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These are the following episodes of the Disney XD animated series The 7D, listed in the order of their original airing.

The series debuted on July 7, 2014 on Disney XD, with intentions to broadcast on Disney Channel and Disney Junior to take place later in the year. In Canada, the series began broadcast on July 13 in Disney XD. It premiered on Disney Channel Asia on September 7. Disney XD (Australia) began broadcasting the series on December 1.

On December 2, 2014, Disney announced the renewal of the series for a second season, along with the series premiering on the Disney Junior block on Disney Channel on December 26 and on the Disney Junior channel in 2015. The second season premiered on January 23, 2016 and was the last season in the series. Previously the series finale was to premiere on October 29, 2016, but the schedule was changed with the finale moving to November 5.[1] Despite Tom Warburton's initial announcement that The 7D would air its last episode in September 2016,[2] official Disney XD highlights confirmed that no episodes would premiere for that month.[3]

Series Overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 24 July 7, 2014 September 12, 2015
2 20 January 23, 2016 November 5, 2016

Season One (2015-2016)

No. in
No. in
Title Original
01 01 "The Long, Long Winter" July 7, 2014 108A
When Queen Delightful announces the changing of seasons, Jollywood Joe, the Spring Chicken, is nowhere to be found. The Glooms have cast a spell so that Jollywood will stay in winter if Joe is not found by morning. Delightful summons the 7D, who head to Joe's perch, but they discover that the Glooms have kidnapped Joe. They find their hideout, rescue Joe, and return him just in time.
"Itsy Bitsy Spider Fighters" July 7, 2014 108B
Delightful summons the 7D to remove a spider from her castle. When Hildy learns of Delightful's fear of spiders, she turns Grim into a giant spider and places him in the castle. Grumpy gets scared when he sees spider Grim, but the others only notice the little spider who has scared Grim off to another room. As Grumpy, Grim, and the 7D scramble about the castle, Delightful and Starchbottom return. Grim tries one last time to scare Delightful but flees when he sees the little spider on Starchbottom's hat.
02 02 "Sneezin' Season" July 8, 2014 102A
As the 7D pick jollyberries for the pie festival, Grim and Hildy plan to snip hairs from Grumpy's beard to complete a mind-control potion. However, Sneezy sends a sneeze that blasts them away and sends Grumpy to Australia. Thinking that Sneezy might be allergic to Grumpy, the dwarfs send Grumpy to live with Delightful, but that night, when the Glooms visit the 7D as traveling hairstylists, Sneezy reacts again and blows off their disguises. The day of the festival, while everyone is throwing pies, Hildy manages to snip a piece of Grumpy's beard but the Glooms are forced to retreat when the Grumpy has Sneezy blast pies at them. They discover that Sneezy is allergic to the squirrel that has been tagging along with the Glooms.
"The Delightful Diamond Mystery" July 8, 2014 102B
Queen Delightful discovers that her "Delightful Diamond" has gone missing. After querying Magic Mirror, Doc sets up an elaborate trap. That night, the 7D scatter through the castle as a ghost has been floating around, and discover the diamond under Starchbottom's bed, but he denies taking it. After some more scrambling, they realize that Delightful's dog Sir Yipsalot had taken the diamond.
03 03 "Mirror, Mirror" July 9, 2014 104A
Hildy has Grim buy a Magic Mirror of her own, but when that mirror refuses to compliment her, Grim steals Delightful’s mirror and replaces it with the Not-So-Magic Mirror. Queen Delightful summons the 7D, who burrow under the Glooms’ home to take back the Magic Mirror.
"The Big Bash" July 9, 2014 104B
As Jollywood celebrates their sky bucket transportation system at Jollywood's Buckets of Fun Day, Bashful inadvertently causes the arrival of the queen’s new sky bucket to malfunction. He apologizes and hides in Grumpy’s red underwear, but this attracts a bull and he ends up riding him, losing the top of his hat. As they rampage through town, he starts helping folks and even Queen Delightful when the Glooms target her golden sky bucket, soon naming his masked vigilante alias "The Big Bash".
04 04 "Surprise" July 10, 2014 107A
When the Glooms observe the 7D telling Lord Starchbottom to keep Queen Delightful away from the castle for a surprise party, Hildy has Grim continue spying so he can prepare one for herself. As the 7D decorate the palace room, Starchbottom has Delightful do various tasks, while Hildy has trouble finding a friend to invite. When they return, the 7D end up surprising Starchbottom by saying it is actually for his own birthday, and Hildy is happy to see Grim in a clown suit and her cow "friend".
"Welcome to the Neighborhood" July 10, 2014 107B
The 7D discover they have new next-door neighbors called the Grins, who are actually the Glooms in disguise, and have them over for dinner. While Happy gives them a tour of the mine, the other 7D scramble to warn Happy, but the Glooms reveal themselves and steal Happy’s keys. Hoping to find a gem called the Rock of Sages, they unlock a forbidden door but end up sliding down the disposal chute.
05 05 "Sir Yipsalot and the Goose" July 11, 2014 105A
The Glooms abduct Sir Yipsalot and replace him with a goose setting up a ransom for the key to the castle. While the 7D impersonate Delightful, Sir Yipsalot trashes the Glooms’ home and escapes, forcing them to pretend they still have him. The Queen, Starchbottom and the 7D eventually find Sir Yipsalot using his favorite snack, while the Glooms are unable to disarm the castle’s security system. Grim reveals where he got the goose.
"Starchy Takes a Break" July 11, 2014 105B
After the 7D clean and shine the palace floor so it can be skated on, Starchbottom arrives, but slips and injures his leg. The 7D take care of him while Grumpy takes his place. Doc puts Starchbottom on a special bed contraption. Grumpy tries to eat and relax, but his remark inspires Delightful to have him redecorate Starchbottom’s room. Although Starchbottom gets stuck in a dump, both literally and figuratively, the 7D find and retrieve him.
06 06 "The Littlest Giants" July 14, 2014 101A
The Glooms pilot a mechanical giant to raid Jollywood's main village, so Queen Delightful summons the 7D to investigate. They come up with something that can scare off the giant.
"Gnome Alone" July 14, 2014 101B
Sleepy gets left behind when the 7D are tricked by the Glooms into going on a vacation to the Enchanted Seaside Resort. The Glooms follow Sleepy into the 7D's mine so that they can steal the Royal Ruby. However, on tbeir vacation, the other 7D realize Sleepy was forgotten and rush back to help save the day.
07 07 "Sleepytime" July 15, 2014 106A
Hildy casts a sleeping spell on Jollywood in order to upstage her rival Snazzy Shazam for an award for most people put to sleep, but falls short as Sleepy awakes. Sleepy and Sir Yipsalot must trek to the top of Mt. Jollymonjaro in order to break the spell by sundown. During the quest, Sleepy relies on the knowledge and advice from the 7D to accomplish the task.
"Goldilocks and the 7D" July 15, 2014 106B
Goldilocks finds the 7D's cottage while on the run from the Three Bears after she broke into their cottage. Goldilocks uses her cuteness to convince the 7D to stay over, but when she takes advantage of their hospitality, each of the 7D gradually changes his opinion to wanting to kick her out.
08 08 "For the Love of Cheese" July 21, 2014 103A
After Grim accidentally turns into a frog, Hildy tries to turn him back to normal by seeking a heart-shaped gem that Grumpy acquires from the mines. During Cheese Day, when Grumpy puts the gem in his pocket, he inadvertently attracts the affections of those nearby, especially Hildy, as the gem is actually a Love Stone. Meanwhile, the rest of the 7D bake crackers to make up for the ones they ate from Grumpy.
"Let's Get Organ-ized" July 21, 2014 103B
The Glooms sabotage Queen Delightful's pipe organ by dropping rocks into its pipes. Disguised as pipe organ salespeople, they get her to replace the organ which would be one that turns everyone into stone. Unaware of the Glooms' plan, the 7D are summoned to remove the broken pipe organ, using Doc's "How Do You Do" invention to help out.
09 09 "Grandpa Grumpy & the Ogre" July 22, 2014 110A
Grumpy and Happy help their grandfathers search for a missing gem that was stolen by an ogre. They ride a multi-purpose vehicle called a Flumadiddle to search for the creature. They find ghe ogre in the cave where he has stolen all sorts of things and offer him something he likes to recover the items, which turns out to be candy corn.
"The Fairest in the Land" July 22, 2014 110B
With the upcoming Jollies awards, the Magic Mirror will judge the "Fairest in the Land" and award a Jolly magic wand. Hildy and Grim disguise themselves to give Queen Delightful a makeover to turn her into something hideous. But the Mirror judges Delightful the fairest in the land anyway, revealing that she looks at a person’s inner beauty. The wand transforms Delightful to normal and transforms Hildy into something hideous.
10 10 "The 8th D" July 28, 2014 111A
Dopey has been keeping woodland creatures as pets, so the 7D tell him to not bring any more home. However, he brings an elephant that he tries to pass off as a friend. Grim plans to obtain the elephant for Hildy, but grabs Grumpy. The 7D must take the elephant back to the jungle to its parents and keep it from falling into the clutches of the Glooms.
"New Shoe" July 28, 2014 111B
The Old Woman in the Shoe must return her home back to the giant, so Queen Delightful has Lord Starchbottom lead the 7D to construct a new shoe house. Delightful takes Old Woman to the Jollywood spa for some pampering, while Lord Starchbottom struggles with getting the design of the shoe house on paper, and Grumpy has to babysit her children.
11 11 "Bathtub Bashful" August 4, 2014 112A
When singer Jenny Jollywood comes down with a frog in her throat before the Jollypalooza concert, Queen Delightful discovers that Bashful is a good singer, and wants him to sing at the event. Bashful reveals to the other 7D that he is only able to sing well in the shower because of his shyness. While Lord Starchbottom scrambles to put together opening acts to stall for time, the 7D come up with a way to enable Bashful to get over his stage fright.
"Knick Knack Paddy Whack" August 4, 2014 112B
The 7D bring an oyster that has a Pearl of Wisdom for Queen Delightful. Lord Starchbottom stores it inside the Knick Knack room, but tries to avoid saying "Knick Knack" because it prompts Delightful's to sing the related verse from "This Old Man" and he would have to roll down a hill quoting "This old man came rolling home." In order to win a fancy cloak, Hildy and Grim must answer a riddle without consulting the Crystal Ball, so they steal Delightful's oyster but are unable to open it. The 7D try various methods to distract the Glooms so they can recover the oyster.
12 12 "Grim the Dragon" September 14, 2014 113A
The 7D find a sphere that Doc thinks is the Enchanted Pearl of Massiveness. Inspired by a recent dragon attack and being unable to find a pet dragon, Hildy turns Grim into a dragon to scare the villagers out of Jollywood. When the actual dragon returns and mistakes Grim as her child, Hildy poses as Little Bo Peep in order to get the 7D to rescue Grim. The 7D discover that the pearl is actually a dragon egg, and they return the baby dragon to its mother.
"Free Teensy" September 14, 2014 113B
Hildy has a shape-shifting ring that allows her to transform into whatever is convenient for her, but she loses it and it is accidentally thrown into a carnival goldfish bowl and swallowed by a Jolly-Go-Jumbo fish that Queen Delightful wins. As the Glooms try to recover the ring, Delightful notices her fish Teensy grows quickly in size, and must relocate it to the sea. Teensy swallowed the Glooms and later regurgitated them out, so they have to be rescued by the 7D.
13 13 "The Jollywood Jam" September 21, 2014 114A
Jollywood is having a concert to commemorate the victory of its founding fathers over an evil warlock who was Grim's great-great-grandfather. Hildy gives Grim a new magic wand that reads the person’s mind and brings it to effect. However, a road collision causes the wand to be swapped with Happy's conductor baton. As a result, the 7D's performance turns out to be a magical music extravaganza.
"Hildy the Good" September 21, 2014 114B
When Hildy destroys the Jollywood Dam, Dopey saves the day by summoning beavers to build another one. Using a good witch kit, Hildy transforms into a good witch, complete with a cheerful theme song and doing good deeds. This quickly earns the trust of Queen Delightful and the 7D, but Hildy becomes more irritated about acting good all the time. When Hildy relapses, the Glooms lock Delightful in the tower and teleport Starchbottom to the mines, but luckly, the 7D rescue them. Dopey then has the beavers box up the Glooms and ship them to a remote island.
14 14 "Buckets" October 12, 2014 117A
Delightful informs the 7D that her Uncle Humidor is selling a mansion by the sea and that she wants the 7D to recover her buckets. While Bashful stays to guard the queen, the rest of the 7D and Lord Starchbottom travel to the mansion and start gathering as many buckets as they can see. However, the mansion is haunted by a ghost girl. After they return, they discover that the buckets in question is the name of the ghost girl who Queen Delightful thinks is her imaginary friend.
"Frankengloom" October 12, 2014 117B
The Glooms create a terrifying monster from a "Make Your Own Monster" kit as part of a plot to drive Queen Delightful out of her castle. The monster goes on a rampage whenever it hears a whistle, but calms down when hearing a bell ring. However, their plan backfires as Queen Delightful decides to befriend the monster (whom she names Roar) and teaches him how to sing.
15 15 "Uncle Humidor" November 2, 2014 115A
Queen Delightful's Uncle Humidor visits with the hopes of completing his sketch book of Jollywood birds called Shiffle-Nosed Nergendingslinger. The 7D, Delightful and Starchbottom join him and he seeks the Shiffle-Nosed Nergendingslinger, a rare species that only appears once every ten years. After failing to get the bird to stay still, they get Grumpy to dress up as one, but the bird mistakes Grumpy for one of its chicks and takes him away.
"Grim the Genius" November 2, 2014 115B
Hildy has gotten fed up with Grim's incompetence causing Grim to find a way to become smart. The Crystal Ball hears his plight and tells Grim about the Smarty Stone (a stone that increases one's intelligence) that is in Doc's possession. When Grim obtains the Smarty Stone from Doc while posing as Toasty, it makes him magically smart where he is successful in his attempt to outwit the 7D and overthrow Queen Delightful. Hildy is delighted until she realizes that Grim is not paying as much attention to her. The 7D must now work to outsmart Grim and reclaim the castle.
16 16 "The Enchanted Shoes" November 16, 2014 116A
Grumpy's shoes make flatulent noises, so he gets them repaired by Cobby the cobbler. However, they notice that everyone in Jollywood is getting sneakers from the neighboring store, and soon discover that the new cobblers are actually the Glooms, who have put a shoe spell to make whoever is wearing their sneakers run endlessly. The Glooms take over Delightful's castle and invite the goblins to a party there with the hopes of enslaving them. Grumpy and Cobby dress up as goblins and foil the Glooms' plans.
"Hildyrella" November 16, 2014 116B
Hildy prepares for the Ultimate Supreme Sorceress Pageant hosted by Snake Charming. On the way there, she falls and is covered in mud, so she wishes for a fairy godmother and gets one, but the fairy godmother is rather unconventional in granting her requests. Meanwhile, Queen Delightful summons the 7D to find her missing roller skates so she can participate in her team's Inter-Kingdom Roller Derby Championship. Suspecting the Glooms might have stolen them, the 7D sneak into the pageant and end up being the judges for the competition, as Hildy ends up in the finals against Snazzy Shazam and Jinxy Coven. It turns out that the shoes the fairy godmother gave Hildy was Queen Delightful's retractable roller skates. After the roller skates are returned to Queen Delightful, the fairy godmother is declared the winner by Snake Charming and is presented with the Tiara of Doom, much to the dismay of Hildy, Snazzy, and Jinxy.
17 17 "Big Bad Sneezy" November 30, 2014 118A
Sneezy's sneezing has been wrecking Jollywood, especially when it's allergy season, so he leaves the 7D. In the woods, he encounters the Big Bad Wolf, who recruits him to blow down houses of the pigs, and then has him redirect a sign to trap Little Red Riding Hood, but the 7D find Sneezy and reveal what has been happening. The 7D and Little Red Riding Hood hatch a plan to get back at the Big Bad Wolf.
"Cat on a Hot Grim Roof" November 30, 2014 118B
Hildy learns that Snazzy Shazam has a black cat, so she makes Grim buy one at the witch pet store. Grim gets a white cat, so Hildy has him look for a black cat. When she tries to get rid of the white cat, she sees it back at her house, and after several attempts, she discovers there are seven white cats. Grim sends them to the home of the 7D. After Grim finally gets a black cat, Hildy shows it off to Snazzy, who replies that black cats are so last week and that the trend now is to acquire the seven white cats of Catalina which have magical powers.
18 18 "Gingersnaps and Grumpy Snaps" December 2, 2014 109A
While ice fishing, Grumpy saves an elf from drowning. The elf, named Gingersnaps, pledges to be Grumpy's servant for the rest of his life. At first, Grumpy enjoys being served, but Gingersnaps starts doing all of his work including decorating the Jollywood Tree and speed reading his cheese book. The 7D try to free Gingersnaps from his obligation to serve by having him rescue Grumpy from a bear.
"Jollybells" December 2, 2014 109B
As Jollywood celebrates Jolly Day, the Glooms have their own celebration of Gloomy Day. Hildy gets irritated at the merriment, so Grim gives Hildy a device that sucks the joy out of people and they use it on the 7D and the Jollywood townsfolk. Happy and Bashful realize what is going on and try to rally everyone around the Jollywood Tree to cheer them up.
19 19 "The Very Important Thingy" January 13, 2015 119A
Queen Delightful has Doc invent a Thingy so that her upcoming announcement can be heard even in the next kingdom over. While Doc tries to find someplace quiet to concentrate on the plans for the Thingy, which leads to him working on the plans in the Tranquil Desert, the other 7D turn to Lord Starchbottom to teach them how to be quiet. When Doc's Thingy is finally created, Queen Delightful's invention impresses the ruler of the next kingdom over to have a Thingy made to respond to Queen Delightful's announcements.
"Leaf It to Sneezy" January 13, 2015 119B
During Autumn, Grumpy and Happy use Sneezy to blow leaves to Queen Delightful's Jumpity-Jump-Jump-Jaroo Fall into Fall Day. When Hildy creates a Leaf Monster to take Queen Delightful to Gusty Gorge, she gives Sneezy amsneezia so that his sneeze can't blow away her Leaf Monster. While the others try to stall the Leaf Monster, Doc takes Sneezy to the enchanted bowling alley called Memory Lane, which is run by Jack Flashback, in order to find the bowling ball containing the knowledge to sneeze and kick down the pins.
20 20 "7 Frogs" January 14, 2015 120A
As Queen Delightful prepares for a party for her old friend Princess Prettyhead, the inhabitants of Jollywood are turned into frogs by a spell. The 7D suspect that the Glooms were responsible only to find that they have been turned into frogs as well. The one who casts the spell can break it with a kiss. After visits to the Gingerbread Witch, the Water Witch, and the Snow Witch, they find the Frog Witch, their kiss changing her back into her true form of Princess Prettyhead. Princess Prettyhead then proceeds to transform those who have been turned into frogs back to normal.
"Sir Yipsalot and the Mutt" January 14, 2015 120B
During the Royal Walk of Sir Yipsalot, when the Stroganoff Circus arrives in town, a squirrel distracts Yipsalot, causing him to get mixed up with a look-alike who picks up Stroganoff's flea circus. The 7D must find the real Sir Yipsalot and get the Von Flea family back to the Stroganoff Circus. Once this is done, the Stroganoff Circus regains the Von Flea Family and gains the stray dog, while Queen Delightful lets Sir Yipsalot do things royal dogs couldn't do.
21 21 "The Queen's Quest" January 19, 2015 121A
While the 7D are having a day off at the beach, Grim poses as a genie who frees Magic Mirror from her mirror so that she can have a day off, and then distracts her by taking her around town to do different activities. Meanwhile, Hildy poses as the Magic Mirror and sends Queen Delightful on a quest to save the 7D from the Armpit of Doom so that Hildy can take over as queen. The 7D are alerted of the quest, and follow her to the location where, after enduring some obstacles, encounter a giant monster guardian whom Delightful defeats. Upon returning to Jollywood, Delightful has the monster take the Glooms to the Armpit of Doom.
"Finders Keepers" January 19, 2015 121B
Grumpy's pet goat Giselle and the Glooms' pet warthog Peaches are drawn from their pens to the campsite of Sid the Troll, where they eat Sid's bug pudding. Sid sends the two to Lost Acres, where they are captured by another troll. Grumpy and Grim team up to search for their pets at the Lost Acres, but they must face Sid's twin brother Finders Keeper, who has a large collection of lost items. Grumpy and Grim must compete on Keeper's game show.
22 22 "Abraca-Dopey" January 20, 2015 122A
Dopey has been practicing a magic act as the Daring Dopini for Jollywood's upcoming show. During rehearsal, Dopey makes Sleepy disappear, but when he reappears, he is a bear. While Dopey tries to find a way to fix his magical error, the others work to keep Sleepy calm even when the 7D are summoned by Queen Delightful to attend to her party attended by Emperor and Empress Prettyhead. When Dopey figures out the error, it turns out that the magic box was set in front of a cave of bears, and Sleepy was in the magic box all along. By the time of the magic show, Dopey comes up with a way to make it look like that he learned a trick that turned the 7D members into bears.
"Bing Bong Beans!" January 20, 2015 122B
While birdwatching, Hildy gets the idea to obtain the Woopty Doopty Schmoodly Duck from the Kingdom of the Clouds. In order to get to the Kingdom of the Cloud to fix the Bing Bong Bell which is ringing on its own, the 7D obtain the seeds for the Bing Bong Beanstalk in order to grow it to get to the Kingdom of the Clouds. The Bing Bong Beanstalk takes the 7D's house to the Giant's castle, where the Glooms were made into his servants for the attempted theft of the Woopty Doopty Schmoodly Duck while using the Bing Bong Bell to call them due to his hurting feet preventing him from doing his jobs. Doc figures out that the Giant has foot problems due to his small shoes, so the 7D work on new shoes for the Giant and he fixes the Bing Bong Bell. When the Glooms try to steal the Woopty Doopty Schmoodly Duck for its eggs, the 7D and the Giant pursue the Glooms, and Woopty Doopty Schmoodly Duck is reclaimed by the Giant. The Glooms end up becoming the Giant's new toys.
23 23 "Big Rock Candy Flim-Flam" January 21, 2015 123A
Queen Delightful's Great Great Grandmommers Whimsical is coming to visit her at midnight. However, the Tick Tock Clock Tower gets stuck at midnight. so 7D find a replacement crystal to power the Tick Tock Clock before it is midnight forever, but as the crystal is made out of rock candy, they must get it to the tower before the candy sprites Tangy and Sweetie snatch it.
"Doing The 7D Dance" January 21, 2015 123B
When about to be launched out of Jollywood by the Glooms, the 7D and Queen Delightful recap to earlier when Grumpy develops a new dance upon getting ice in his pants, leading to the 7D Dance. Queen Delightful has the 7D demonstrate the dance to all of Jollywood, and it catches on and has Lord Starchbottom be their manager. The Glooms perform a trick that enables them to capture Queen Delightful and the 7D, leading to their current predicament. When the rocket that Queen Delightful, Lord Starchbottom, and the 7D are in launches, Doc gains control of the rocket and enables them to return where the 7D Dance drives the Glooms away.
24 24 "The Rock of Sages" September 12, 2015 124
The Glooms turn Mount Jollywood into a volcano, forcing Queen Delightful to surrender her crown. However, when the Glooms are unable to stop the eruption, the 7D are tasked to travel all over the lands to retrieve the seven gem fragments that together form the Rock of Sages. Each of the 7D is able to find his piece, and they unite the gem. However, the narrator of the tale turns out to be Lord Grudgemunger, a villain who uses the rock to absorb the magic of Jollywood and to summon a volcano monster. The 7D take advantage of Grudgemunger's requirement of having to follow the story by inserting some pages to restore everything to normal.

Season Two (2016)

No. in
No. in
Title Original
25 01 "When Pigs Fly" January 23, 2016 203A
The Glooms put a spell on the pigs of Jollywood to have them fly and eat all the food in the village. The villagers leave town and are attracted to join the Hildegard Estates community, of which Hildy plans to make the villagers her minions, but the 7D save the day thanks to Starchbottom's terrible tasting smoothies.
"Knight School" January 23, 2016 203B
A handsome knight named Sir Charmsalot comes to Jollywood, and "saves" the kingdom from a fire-breathing dragon. Queen Delightful falls in love with Charmsalot and invites him to stay at her castle, making Bashful jealous. Along with Grumpy, Bashful enrolls in knight school, where they learn things like chivalry and jousting. When Charmsalot refuses to compensate the dragon, the latter brings his big brother to attack the castle, but the recent knight graduates come back to save the day.
26 02 "In Yer Dreams, Pal" January 30, 2016 202A
An evil spirit of darkness named Nocturna kidnaps the Sandman, who helps Jollywood go to sleep, and Sunny the morning sprite, who helps wake everyone up. The 7D head to the land of Nod to try to rescue them before morning, or else everyone including Grumpy will miss the first annual Breakfast Brouhaha-haha.
"The Great Glitterpillar" January 30, 2016 202B
After looking for a Jumbo Gem in the magical forest to complete their spell, the Glooms unintentionally disrupt a Glitterpillar, who heads towards Jollywood in search of gems and ends up in The 7D's mine. The 7D capture it, but it escapes and goes after Queen Delightful's gems. Hildy uses the Jumbo Gem to turn into a sixty-foot tall giantess.
27 03 "Oh Happy Grumpy" February 6, 2016 201A
When Grumpy curses out a woman for blocking their way and letting his cheese statue melt, she puts a curse on him where he will turn into a pile of cheese if he ever acts grumpy again.
"Funniest Hair Day" February 6, 2016 201B
It's that time of year again in Jollywood: Funniest Haircut Day, which everyone is looking forward to, except for Grumpy, who plans on hiding in the woods and wait the day out, but Bashful goes after him and is always one step ahead of him when it comes to hiding. Meanwhile, the Glooms pose as barbers to collect hair from everybody in Jollywood for a spell to turn them all into rubble.
28 04 "Say Pest to the Dress" February 20, 2016 204A
Queen Delightful has Lord Starchbottom get her dress in preparation to be the grand marshal of the evening's Jollystreet Parade. When Starchbottom discovers woodland animals in the queen's closet, he reluctantly calls The 7D, who manage to take the pests out of the castle. However, the Glooms bring in more pests in the form of rats, so Grumpy calls the Pied Paper, who has the 7D play a tune to lead the rats away, but Starchbottom finds that the woodland creatures have returned. It turns out the animals are Delightful's clothing designers, and she is able to make it to the parade.
"Delight Me, Delight Me Not" February 20, 2016 204B
Bashful accidentally sends a map that leads to the rare Delightnotium gem to his pen pal, who turns out to be Grim. The Glooms plan to find the gem and to make Queen Delightful hideous during her yearly address to the kingdom, so it's up to Bashful to stop the Glooms before Delightful is not so delightful.
29 05 "Whose Voice Is It Anyway?" February 27, 2016 205A
Fed up with Happy's incessant singing, Grumpy makes a wager with Happy that if he can go a whole day without singing, the loser has to make the winner a thousand pancakes. Happy goes to Echo Canyon, a place where he can lose his voice and it stays there for the next twenty-four hours thanks to the King of Echoes. He wins the bet, but is unable to speak, and when he returns, the pixies assisting the king have mixed his voice with that of Grim. Hildy plans on using this to their advantage to get rid of the Queen, while Happy ends up with Grim's voice.
"Take Your Pet to Lunch Day" February 27, 2016 205B
It is Take Your Pet to Lunch Day in the kingdom of Jollywood, and everybody is bringing a pet, except for Sneezy, who is allergic to almost every kind of animal. In the forest, Sneezy discovers a rare featherless and furless griffin, whome he makes his pet, calling it "Sniffy". Meanwhile, the Glooms have their own plans for this day, mainly to use an obedience powder at the luncheon to make the villagers obey their every command and drive the queen out of Jollywood.
30 06 "Jollyball Anyone?" March 5, 2016 206A
After getting tired of hearing the Gnome King bragging about his home kingdom always win at the game of Jollyball, Queen Delightful finally gets fed up and bets that her team will win, and if they don't and the gnome kingdom wins, Jollywood goes to the Gnome King, The Queen recruits The 7D to be help win the game, with the help of renowned Jollyball coach Coach Coachy.
"Giggleberries" March 5, 2016 206B
While picking Giggleberries for Queen Delightful's serious award ceremony, Happy eats one too many and starts giggling like crazy, at risk of giggling forever, so now Grumpy and Dopey set off on a quest to retrieve I've-Got-the-Blues Berries, which can cure the giggling. Unfortunately, the rest of The 7D start eating the giggleberries and start giggling like crazy, which could ruin the queen's ceremony, but luckly, Grumpy and Dopey bring the I've-Got-the-Blues Berries and feed them to most of the guests.
31 07 "Miss Fortune Teller" March 12, 2016 207A
Hildy dresses up as a fortune teller, taking along Crystal Ball, and makes accurate predictions thanks to Grim's background actions to make them true. When Hildy tells Grumpy's fortune, she warns that something terrible will happen to Queen Delightful unless they meet. Hildy predicts that a tornado will destroy Jollywood, unless the queen goes on a journey around the world while trekking backwards and gives the crown to Hildy, so the 7D split up, and part of the group rescues the queen while the other group uses their own fortune teller to trick the Glooms.
"Grump-Tiki" March 12, 2016 207B
Grumpy sets sail to find the Fromage de Gross Pew: the smelliest cheese in the world. The Glooms tag along in an attempt to use the stinky cheese to stink Queen Delightful out of the castle. After almost two weeks, they realize they are still tied at the port, but eventually reach the island, which has a volcano that spits out cheese. Grumpy finds the Fromage de Gross Pew, but triggers a series of booby-traps. The Glooms steal the cheese and bring it to the queen, but she remarks she likes the cheese, revealing that she was just kidding and letting Grumpy have the cheese once the Glooms leave.
32 08 "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yeti!" March 19, 2016 208A
Happy takes over for a nervous singing telegram man. Unfortunately, the telegram he delivers is an anniversary song from Grim to Hildy, but Happy decides to rewrite the song Grim wrote for Hildy, which he thought was too depressing. When he delivers the song, The Glooms are not at all pleased, so Hildy banishes Happy's voice to Mount Jollywood and turns him into a mime. When the rest of the 7D find out, they demand that the Glooms to give Happy's voice back, but all of them except Grumpy are turned into mimes, too. The 7D now have to climb Mount Jollywood and get their voices back in order to help open Queen Delightful's new voice command safe that only works when the 7D say their names.
"Which Witch Is Which?" March 19, 2016 208B
When Hildy gets a new duplicating wand, she tells Grim not to let anything happen to it, including having himself use it, which he does, but in return makes a duplicate of Hildy who takes over Jollywood and locks the 7D, Queen Delightful and the Glooms in the dungeon. Now, the Glooms and the 7D have to work together to take back the throne.
33 09 "The Family Pickles" May 7, 2016 209A
When a pickle shortage plagues Jollywood, THE 7D travel to a pickle farm to help save the day.
"Chicken Soup for the Troll" May 7, 2016 209B
When the Queen comes down with a case of Yodeladyflu, The 7D set off to find the cure.
34 10 "Dr. Jingleheimer" May 14, 2016 210A
Doc is captured by Dr. Jingleheimer and it's up to Happy and Grumpy to rescue him.
"The Enchanted Forest Ranger" May 14, 2016 210B
Grumpy is determined to earn a Dragon Scout badge, but he must first deal with the rule-crazed Enchanted Forest Ranger.
35 11 "Nicely Done and The 7D" May 21, 2016 211A
The 7D team up with the dashing Nicely Done when one of their own is captured by the Sheriff of Plottingham.
"Take Me to Your Grumpy" May 21, 2016 211B
Two timid aliens seek Grumpy's expertise in "grumpitude."
36 12 "Smarty Tooth" July 2, 2016 212A
After the Glooms swipe Doc's smarty tooth, the 7D must work together to get it back before Doc's "smartiness" is gone forever.
"Surely, You Jest" July 2, 2016 212B
When the Queen decides to hire a court jester, the Glooms suggest their witty crystal ball.
37 13 "Hop To It, Dopey!" July 9, 2016 213A
While trying to stop Little Bunny Foo Foo from bopping the field mice, Dopey stumbles into the lair of Jollywood's most powerful sorcerer.
"What Are You, Five?" July 9, 2016 213B
Hildy casts a spell that turns the 7D into five-year-olds.
38 14 "Bedknobs and Gloomsticks" July 16, 2016 214A
When termites infest the castle, Queen Delightful shows up at the 7D's cottage in hopes of taking a much needed nap.
"Take Care of Your Elf" July 16, 2016 214B
After Grumpy offends every elf in Jollywood, he and Doc set out to convince the elves to come back to town.
39 15 "7D and the Beast" July 23, 2016 215A
Doc and the gang set out to solve a mystery of the missing Baroness Bonbon.
"Game of Grumpy" July 23, 2016 215B
At his family reunion, Grumpy is hailed as a hero and leader of the 7D.
40 16 "Bummer Vacation" July 30, 2016 216A
Trouble ensues when the Glooms and the 7D vacation at the same seaside resort.
"They Growl by Night" July 30, 2016 216B
When a grizzly bear goes missing, it's up to Dopey and Grumpy to solve the mystery.
41 17 "Planks, But No Planks" October 8, 2016 217A
When Trolls charge a huge toll to cross Doc’s new bridge, Doc must find a way to circumvent his own oversight.
"The Jollywood Games" October 8, 2016 217B
Bashful and Grim battle in the Jollywood Games for the coveted grand prize - to have a request granted by Queen Delightful.
42 18 "There's a Monkey in My Hat" October 15, 2016 218A
The Queen’s advisor, Squire Peckington, goes on vacation and is replaced by a monkey in the Queen’s hat.
"Shapeshifter" October 15, 2016 218B
With a villainous Shapeshifter on the loose, it’s up to Agent Bash to save Jollywood from his evil schemes.
43 19 "Water Ya Doin' Dopey" October 29, 2016 219A
After Hildy botches her new aging spell and turns herself and the Queen into old ladies, the 7D search for The Fountain of Youth.
"Once in a Purple Moon" October 29, 2016 219B
When a rare moon event causes Happy and Grumpy to turn into something awful, they try to hide from the others.
44 20 "A Sneeze in Time" November 5, 2016 TBA
Sneezy is allergic to Grumpy's spicy Chilipeeney Peppereenie cheese. In fact, it makes him sneeze so hard that he sneezes the 7D into the a time where Hildy has taken over Jollywood. The 7D must sneeze back through time to fix the past in order to save the future.
"A Royal Pain in the Castle" November 5, 2016 TBA
Grumpy is appointed substitute King for a Day and must contend with a saber-rattling Gnome King during a peace summit.


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