Burners one day, but is ever-loyal to Mike and doesn't question his authority. Full of gung-ho spirit and fierce determination, Texas is the ultimate Burner cheerleader... although one that loves to smash, crash, or blast anything with the word "Kane" on it


Punching, gun-chuncks, driving. Martial arts skills., Acrobatics.


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  • Texas often speaks in 3rd person and yells his name when attacking foes.
  • Texas calls his arms "punch sticks."
  • He has a problem with remembering female names and telling women apart.
  • Texas has been known to faint when seeing several beautiful cars in one place.
  • His greatest fear, as revealed in Mayhem Night, is getting eaten by giant evil candy.
  • Texas is Chris Prynoski's, the show creator's, favorite character. [1]
  • Texas is Filipino. [2]
  • It's possible that the name "Texas" is an alias, because "Alias: Texas" showed up on Kane's screen in Texas' fantasy at the beginning of Texas-ify It.


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