The Banker's Daughter is an Oswald the Lucky Rabbit short released on November 28, 1927. This is also the debut of Ortensia, known at this point as "Sadie". In fact, she's the titular character! Unfortunately, this is one of several Oswald shorts that are "lost," meaning this cartoon is missing and/or likely destroyed. 

The only known elements to exist are the poster sketch, a series of storyboards and a script, which were published in the book Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: The Search for the Lost Disney Cartoons.



Oswald works for a rich banker as his limousine driver. Unfortunately, he gets fired for flirting with his daughter, Sadie. However, soon afterwards, the banker's bank is robbed by Pete. Oswald eventually stops him and presumably gets his job back.


In the December 4, 1927 edition of Film Daily, the film was praised as an "animated 'opera' of comics that speaks volumes for the imagination, sense of humor, and drawing ability of the artist." They went on to praise it more: "There is hardly a single scene that doesn't have some droll twist. In this case, the theme is plainly an inoffensive poke at ripe melodramas, with bank robbing, kidnapping of the fair damsel, and a bomb explosion figuring eloquently in the story."[1]

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