The Buckaroo of the Badlands is a Scrooge McDuck comic by Don Rosa. It is the third of the original 12 chapters in the series The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck. The story takes place in 1882. 15 year old Scrooge is traveling to the west by train. During a conversation with a man who owns some square eggs the train is robbed by Jesse James and his gang. Scrooge fights them, but falls off the train himself. He comes across some cowboys led by Murdo MacKenzie, transporting cattle and joins them, receiving his own horse, which he names after his sister Hortense, since they have the same bad temper.

He is placed in charge of security of a prize winning bull, which is then stolen by the McViper brothers. Scrooge follows them to the badlands, where he meets Theodore Roosevelt who tells Scrooge about the pleasure in working to make oneself rich. They successfully take back the bull and returns it. Scrooge is then employed by MacKenzie as a cowboy on his farm.

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