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*Peter Coyote...Max Knickerbocker
*Peter Coyote- Max Knickerbocker
*Huckleberry Fox...Jonathan Knicks
*Huckleberry Fox- Jonathan Knicks
*Art Carney...Henry Coogan
*Art Carney- Henry Coogan
*Dennis Lipscomb...Finch
*Dennis Lipscomb- Finch
*Joe Flood...Leary
*Joe Flood- Leary
*Mittie Smith...Helen Knickerbocker
*Mittie Smith- Helen Knickerbocker
*Frank Simons...Young Coogan
*Frank Simons- Young Coogan
*Stu Klitsner...Mr. Knicks
*Stu Klitsner- Mr. Knicks
*Morgan Upton...Police Captain
*Morgan Upton- Police Captain
*Bennett Cale...Dooley
*Bennett Cale- Dooley
*Cyril Clayton...Drunk
*Cyril Clayton- Drunk
*Charles Adams...News Vendor
*Charles Adams- News Vendor
*Gretchen Grant...Mrs. Knicks
*Gretchen Grant- Mrs. Knicks
==External links==
==External links==

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The Blue Yonder is a 1985 American science-fiction adventure film. It was directed by Mark Rosman, written by Mark Rosman, produced by Alan Shapiro and Annette Handley, and starred Peter Coyote, Huckleberry Fox, Art Carney, Dennis Lipscomb and Joe Flood. The film tells the story of Jonathan Knicks (Fox), a 11 year old who is accidentally sent back in time from 1985 to 1927 by a time machine built by his neighbor, Henry Coogan (Carney). There Jonathan meets his grandfather, Max (Coyote), and must find a way to prevent Max's fatal attempt at a solo trans-Atlantic flight.


  • Peter Coyote- Max Knickerbocker
  • Huckleberry Fox- Jonathan Knicks
  • Art Carney- Henry Coogan
  • Dennis Lipscomb- Finch
  • Joe Flood- Leary
  • Mittie Smith- Helen Knickerbocker
  • Frank Simons- Young Coogan
  • Stu Klitsner- Mr. Knicks
  • Morgan Upton- Police Captain
  • Bennett Cale- Dooley
  • Cyril Clayton- Drunk
  • Charles Adams- News Vendor
  • Gretchen Grant- Mrs. Knicks

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