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The Adorable Couple is a song from the Mickey Mouse episode of the same name. As the episode itself is a musical, the dialogue is mostly sung rather than spoken.


Mickey: Lollipops and lemondrops, my girl and me
Mickey/Minnie: We're strollin' down the boulevard as happy as can be
Mickey: The day is swell and, gee, heck, well
We dance through life with glee!
Mickey/Minnie: Everything's a cotton candy melody!

(crowd cheers; cue to Donald and Daisy sulking on a bench with a rain cloud above them)

Donald: Quack, quack
Daisy: Bicker, bicker
Donald: Quack, quack
Daisy: Bicker, bicker
Donald: How can this day possibly go any quicker?

Daisy: Quack, quack
Donald: Bicker, bicker
Daisy: Quack, quack
Donald: Bicker, bicker
Daisy: Don't think I could possibly be any sicker.

Donald: Quack, quack
Daisy: Bicker, bicker
Donald: Quack, quack
Daisy: Bicker, bicker

Mickey: Oh, no! Oh, that hurts!
So much unhappiness! Oh, my heart!
Minnie: Oh, quick! Eat some gumdrops! You'll feel better!
Mickey: Aww, gee, Minnie! You always know just what to do.
Now down to business. We gotta help Donald and Daisy.

We can't let 'em be so miserable on such a swell day.
Minnie: Hmm... Maybe they just need a song in their hearts?

Mickey: Ahh...

(the Sun approaches the rain cloud above Donald and Daisy which grumpily moves away)

Donald: Hey! What's the big idea?
Mickey: Hey, pal. You guys seem a little blue.
What do you say you grab your lady's hand and go...

Riding around all over the town
Minnie: Wherever you go
Mickey: There's never a frown
Always look up and never look down
Mickey/Minnie: That is how you smile through your day! Hey, hey!
That is how you smile through your day!

Oh, let's go down to the bandstand
And twinkle our toes to the beat
There's music everywhere and we don't have to care
Our dancing shoes'll keep us light on our feet

(verse where Donald accidentally encounters the Beast who is dancing with Belle to which the Beast angrily growls at him and confronts him; cue to Donald and Daisy walking away miserably)

Mickey: Whoa, Donald! Wait! Hey Sun, this is an emergency!
Shine as bright as you can!

(cue to the negative effects caused by the Sun on Donald and Daisy)
Mickey: Uh-oh...
Donald: Now look what you've done!
Mickey: I was just trying to make you happy.
Donald: I was happy before. Your stupid sunshine ruined everything!

Mickey: Oh, what have we done? We've got to make it right!
Minnie: Well, I think we've got to get their rain back.
Mickey: Well, I think we've got to get their rain back.
Minnie: I just said that.
Mickey: But how?
Minnie: I don't know!
Maybe we're going to have to f-f-f-f-f...
Mickey: Frolic?
Minnie: No. F-f-f-f-f...
Mickey: Fiesta?
Minnie: No, Mickey, we're gonna have to fight!
Mickey: Oh!

Donald: Oh, brother. Now what?
Mickey: We're gonna fight!
Donald: This ought to be good.

Mickey: Quack, quack! Look at me, I'm oh-so-grumpy
Oh, boy I'm really mad at you
I'll bet pennies on the dollar
You make me wanna holler!
How much I'm in love with you

Mickey: No, no, we can do this.

Minnie: Quack, quack! Look at me I'm bored and sassy
Oh, boy, I'm really done with you!
When you bicker with me, Mickey
I just get all giggly... Boy, you make my dreams come true
Oh, shoot...

Donald: (laughs) Leave it to the professionals.
Daisy: You're late.
Donald: Am not!
Daisy: Are too!
Donald: So what?
Daisy: "So what?"
Donald: Oh, boy, oh, boy! You're wrong!

Daisy: That's it!
Donald: That's what?
Daisy: Just stop!
Donald: Will not!
Daisy: Well, you're a joy.

Mickey: I'm mad!
Minnie: I'm sad!
Mickey: I'm glad!
Minnie: That's bad!
Donald: Oh, boy, oh, boy!

(verse where Mickey and Minine are arguing with Donald and Donald, not noticing the Sun and the rain cloud happily getting along)

Mickey: You crab!
Donald: You dork!
Daisy: You bat!
Minnie: You stork!
Donald: You jerk!
Mickey: Well... that's a joy!

(finale happy verse)

All: We were right! A fight!
It makes our Duck friends happy
Now we're wet and sappy
Who could ever ask for more?

(curtains close to reveal a title reading, "The End")


  • Ironically, each Mickey Mouse episode's credits also feature a whistling tune to the same melody from "The Adorable Couple" episode, prior to the episode itself having the melody's lyrics.

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