The AquaDuck is a water coaster attraction aboard the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy and is known for being the first water-coaster at sea. The slide is a 765-foot long winding waterslide with a four-deck drop and a course that winds 13 feet over the edge of the ship and through the ship's forward funnel. The AquaDuck runs the width of the ship and the length between the funnels, almost the size of a U.S. football field.

The Story

"Donald’s nephews built this slide... And uncle wanted the first ride. They were worried he’d get stuck... But he sailed... like an AQUADUCK."

The AquaLab

The AquaLab is the "spin-off" of the attraction aboard the Disney Fantasy. It is an interactive playground for the younger buccaneers aboard the ship. As the story goes, Huey, Dewey, and Louie were so proud of their AquaDuck success, they decided to use the left over scrap to create the AquaLab.

The AquaDunk

The AquaDunk is a water slide attraction aboard the Disney Magic and is known for being faster and more intense than the AquaDuck.

Unlike the AquaDuck, the AquaDunk does not contain water rafts to ride in, as people ride with their own bodies from the start to the splashdown.

Each rider stands on a trap door and is given a countdown, 3 2 1 Anchors Away! in which the door will open, sending the riders sliding down for 7 seconds. traveling 20 feet off of the ship's edge, and towards the end, where the splashdown occurs.

Cast members may never open the doors at the end of the countdown if they know the riders have ridden before, as to build further anticipation of when he/she will drop to slide.