"The Absent-Minded Professor: Trading Places" is an episode of The Magical World of Disney. It originally aired on NBC on February 26, 1989 and was based on the 1961 Disney live-action film, The Absent-Minded Professor.


Henry Crawford is tricked into job swapping by an old friend with an evil plan. Harry Anderson makes his second appearance as the nutty professor Henry Crawford in Disney's The Absent-Minded Professor: Trading Places. While working on yet another formula, Anderson is talked into temporarily trading jobs with his ex-roomate Ed Begley Jr., a research computer specialist. As usual, the professor gets in over his head, and before long he's chased around by all sorts of mysterious characters. The gimmick this time is a "mystery invention" disguised as a tennis ball.


  • Harry Anderson ... Professor Henry Crawford
  • Ed Begley Jr. ... Dr. Jack Brooker
  • Cory Danziger ... Gus
  • Ron Fassler ... Hacker
  • Mary Page Keller ... Ellen Whitley
  • James Noble ... Dr. Gilmore Blount
  • Richard Sanders ... Dr. Dark


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