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The following is an episode list of the American television sitcom That's So Raven. The series aired on Disney Channel from January 17, 2003 to November 10, 2007, and its second to last episode which aired 7 months after the series finale with 100 episodes produced spanning 4 seasons.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 21 January 17, 2003 March 5, 2004
2 22 October 3, 2003 September 24, 2004
3 35 October 1, 2004 January 16, 2006
4 22 February 20, 2006 November 10, 2007


Season 1 (2003)

No. in Series No. in Season Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production Code
1 1 "Mother Dearest" Lee Shallat-Chemel Bob Keyes & Doug Keyes January 17, 2003 102
Raven's big mouth earns her a parent-teacher conference after school.
2 2 "Party Animal" Rich Correll Dava Savel January 17, 2003 109
Raven worries her constant bickering with Cory will ruin their relationship.
3 3 "Test of Friendship" Rich Correll Bob Keyes & Doug Keyes January 17, 2003 107
Raven gets a vision that Eddie is going to fail his midterm and get kicked off the basketball team.
4 4 "Wake Up Victor" Ken Ceizler Susan Sherman & Edward C. Evans January 17, 2003 119
Victor learns that a local TV show wants him for a segment, and Raven tries to calm his nerves.
5 5 "A Fish Called Raven" Fred Savage Dava Savel & Carla Banks Waddles January 24, 2003 121
After joining the school paper, Raven and Chelsea find themselves against veteran reporter Serena.
6 6 "Smell of Victory" Lee Shallat-Chemel Laura Perkins-Brittain January 31, 2003 101
A vision shows Raven's science partner to be a foul smelling student.
7 7 "Campaign in the Neck" Sean McNamara Beth Seriff & Geoff Tarson February 7, 2003 114
Raven convinces Chelsea to run for student council president, then has a vision of her losing badly!
8 8 "Saving Psychic Raven" Sean McNamara Michael Feldman & Jeff Abugov February 21, 2003 120
Raven bonds with a new group of kids who are psychic like herself, but ends up caught in the middle.
9 9 "The Parties" Rich Correll Jeff Abugov & Michael Feldman February 28, 2003 116
Raven passes out invitations for her first big party to everyone at school.
10 10 "Ye Olde Dating Game" Matthew Diamond Michael Feldman March 28, 2003 113
Raven gets a vision that a cute boy will ask her to be his girlfriend at the school's costume dance.
11 11 "Dissin' Cousins" Rich Correll Susan Sherman April 11, 2003 108
Raven's rich and snooty cousin Andrea comes to visit, leading to a fight between the two girls.
12 12 "Teach Your Children Well" Tony Singletary Beth Seriff & Geoff Tarson May 2, 2003 111
Tanya is hired as a substitute teacher for Raven's English class.
13 13 "Driven to Insanity" Matthew Diamond Dava Savel May 30, 2003 104
Raven disobeys her parents by going on a dinner date with an older boy.
14 14 "A Dog by Any Other Name" Gerren Keith Michael Poryes & Susan Sherman June 20, 2003 103
Chelsea has a crush on a boy named Sam, but she has a hard time keeping a straight face around him because he has the same name as her dog. Raven and Chelsea try to solve the problem by going undercover disguised as boys in gym class in order to brand Sam with a nickname.
15 15 "Saturday Afternoon Fever" Matthew Diamond Chip Keyes July 11, 2003 106
Raven makes an excuse to get out of spending "quality time" with her mom.
16 16 "A Fight at the Opera" David Kendall Beth Seriff & Geoff Tarson August 8, 2003 118
Raven and Chelsea decide to enter Mrs. DePaulo's annual Festival of the Classical Arts.
17 17 "Psychics Wanted" Sean McNamara Maria Espada August 22, 2003 117
Low on funds and hoping to charm a cute sax player with tickets to a jazz concert, Raven gets a job working for "Miss Cassandra's" psychic hotline. Surprised to discover that the whole set-up is a fraud, Chelsea and Eddie hire on, and Raven soon finds herself in the hostess seat as the hotline's spokeswoman, Miss Tallulah. When her crush phones the hotline for advice, Raven finds herself in a position to manipulate him in her direction with her visions. Meanwhile, Tanya and Victor get caught by Cory's elaborate security system when trying to borrow money for pizza.
18 18 "If I Only Had a Job" Rich Correll Laura Perkins-Brittain & Carla Banks Waddles September 12, 2003 110
Raven has a vision of Victor getting fired by his new boss, so she goes down to the restaurant to prevent the vision from coming true. When that fails, she comes back disguised as a famous pop star and throws a loud tantrum in the restaurant, complaining about the poor quality of the food since Victor left.
19 19 "Escape Claus" Matthew Diamond Carla Banks Waddles December 5, 2003 105
Raven gets a vision that she will receive a beautiful necklace for Christmas!
20 20 "Separation Anxiety" Rich Correll Dava Savel & Carla Banks Waddle December 19, 2003 115
When Raven has a vision that her parents are splitting up, she recruits Eddie and Chelsea to help.
21 21 "To See or Not to See" Rich Correll Carla Banks Waddles March 5, 2004 112
Raven causes Eddie and Chelsea great embarrassment when she tells them about her abnormal visions.

Season 2 (2003-2004)

No. in Series No. in Season Title Directed by Written by Original air date

Production Code

22 1 "Out of Control" Gerren Keith Sarah Jane Cunningham & Suzie V. Freeman October 3, 2003 203
Raven's vision leads her to believe that Chelsea and Eddie are becoming a couple. Victor is opening his new restaurant and Cory wants to do comedy ventriloquism at the opening.
23 2 "Don't Have a Cow" Rich Correll Michael Carrington October 17, 2003 204
Raven and Chelsea dabble in wishing spells on Halloween and accidentally turn themselves into cows. Cory feels he is old enough to go trick or treating without Victor.
24 3 "Run, Raven, Run" Rich Correll Marc Warren November 14, 2003 202
Raven tries to save Alana (School bully and Raven's nemesis) from danger, but ends up making their relationship worse. Cory and William (Cory's technically savvy best friend) get chicken pox and give it to Victor.
25 4 "Clothes Minded" Sean McNamara Edward C. Evans January 1, 2004 207
Raven protests new school uniforms and ends bonding with Alana. Cory gets a credit card in Lionel (his rat's) name.
26 5 "Four's a Crowd" Rich Correll Michael Feldman January 30, 2004 206
Raven gets a date with Devon but his little sister and Cory have to come along. Victor and Tanya get the house to themselves until Eddie and Chelsea come over.
27 6 "Hearts and Minds" Rich Correll Michael Feldman February 6, 2004 212
Eddie teaches Cory to rap to 'the ladies' so he can get the nerve up to ask Danielle, a cute girl in Cory's class, to be his Valentine.
28 7 "Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind" John Tracy Josh Lynn & Danny Warren March 26, 2004 211
Raven feels bad after telling Devon that she thinks the annual Sci-Fi convention is nerdy only to learn that Devon is one of those "nerds."
29 8 "That's So NOT Raven" Sean McNamara Dennis Rinsler April 9, 2004 201
Raven enters a fashion contest and is told that she can't model her own designs because she doesn't have 'The Look' ... but of course, that doesn't stop her! Cory and William try to raise money for an expensive new video game.
30 9 "Blue in the Face" Sean McNamara Maisha Closson April 16, 2004 208
Raven wants to go to a concert with Devon but she has to pass her science project before her parents will let her go.
31 10 "Spa Day Afternoon" Carl Lauten Dava Savel May 21, 2004 209
Raven decides to go with Tanya for a mother daughter retreat at a health spa, but only because she had a vision that her pop idol, Maisha, was going to be there as well.
32 11 "Leave it to Diva" Donna Pescow Marc Warren May 28, 2004 213
When Raven comes down with a 'psychic cold' she suddenly has the ability to read people's minds and must bite her tongue when Victor's judgmental mom comes to visit.
33 12 "There Goes the Bride" Erma Elzy-Jones Sarah Jane Cunningham & Suzie V. Freeman June 11, 2004 216
Raven learns that Devon is moving away after his dad remarries. She makes a last attempt to talk his dad out of it while he's waiting for his bride at the altar. Also, Cory buys Victor and Tanya a wall-mounted singing chicken for their anniversary.
34 13 "Radio Heads" Rich Correll Dennis Rinsler June 25, 2004 215
Eddie starts a new radio show for the school, but the booth gets too crowded when Senorita Rodriguez makes him team up with Raven.
35 14 "A Goat's Tale" Debbie Allen Edward C. Evans July 2, 2004 217
Eddie decides to get revenge and steal the rival school's goat mascot before the big game, but Chelsea feels sorry for the little fellow and steals it from Eddie in hopes of taking it to a farm and a more dignified life.
36 15 "He's Got the Power" John Tracy Dava Savel July 9, 2004 205
An electrical mishap gives Eddie psychic powers. Victor has '70s night in the restaurant and Cory gets in trouble at school when using '70s slang from a movie.
37 16 "Skunk'd" Christopher B. Pearman Sarah Jane Cunningham & Suzie V. Freeman July 16, 2004 219
Chelsea wants Raven to join her on a camping trip. Raven shows up at the campsite with every home convenience and ruins everything that Chelsea loves about camping. Also, Cory offers to be Eddie's talent manager and books his first paying gig.
38 17 "The Dating Shame" Sean McNamara Edward C. Evans & Michael Feldman July 23, 2004 218
Raven and Chelsea go on a reality dating show. The cute bachelor and the manipulative host soon have Raven and Chelsea willing to endure any humiliation in order to win. Also, Cory tricks his parents and stays home alone without a babysitter.
39 18 "The Road to Audition" Debbie Allen Beth Seriff & Geoff Tarson July 30, 2004 214
Raven has a vision that a scout from "Undercover Superstar" is at her school.
40 19 "The Lying Game" Rich Correll Dennis Rinsler & Marc Warren August 6, 2004 220
Raven and Cory both tell very different versions of an incident at school. The truth lies somewhere in between Cory and Raven's farfetched stories.
41 20 "Numb and Number" Rondell Sheridan Michael Feldman & Dava Savel September 10, 2004 221
Raven reluctantly agrees to take a very nervous Cory to the dentist.
42 21 "My Big Fat Pizza Party" John Tracy Michael Carrington September 17, 2004 210
Raven and Chelsea convince Victor to let them work at The Chill Grill but end up in over their heads after they both overbook too many parties on the same night.
43 22 "Shake, Rattle, and Rae" Marc Warren Story by: Lanny Horn

Teleplay by: Sarah Watson & Jason M. Palmer

September 24, 2004 222
To make peace with Alana, Raven invites her to a slumber party. All is well, until Raven gets a vision that there's going to be an earthquake at some point during the night.

Season 3 (2004-2006)

No. in Series No. in Season Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production Code
44 1 "Psychic Eye for the Sloppy Guy" Rich Correll Marc Warren October 1, 2004 301
Raven gives a boy a makeover, then falls for him. Also, Cory & Victor join a father/son juggling group.
45 2 "Stark Raven Mad" Marc Warren Sarah Jane Cunningham &
Suzie V. Freeman
October 22, 2004 304
An annoying little girl makes Raven lose it in front of Tyler. Victor and Tanya help Chelsea and Eddie do a science project about sleep deprivation.
46 3 "Opportunity Shocks" Rich Correll Dava Savel November 5, 2004 309
When a billionaire businessman comes to the Chill Grill, Raven, Cory and Victor try to sell him their ideas. Raven tries to hook Sierra up with Stanley to get her out of her hair.
47 4 "Taken to the Cleaners" Rich Correll Michael Feldman November 19, 2004 313
Raven & Tanya try to retrieve a letter never meant to be sent. Stanley beats Cory, Eddie and Victor in ping-pong.
48 5 "Five Finger Discount" Rich Correll Dennis Rinsler December 3, 2004 302
Cory gets pressured into shoplifting by some kids from school. Raven, Eddie and Chelsea win a mystery prize and share it. Also, Tanya takes her first test.
49 6 "Sweeps" Sean McNamara Dennis Rinsler December 11, 2004 311
Raven gets a vision that the Community Theatre play she's producing will bomb.
50 7 "Double Vision" T'Keyah Crystal Keymáh Sarah Jane Cunningham & Suzie V. Freeman December 17, 2004 318
Raven is shocked to find that the boy Chelsea likes is also psychic. Cory makes Cindy his girlfriend but she wants to make it official with a kiss.
51 8 "Bend It Like Baxter" Rich Correll Dava Savel January 7, 2005 315
Raven falls for a jock who mistakes her for the star of the gymnastics team. Cory pretends to need glasses to impress a girl.
52 9 "The Big Buzz" Eric Dean Seaton Marc Warren January 28, 2005 322
Raven seeks help from the Guidance Counselor to deal with coming in second place each year for "Best Dressed."
53 10 "True Colors" Christopher B. Pearman Michael Carrington February 4, 2005 303
Raven faces discrimination when she and Chelsea apply for a job. Cory learns to appreciate Black History Month.
54 11 "Dog Day Aftergroom" KC Lynn De Stefano Theresa Akana & Stacee Comage February 11, 2005 317
When Raven and Eddie get jobs as dog groomers, they mess up a champion dog show. Meanwhile, Victor takes up knitting to relax and Cory tries to profit from it.
55 12 "Royal Treatment" Christopher B. Pearman Sarah Jane Cunningham &
Suzie V. Freeman
February 18, 2005 310
Raven befriends an African exchange student who turns out to be a prince. Cory's rat Lionel wins a contest to be on a magazine cover.
56 13 "Art Breaker" Gregory Hobson Josh Lynn & Danny Warren February 25, 2005 308
Raven encourages Chelsea to be artistic then accidentally breaks her sculpture. When sweets are banned at Cory's school, he sells his own homemade soda.
57 14 "Boyz 'N Commotion" Debbie Allen Theresa Akana & Stacee Comage March 11, 2005 306
Raven promises to get Boyz 'N Motion to perform at school. Meanwhile, Cory tries to sell Boyz 'N Motion's personal items on the internet.
58 15 "Gettin' Outta Dodge" Rich Correll Edward C. Evans April 8, 2005 319
When Raven knocks out Bianca in dodgeball, Muffy and Loca start hanging out with her. Also, Cory is annoyed when Larry starts hanging out with Victor.
59 16 "On Top of Old Oakey" John Tracy Michael Feldman April 22, 2005 305
Raven and Eddie think Chelsea's new environmental boyfriend is a phony. Also, Cory picks a girl he has a crush on to be in his new band, even though she can't sing.
60 17 "They Work Hard for His Honey" Eric Dean Seaton Edward C. Evans April 29, 2005 307
Eddie hires Chantel to work with him, Raven, and Chelsea in the student store, then gives her all the easy jobs. Cory fails math so he can be tutored by a cute student teacher.
61 18 "Mind Your Business" Eric Dean Seaton Dennis Rinsler May 13, 2005 327
Raven, Eddie and Chelsea set up competing businesses at school. Also, Cory buys a hot tub, then can't get Victor out of it.
62 19 "Hizzouse Party" Rich Correll Michael Carrington June 13, 2005 312
When Victor and Tanya leave Raven and Cory home alone, they throw a house party to pay for a lamp Raven broke. Victor and Tanya argue in the car over the new Automatic Navigation System.
63 20 "Mismatch Maker" Fred Savage Edward C. Evans June 14, 2005 325
Raven goes in disguise so Eddie will have a date for the Basketball Team Awards dinner. Chantal gets jealous.
64 21 "Chef-Man and Raven" Rich Correll Story by: Jim Reynolds
Teleplay by: Lanny Horn & Sarah Watson
June 15, 2005 314
Victor is challenged to a TV cook-off by his cooking school rival. Cory and Tanya put together a new desk.
65 22 "When in Dome" Marc Warren Sarah Jane Cunningham & Suzie V. Freeman June 16, 2005 328
Raven feels left out when Chelsea's friend from Vegetarian Camp pays a visit. Also, Cory thinks Cindy wants to break up so he breaks up with her first.
66 23 "Too Much Pressure" Rich Correll Dava Savel June 17, 2005 323
Raven and Chelsea try to sneak their way into a music video.
67 24 "Extreme Cory" Rich Correll Theresa Akana &

Stacee Comage

July 8, 2005 326
Cory wants to join a skateboard crew even though he can't skate.
68 25 "The Grill Next Door" Sean McNamara Michael Feldman July 8, 2005 324
Victor's rival opens a restaurant across from the Chill Grill. Meanwhile, to get Stanley to sing at the Chill Grill, Raven agrees to date him and Cory lets him front his band.
69 26 "Point of No Return" Sean McNamara Edward C. Evans July 23, 2005 330
Raven buys an expensive top to wear one night and return the next day. Also, Cory thinks he's too old to go clothes shopping with Victor.
70 26 "Country Cousins, Parts 1" Sean McNamara Dennis Rinsler July 29, 2005 320
Raven tries to reunite with her country cousins. When Eddie babysits, Cory takes advantage and sneaks out to the mall.
71 26 "Country Cousins, Parts 2" Sean McNamara Michael Carrington July 29, 2005 321
Raven has problems reconnecting with her country cousins. Cory gets angry with Eddie when Eddie refuses to cover for him again.


29 "Food for Thought" Rich Correll Marc Warren September 18, 2005 316
Chelsea and Raven fight back when the cafeteria is taken over by an exploitative corporation. Cory hires an assistant to help organize his busy life.


30 "Mr. Perfect" Rich Correll Michael Carrington October 7, 2005 329
Raven is afraid her new boyfriend is too perfect. Also, Cory gets Victor into the catering truck business.


31 "Goin' Hollywood" Rich Correll Dennis Rinsler & Marc Warren November 4, 2005 333
Cory wins a walk-on role on his favourite sitcom, "Better Days." He wants to be a star like Ally Parker, the star of the show. However, she wants to be a regular kid, like him. When Ally goes to public school for the first time, she finds out it's not as easy she thought it would be. Alyson Stoner ("Mike's Super Short Show," "Cheaper by the Dozen") stars as Ally Parker.


32 "Save the Last Dance" Sean McNamara Marc Warren November 25, 2005 334
It's Prom time at Bayside High and Raven's got a dress and a limo, but no guy. She's about to give up on finding a date when she has a vision of herself dancing with a guy. Raven is determined to make her vision come true and sets out on a quest to find her perfect prom date before the big night. Meanwhile Cory's studying genetics at school and is terrified he might inherit The Hairy Baxter Curse from Victor.


33 "Cake Fear" Rondell Sheridan Theresa Akana &

Stacee Comage

December 16, 2005 332
Raven and Cory are left alone for the weekend with their old babysitter, "Pushover Patterson," who was a constant victim of their practical jokes. Things don't seem quite right with Miss Patterson, and Raven and Cory fear retaliation for past wrong-doings. Mary Gross ("Saturday Night Live") guest stars as Miss Patterson.


34 "Vision Impossible" Marc Warren David Brookwell & Sean McNamara January 6, 2006 335
Raven's visions have gone haywire and she decides to call Dr. Sleevemore from the Psychic Institute to see if they can get to the root of the problem.


35 "The Four Aces" Debbie Allen Michael Feldman January 16, 2006 331
Raven helps a senior citizen recreate her days as a jazz singer.

Season 4 (2006-2007)

No. in Series No. in Season Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production Code


1 "Raven, Sydney and the Man" Rich Correll Marc Warren February 20, 2006 403
Raven tries to help a troubled kid with a flare for comedy. Cory makes himself a "Bro-Mitzvah" in hopes of collecting huge gifts.


2 "Pin Pals" Rich Correll Dennis Rinsler February 24, 2006 401
Raven forgets her commitment to bowl with her friends for a chance to meet a famous fashion designer. Cory hires a chef to secretly do his cooking chores.


3 "Dues and Don'ts" Rich Correll Theresa Akana & Stacee Comage March 3, 2006 404
Raven brags about her internship then finds out it's not that glamorous. Cory and Eddie argue over a raffle ticket.


4 "Unhappy Medium" Rich Correll Josh Lynn & Danny Warren March 17, 2006 407
An actress wants to follow Raven around to see what it's like to be psychic. Cory sells ad space on his body.


5 "Adventures in Boss Sitting" Eric Dean Seaton Jessica Lopez March 24, 2006 406
Raven gets a vision that Devon is going to break up with her. She has to deal with stopping this from occurring, while boss sitting her boss, Donna Cabonna, from her broken heart. Eddie and Chelsea try not to think about their overwhelming hunger as they help Raven out. Meanwhile, Cory goes on a date with Brittney, but he realizes he still has feelings for his ex, Cindy.


6 "Hook Up My Space" Rich Correll Michael Feldman March 31, 2006 408
Raven goes on a "room makeover" TV show, but Cory gets to do the makeover. Also, Raven's old room becomes the "fitness centre" and Victor and Eddie get competitive about working out.


7 "Driving Miss Lazy" Eric Dean Seaton Michael Carrington April 21, 2006 405
Raven's best friend, Eddie, gets his driver's license, and they decide to buy a car together. Raven, and her other friend Chelsea paint the car pink. Eddie takes a drive to the countryside by himself. Sheriff Jefferson arrests Eddie, on suspicion of being the "Pink Bandit", who is responsible for a string of burglaries.


8 "Be Prepared" Debbie Allen Marc Warren May 12, 2006 413
Raven designs outfits for Boyz'n Motion for a video promoting Emergency Preparedness.


9 "Juicer Consequences" Rich Correll Michael Feldman June 24, 2006 402
Cory deals with a bully who takes people's lunches. Raven fails a magazine quiz on how well she knows her best friend.


10 "Sister Act" Marc Warren Michael Feldman July 8, 2006 412
Raven agrees to be Sydney's "big sister" in the community centre pageant.


11 "Checkin' Out"
(Part one of "That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana")
Rich Correll Story by: Michael Carrington
Teleplay by: Edward C. Evans & Al Sonja L. Rice
July 28, 2006 422
Raven takes on more than she can handle on her first business trip with Donna.


12 "Fur Better or Worse" Eric Dean Seaton Deborah Swisher August 5, 2006 410
Chelsea protests when Raven creates a sweater with a real fur collar. Cory, Victor and Eddie go on TV to sell Stanley's gadget to meet girls.


13 "Mad Hot Cotillion" Rich Correll Michael Carrington August 12, 2006 415
Cory is asked by the school bully, The Juicer, to help him with a girl he has a crush on. The only problem is The Juicer's crush has a crush on Cory.


14 "When 6021 Met 4267" Eric Dean Seaton Dennis Rinsler August 18, 2006 411
Raven meets her perfect match on the internet and it's Eddie! Cory and Stanley try to sneak into Raven's "room-warming" party.


15 "Soup to Nuts" Rich Correll Story by: Michael Feldman
Teleplay by: Dennis Rinsler & Marc Warren
August 25, 2006 421
Raven pretends to be sick at home to avoid her principal, then envisions herself in various t.v. shows.


16 "Members Only" Rich Correll Theresa Akana & Stacee Comage September 15, 2006 414
A cool, new "fraternity" at school thinks Eddie is a real ladies man and offers to make him a member, if he can endure the humiliating tasks they assign him.


17 "The Ice Girl Cometh" Rich Correll Al Sonja L. Rice September 22, 2006 409
Raven regrets going on a mother-daughter retreat with Chelsea and her mom. Cory gets Eddie to join his band to audition for a deejay.


18 "Rae of Sunshine" Eric Dean Seaton Lanny Horn October 6, 2006 418
Raven volunteers to host the Sunshine Girls for a weekend to help Sydney make friends, but gets more than she bargained for. Cory goes to a hot sneak preview with Eddie and Chelsea.


19 "The Dress is Always Greener" Eric Dean Seaton Deborah Swisher November 25, 2006 416
Raven learns that Donna Cabonna's arch rival designer Lora Stelladora moved into the same office building. She is torn when Lora tries to lure Raven away from Donna and her menial intern position for a full time salaried job with Lora. Meanwhile, Cory and Eddie find a potato chip that looks like Abraham Lincoln and seize a money-making opportunity for the public to view this amazing wonder.


20 "Teacher's Pet" Rondell Sheridan Al Sonja L. Rice January 15, 2007 417
Raven takes advantage of a new cool teacher at school, then has to scheme to get her job back. Also, the Juicer wants to be the new lead singer of Cory and the Boys.


21 "The Way We Were" Eric Dean Seaton Story by: Deborah Swisher
Teleplay by: Theresa Akana & Stacee Comage
March 2, 2007 420
Raven throws a surprise birthday party for Eddie and he believes his parents may reconcile. Cory bosses William, Larry and Heimlich in the kitchen.
100 22 "Where There's Smoke" Eric Dean Seaton Edward C. Evans November 10, 2007 419
Raven thinks Cory is smoking cigarettes and takes action to stop him. Meanwhile, Eddie and Chelsea eat Mr. B's special casserole for the Mayor.

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Season Five: "The Wrong Victor" • "The Big Sammich" • "Escape From Pal-Catraz" • "A Streetcar Named Conspire" • "Clique Bait" • "21 Lunch Street" • "Retreat Yourself" • "New Kid on the Chopping Block" • "Mr. Petracelli's Revenge" • "Date Expectations" • "The Great Chill Grill Giveaway" • "Truth or Hair" • "Munch Ado About Lunching" • "To Halve & Halve Not" • "The Fierce Awakens" • "The Grand Booker-Pest Hotel"

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