"The Accordion Lesson" is an episode of Nightmare Ned.


To appease his mom, Ned takes accordion lessons from a strange woman named Madame Olga. Ned falls asleep and dreams that his overly-enthusiastic teacher forces him to perform as her organ-grinder monkey, and it's up to Ned's accordion-playing mom to save the day.


The episode begins with Ned Needlemeyer sitting on a stool staring at a metronome, then looking at a accordion, then picking it up. He struggles to carry it, then falls onto the ground. His mother, Sarah asks him how is the progress with the accordion playing lesson. He stares at the metronome. After falling asleep due to staring at the metronome for far too long, he then dreams of his music teacher Madame Olga over-joyed at Ned's arrival. She then kidnaps Ned by putting him in her nurse and takes him to her own home. Ned finds himself there, then pulls a curtain hiding something under it, revealing the thing to be a stand with a statue of Madame Olga's pet organ-grinding monkey Boots. She then tells him the story of her first accordion performance with Boots in her home-country of Russia, then her pet's demise and her decline through newspapers. She then places the statue in front of Ned and hypnotizes Ned into acting as her pet monkey. After the hypnotizing, the episode shows a stage with a off-screen announcer introducing Madame Olga to the crowd. With Ned now under her control, Madame Olga performs her accordion skills to the audience, with Dad Needlemeyer making a remark on her music. However, once Ned is free from Madame Olga's control, one audience member insults Madame Olga's show, following a audience booing her with them throwing produce at her. Madame Olga tries to control Ned, only for Sarah Needlemeyer to save Ned with her own accordion. Madame Olga laughs at her, then she and Ned's mother proceed to duel with their own accordions, with Sarah Needlemeyer proceeding to out-perform Madame Olga and Ned stands up to her, to the point where she starts to shock and explode, only to reveal that Madame Olga was a robot and the entire thing staged by none other than her pet monkey Boots, who has seemingly faked his death, much to Ned's confusion and proceeds to escape, vowing to get even with Ned. Sarah Needlemeyer congratulates Ned (when it was her who saved him). Ned wakes up from the dream and he and Sarah proceed to play accordions together, much to his father's chagrin.


Ned Needlemeyer

Sarah Needlemeyer

Madame Olga



Courtland Mead as Ned Needlemeyer

Victoria Jackson as Sarah Needlemeyer

Brad Garrett as Dad Needlemeyer, Audience Member

Andrea Martin as Madame Olga

Jeff Bennett as Boots, Announcer

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