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The ashleys

From left to right: Ashley Armbruster, Ashley Tomossian, Ashley Quinlan, and Ashley Boulet

The Ashleys is a clique of four girly, fashionable, beautiful, snobby and spoiled girls. They are always uttering the phrase "scandalous" and they all have a little sister Brittany and a little brother Tyler.

They are recurring antagonists towards the Recess Gang, enough so that when they give great tickets to Spinelli, they see it as a trick. They have been known to have ideas that can do damage to the playground itself, while they are benefitted, for example, a rating system that caused catastrophic damage to the playground's balance of nature, until the Recess Gang managed to fix it.

They have also been known to be rather cruel to unpopular kids such as Gus, targeting them in The Ratings Game and specifically picking on Gus in Jinxed.

They have a tradition called Purple Day where they wear only purple clothes to celebrate the day they first formed their clique. Ashley A. forgot this at one point, and for this, she was kicked out temporarily and she was forced to hang out with Gretchen for some time.



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  • Ashley A. (voiced by Anndi McAfee)
  • Ashley B. (Francesca Smith)
  • Ashley Q. (Rachel Crane)
  • Ashley T. (Ashley Johnson)

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