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That's So Raven was an American sitcom. The show premiered on Disney Channel on January 17, 2003, and ended on November 10, 2007. It was the show with the most episodes on the channel until October 14, 2011, when Wizards of Waverly Place aired its 101st episode ending on January 6, 2012.


The plot revolves around teenager Raven Baxter, played by Raven-Symoné and how she gets herself, her friends Eddie and Chelsea as well as her family members, such as her brother Cory, out of various situations, usually by using her psychic powers and skills as a master of disguise, neither of which help.


The original name for the main character was Dawn Baxter, and the show was originally named The Future Is On Me. However, they changed the main character's name to Rose Baxter, and the show was called Absolutely Psychic. Finally, it was changed yet again to Raven Baxter when Raven-Symoné won the lead part, and the show was changed to That's So Raven. Raven-Symoné originally auditioned for the role of the best friend, Chelsea (originally called Emma), who's played by Anneliese van der Pol. Raven-Symoné is credited as Raven throughout the series. The series was the highest rated show in history on Disney Channel, before Hannah Montana. However, it is still one of the longest running shows in Disney Channel history.

The show first premiered in September 2002 in the U.K. before premiering in the United States on January 17, 2003. Seasons 1-3 were produced by Brookwell McNamara Entertainment. The fourth and final season was produced by Raven-Symoné. It became the first Disney Channel Series to create a spin-off, Cory in the House, which followed her younger brother, Cory, as his dad becomes the head chef for the President of the United States, causing the two of them to move to Washington, D.C.

In the 4th season of That's So Raven and in the pilot of Cory in the House, Victor states that Tanya (T'Keyah Crystal Keymáh) is in England as a lawyer. In real life, Keymáh left for creative and personal reasons.

Opening sequence[]

The show's title theme song was written by John Coda, who also composed the music cues to signify scene changes and commercial breaks for this series as well as for fellow Disney Channel series Even Stevens, was co-produced by Def Jef and Christopher B. Pearman (Raven-Symoné's real-life father) and was performed by Raven-Symoné, Anneliese van der Pol, and Orlando Brown.

Raven performs most of the theme, while Brown performs a rap near the end of the theme and some scattered vocals in the beginning of the theme. Van der Pol sings the shows title in the chorus. A full-length version of this theme was heard in a music video which aired a few months before the shows U.S. premiere and also can be heard on the show's first soundtrack, released in 2004. Like most Disney Channel shows, the sequence was modified each season. During the title card at the end of each sequence in season four, Raven said "Oh, Snap! Yep, That's me" to the camera while in the other three seasons the only thing Raven said was "Yep, that's me."

In Disney Channel Asia, an Asian version of the show's theme song was made. The music video debuted on January 1, 2007 back-to-back with the 100th episode of That's So Raven.


Main article: That's So Raven episode list

The show is the only Disney Channel Original Series to extend its contract from 65 to 100 episodes. Which is about four seasons. The last episode produced was "Soup to Nuts", but then the crossover episode with The Suite Life of Zack & Cody called "Checkin' Out" was produced as part of That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana. Although "Soup to Nuts" was chronologically the last episode, it did not air last; instead, "When There's Smoke" aired last.

Season Ep # First Airdate Last Airdate
Season 1 21 January 17, 2003 March 5, 2004
Season 2 22 October 3, 2003 September 24, 2004
Season 3 35 October 1, 2004 January 16, 2006
Season 4 22 February 20, 2006 November 10, 2007


Guest Stars[]


The That's So Raven franchise has been modeled after fellow Disney Channel hit Lizzie McGuire. Raven has a clothing line, DVD releases, novels, bedroom sets, a perfume, a GirlTalk board game,[1] three video games[2][3] and two soundtracks, That's So Raven: Songs from and inspired by the hit TV show and That's So Raven Too!.

In February 2005, That's So Raven toys were featured in the McDonald's Happy meal. In April 2005, a doll based on Raven Baxter was released[4] and another was released the following year. Also, five That's So Raven dolls have been released.

In September 2005, the show also spawned a fragrance and an MP3 player. That same month, the clothing line was shipped to Macy's stores. As of 2006, the That's So Raven merchandise has made $400 million.[5] The show released its fourth DVD in July 2006, entitled Raven's Makeover Madness. Sales have reached more than a half billion dollars as of late 2007.

Soundtrack albums[]


  • 1. What You See Is What You Get
  • 2. Rescue Me
  • 3. In Raven We Trust
  • 4. Step Up
  • 5. Family Affair
  • 6. 2 Good 2 Be True
  • 7. Tell It Like It Is
  • 8. Dueling Divas
  • 9. Showtime!
  • 10. Phsyched
  • 11. Boyfriend Blues
  • 12. Be Mine
  • 13. The Real Deal
  • 14. Over The Top
  • 15. Rebel Raven
  • 16. Superstar
  • 17. House Party
  • 18. Queen Of Hearts
  • 19. Raven Rocks

Video games[]

That's So Raven has spawned three video games:

  • That's So Raven, Game Boy Advance
  • That's So Raven 2, Game Boy Advance
  • That's So Raven: Psychic on the Scene, Nintendo DS

DVD Releases[]

Volume 1: Supernaturally Stylish[]

(Released December 7, 2004)[6]


  • If I Only Had a Job
  • He's Got the Power
  • That's So Not Raven
  • Boyz 'N Commotion

Special features:

  • Supernatural (music video)
  • That's So Raven (music video)

Volume 2: Disguise the Limit[]

(Released August 17, 2005)[7]


  • Art Breaker
  • Country Cousins (part 1)
  • Country Cousins (part 2)
  • The Grill Next Door

Special features:

  • Master of Disguises (featurette)
  • Visual commentary by Raven on selected scenes

Disney Channel Holiday[]

(Released November 1, 2005)


  • Escape Claus

Volume 3: Raven's House Party[]

(Released December 6, 2005)[8]


  • Opportunity Shocks
  • Too Much Pressure
  • Double Vision
  • Four Aces
  • Vision Impossible

Special features:

  • That's So Raven (Radio Trivia Game)
  • Bloopers and outtakes

Volume 4: Raven's Makeover Madness[]

(Released July 18, 2006)[9]


  • Pin Pals
  • Dues and Don'ts
  • Adventures in Boss-Sitting
  • Hook Up My Space
  • When 6021 Met 4267

Special features:

  • So You Think You Know Raven? (trivia game)
  • The Cheetah Girls 2 sneak peek.

That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana[]

(Released January 16, 2007)[10] Episodes:

  • Checkin' Out

Special feature

  • So You Think You Know Raven (Volume 2, trivia game)

Hannah Montana Volume 4: One In A Million[]

(Released January 28, 2008)[11]


  • Run Raven Run

The Chill Grill[]

The Chill Grill is a restaurant owned by Victor Baxter who is Raven's father and also a gourmet chef. It was introduced during the second season of That's So Raven. In the episode "If I Only Had a Job", Raven has a vision of her dad opening his own restaurant called "Baxter's Place". In the beginning of the second season, it finally opened as "The Chill Grill". The introduction of "The Chill Grill" was during the episode "Out Of Control". The restaurant is also a popular hangout for the kids that go to Raven Baxter's school. It was revealed in the episode The Four Aces that the Chill Grill was formerly a swinging 1940's restaurant by day, and nightclub in the evening called The Four Aces. The Chill Grill almost went out of business when, in the episode The Grill Next Door, the restaurant faced stiff competition from a knock-off restaurant called "The Hill Grill", which was owned by Victor's college cooking rival Leonard Stevenson. As of now the Chill Grill is still owned by Victor Baxter, but a manager is running it until Victor and his son (Cory) come back from Washington, D.C.


Cory in the House[]

Main article: Cory in the House

Cory in the House is the first Disney Channel spin off and premiered on January 12, 2007. It was the one chosen out of the many pitched and proposed spin-offs that were to have aired after the completion of That's So Raven, including one about Raven going off to college and another centering around Donna Cabonna's ventures hiring a new intern at her office.[citation needed]

The storyline involves Cory and his father Victor adjusting to life in Washington D.C.; Victor has received a job as the personal chef to the President. The show takes place while Raven is attending fashion college and Cory's mom is still in London. Raven has guest-starred on the show.

The series is similar to its sister show, That's So Raven. Cory has two best friends, one a boy, Newton Livingston III (Jason Dolley), and one a girl, Meena Paroom (Maiara Walsh). Note that in "That's so Raven", the main character also have two best friends, one a boy and one a girl. Cory attends a middle school in Washington DC. Also in the series, the president's daughter, (Madison Pettis) Sophie, constantly pesters Cory, like Cory did to Raven in That's So Raven. Cory also participates in crazy situations in which he learns a moral lesson and will most likely get punished.

On one episode, Raven Symone guest starred as Raven, who came to show designs of new tour guide uniforms to President Martinez. Unfortunately, she has a vision of a clock falling on the President, and tackles him, earning the Secret Service a chance to chase her around the grounds. Cory poses as his sister to display the uniforms, modeled by Newton and Meena. Raven is discovered outside the Oval Office window, and chased, until she actually does save Mr. Martinez from the clock. The Episode ends with the credits sequence for That's So Pooshnick, a show from Meena's country about a psychic girl who can see the past.

Raven's Home[]

Main article: Raven's Home

A second spin-off airs on Disney Channel. Raven-Symoné executive produces and also reprise her role as Raven Baxter. The show also stars Issac Ryan Brown, who plays Raven's psychic son, Booker Baxter, Navia Robinson, who stars as Raven's daughter, Nia Baxter, Jason Maybuam, who stars as Chelsa's son, Levi Daniels, Sky Katz as Tess, and Anlessie Van Der Pol reprising as Chelsea Daniels. Unfortunately, Orlando Brown, who plays Eddie Thomas from the original series is not in the show, due to him getting in trouble with the law. Raven Baxter was married to Devon Carter, which was her high school sweetheart. Unfortunately, they divorced and Raven and Chelsea lives together with their children. Although, Raven's son, Booker, possesses psychic abilities. Raven never told her children and Booker never told his mom until Season 2. [12]

Awards and nominations[]

Year Award Category Recipient Result
2003 BAFTA Children's Awards International That's So Raven Nominated
2004 BET Comedy Awards Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series Raven-Symoné
Outstanding Comedy Series That's So Raven
Gracie Allen Awards Outstanding Children/Adolescent Program Won
NAACP Image Awards Outstanding Performance in a Youth/Children's Program Raven-Symoné
Kids Choice Awards Favorite Female TV Star
NAMIC Vision Awards Best Comedic Performance Nominated
Children's That's So Raven
Teen Choice Awards Choice TV Actress: Comedy Raven-Symoné
Choice TV Show: Comedy That's So Raven
Young Artist Awards Best Performance in a TV Series (Comedy or Drama) – Leading Young Actor Kyle Massey
Best Performance in a TV Series (Comedy or Drama) – Leading Young Actress Raven-Symoné
2005 BET Comedy Awards Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series Raven-Symoné
Outstanding Comedy Series That's So Raven
Casting Society of America Best Casting – Children's Programming Joey Paul Jensen Won
Genesis Awards Children's Programming That's So Raven
Gracie Allen Awards Outstanding Female Lead in a Comedy Raven-Symoné
NAACP Image Awards Outstanding Performance in a Youth/Children's Series/Special
Kids Choice Awards Favorite TV Actress
NAMIC Vision Awards Best Comedic Performance Nominated
Children's That's So Raven
Primetime Emmy Awards Outstanding Children's Program
Teen Choice Awards Choice TV Actress: Comedy Raven-Symoné
Choice TV Show: Comedy That's So Raven
Young Artist Awards Best Performance in a Television Series – Guest Starring Young Actor Christopher Malpede Won
Outstanding Young Performers in a TV Series Orlando Brown
Kyle Massey
Anneliese van der Pol
2006 Casting Society of America Best Casting – Children's TV Programming Joey Paul Jensen Nominated
NAACP Image Awards Outstanding Performance in a Youth/Children's Series or Special Raven-Symoné Won
Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series Eric Dean Seaton Nominated
Kids Choice Awards Favorite TV Actress Raven-Symoné
Favorite TV Show That's So Raven
NAMIC Vision Awards Best Comedic Performance Raven-Symoné
Best Children's That's So Raven Won
Teen Choice Awards TV – Choice Actress: Comedy Raven-Symoné Nominated
Young Artist Awards Best Family Television Series (Comedy) That's So Raven
2007 NAACP Image Awards Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series Raven-Symoné
Outstanding Performance in a Youth/Children's Program – Series or Special Kyle Massey
Raven-Symoné Won
Outstanding Children's Program That's So Raven
Kids Choice Awards Favorite TV Actress Raven-Symoné Nominated
NAMIC Vision Awards Children's That's So Raven Won
Primetime Emmy Awards Outstanding Children's Program Nominated
Writers Guild of America Children's Episodic & Specials Deborah Swisher ("Fur Better or Worse")
Young Artist Awards Best Performance in a TV Series (Comedy or Drama) – Leading Young Actor Kyle Massey Won
2008 NAACP Image Awards Outstanding Performance in a Youth/Children's Program (Series or Special) Raven-Symoné
Outstanding Children's Program That's So Raven
Kids Choice Awards Favorite TV Actress Raven-Symoné Nominated
NAMIC Vision Awards Best Performance – Comedy


  • The theme song of the show is performed by Raven-Symoné (Raven), Orlando Brown (Eddie), and Anneliese van der Pol (Chelsea). Raven-Symoné sings the verses, Orlando raps, and Anneliese is one of the singers of the chorus.
  • Raven's catchphrase "Oh snap!" is said in every one of the show's 100 episodes. In season 4, the catchprase is said in the opening sequence when Raven is hit by the title "That's So Raven" before she says "Yup, that's me."
  • Raven, Chelsea and Eddie's school, Bayside High, shares the name and set of the high school in the show Saved by the Bell. The creator of That's So Raven, Michael Poryes was a writer of the show, Saved by the Bell.
  • In the season 3 episode "Five Finger Discount", while Raven's mom is studying for her law exam, she mentions that she is studying the case Brookwell vs. McNamara. Brookwell McNamara Entertainment was the production company that produced season 1-3 of That's So Raven.
  • This is the first, and so far only, show to have two spin-offs.

A comparison of copyright notices seen at the end credits of the show used in Season 1 (left), Season 2 (middle) and Seasons 3-4 (right). Notice how both seasons 1 and 2 incorrectly had the copyright notice written as "(C) [year] Walt Disney Enterprises, Inc" instead of it's correct "(C) [year] Disney Enterprises, Inc" as in seasons 3 and 4.

  • In the first two seasons end credits, there appears to be a typo error in the copyright notices; where instead of the copyright notices stating "(C) [year] Disney Enterprises, Inc" it had "(C)[year] Walt Disney Enterprises, Inc", with the "Walt" between the "[year]" and "Disney" mistakenly typed in in the copyright notices. This typo error is however corrected in the final two seasons where it's end credits copyright notices state as "(C) [year] Disney Enterprises, Inc" (see image pictured below).
  • Initially, That's So Raven was going to have a movie, which would have served as the proper series finale just like the Lizzie McGuire Movie. The plot saw Raven going to France to start a fashion line and Eddie and Chelsea would have flown out there to meet her. The movie never came to be because that year Raven Symone was too busy with concerts to come back and be in the movie. It's possible that there would have been an antagonist in the movie just like the Lizzie McGuire Movie and Hannah Montana the Movie.
  • That's So Raven has a strong connection to Hannah Montana because they were created by Michael Poryes. Even the concepts where the main character is keeping a secret from the world is very similar and they've even had a crossover with The Suite life of Zack and Cody.


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