"The Adorable Couple" is the eighteenth episode of Mickey Mouse.



Mickey and Minnie try to make Donald and Daisy happy.


Mickey and Minnie are strolling through the boulevard while the sun is happy, dancing on flowers, eating a cotton candy, and stepping on stairs to go down and kiss while the crowds clap.

Then, a storm cloud makes rain while Donald and Daisy bicker. Mickey faints at the unhappiness so Minnie puts gumdrops in his mouth to make him feel better. He tells her she always knows just what to do and they'll now get down to business, they have to help the ducks.

Back at the boulevard, the sun waves to the storm cloud, which leaves. Donald shields himself from the sun and Daisy wears her sunglasses. Mickey tells Donald they seem a little blue, so they ride their bikes around the town, but the ducks feet feet get caught and Donald and Daisy fall off the bridge.

As they go to the bandstand, Goofy and the animals are playing instruments while the people are dancing. As the four try to dance, Donald gets sent into the back of the Beast, who was there with Belle. Beast roars and attacks Donald. He and Daisy leave, but Mickey gets the sun to shine as bright as she can, only to roast them. Mickey and Minnie want to make it right, Minnie thinks they've got to get their rain back, and they have to fight to do it. Mickey faints again, but Minnie gives him gumdrops.

At the park, Mickey pushes the bench as he and Minnie sit on it. Mickey and Minnie attempt to argue with each other attracting the storm cloud, but each line of the argument ends in one expressing their love for the other, which shrinks the cloud. The ducks laugh and Donald says, "Leave it to the professionals." They argue and the rain comes back over them, then the mice argue and the sun hugs the storm cloud and they form a rainbow, improving their mood. Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy sing together at the boulevard while the sun and the storm cloud hug together.


Voice Cast


  • This episode is basically a musical, as most of the dialogue is sung rather than spoken.
  • At the start of the episode, a lower-pitched vocal version of the credits theme plays.
  • This is the second time the Beast gets mad at Donald. The first one was in the House of Mouse special Mickey's House of Villains for trying to scare him.
  • On Disney+, at the start of the credits, a smattering of applause is heard.



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