"The Academy" is the twenty-fourth episode of the Disney Channel Original Series American Dragon: Jake Long.


Jake wanted to find Rose. Kara and Sara arrived and told the Huntsclan are up to something. Jake, Spud, Lao Shi, Fu, and Trixe went to a strange area that brings creatures from another dimension. Spud brought a small black cat, but the cat turned into a cat creature with two mouths and eight hairy tentacles with tipped claws. The octopus was destroyed and it shows two Huntsboys brought it. Jake and Lao Shi turned into dragons and scared the Huntsboys. The Huntsboys were knocked and were taken to the shop and put them into a blue cage. Their names were #88 and #89. Jake and Spud disguised themselves as the members of the Huntsclan. After Jake and Spud found Rose, they had to find a way to get out of the Hunts lair. #88 and #89 escaped out of the blue cage after they had their drinks, French fries, burgers, and playing video games when Fu wasn't looking. Jake and Spud had lunch. A female Huntsclan member named #18 was dating Spud, but Spud was getting shy about talking about the dragons with her. After science was destroyed, Huntsman send Jake and Spud into a huge cage arena. The side of another cage released a cryptid creature. It was a Krakken and it looked like a giant fish-like beast instead of a giant squid. Huntsgirl (Rose) destroyed the light to make it dark for Jake to turn into a dragon and defeat the Krakken. Jake succeeded wrapping the giant Krakken with chain and hung it. The lights were turned off and the Huntsclan members saw Spud panicking and he saw the Krakken hanging and they all cheered for Spud. The Krakken was possibly unwrapped and was send back in his cage with dinner. It was dinner time with mash Potatoes, griffin legs, and green slime. After #18 was fighting another female Huntsclan member, Jake and Spud escaped with Rose. Unfortunately, the real #88 and #89 arrived and the Huntsman ambushed Jake. Spud put the #42 sticker on his shirt and put the #89 sticker on the real #42. Spud was pretending to be #42 and told the Huntsclan members seize the real #42. The Huntsclan members captured the real #42. Jake was send into the dungeon and Rose was told to slay him. Rose succeeded slain Jake, but Jake drank a purple potion that makes dragons temporarily be dead. Rose, Jake, and Spud escaped and went to the dance party. Rose warned Jake that they can't see each other so much. During the credits, #88 and #89 were in a zoo cage and they made funny sounds and made people laugh.


  • This is the second episode where Jake transforms into all of his currently available aliens, the first being The Hunted.
  • it a reveal flashback of The Great Dime Chase! where Louie use phone video watching flashback.


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