The Beagle Boys vs. the Money Bin is a 2001 comic story written and drawn by Don Rosa to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the debuts of both Scrooge McDuck's Money Bin and the Beagle Boys. Rosa's inspiration for it was mostly to get a chance to thoroughly demonstrate the Money Bin, invented by Carl Barks.


The Beagle Boys visit their grandfather, Blackheart Beagle, in prison to celebrate his birthday. Blackheart uses this chance to inform his grandsons of having found an original blueprint of the Money Bin, showing a secret passageway to Scrooge McDuck's money. Blackheart remains in prison, but his grandsons are, for a chance, free to try out the plan.

While Scrooge is away, the Beagle Boys sneak into the Money Bin using Blackheart's plan. However, by twists of fate - mostly caused by the Beagle Boys' personal lust for treasure, prunes, or personal fame - they get caught in situations where they're mostly unable to even move, without risking alerting the police, or personal injury.

After an extremely long and stressing work day, Scrooge comes home late in the evening. He waves good night to a painting of Glittering Goldie, the woman he fell in love with in his youth but failed to ever form a relationship with, and goes to bed. In his tired stupor, he mistakes a Beagle Boy for a lamp. He later realises his mistake and calls the police, who arrest the Beagle Boys.

Back in prison, Blackheart Beagle hears of this, and curses his grandsons for losing a fight to the Money Bin itself, when Scrooge McDuck wasn't even there.


  • One of the Beagle Boys mentions that the Candy Striped Ruby will be theirs. That is a reference to The Status Seeker.
  • One of the Beagles reads a DuckTales comic book when he is in the bathroom.
  • The plans for the Money Bin found in the architect's office are signed "K.D.Rosa", which is Don Rosa's real name, although he mentioned in the same story that the architect's name is Frank Lloyd Drake.

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