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The Buzz on Maggie is an American animated television series which originally aired for 21 episodes between June 2005 and May 2006.

The series follows on Maggie Pesky, a happy-go-lucky tween fly, that aspires of becoming a rock star, but many episodes focus on her daily life.

The series was created by Dave Polsky, one of the writers for Scary Movie 2 and Frank TV. Dave Wasson directed and designed the looks for the characters. The series was the first Disney series to be fully animated in Flash, and it was nominated for an Annie Award for its character design. In August 2005, an artist for the series confirmed that the series had been cancelled. The last episode aired on May 27, 2006, and the series continued to air in reruns until August 9, 2008.


Maggie Pesky is a creative, cute and expressive fly, who has a dream of becoming a famous rock star. She lives in the fly metropolis of Stickyfeet with her parents Chauncey and Frieda, her older brother Aldrin, younger brother Pupert, and her younger sister Bella, who is still in the stage of a maggot.

Throughout the show Maggie is seen to choose the easy way in the tasks she accomplishes, such as cheating on a test or simply being selfish. She is often seen to only care about herself, and puts herself and her needs in front of others. Her best friend Rayna Cartflight helps Maggie to fulfill her dreams. Even though the main story is that Maggie wants to be a rock star, most episodes are about her daily life and the occasions she faces.


The series was created by screenwriter Dave Polsky, who is perhaps best known for co-writing the spoof Scary Movie 2. He executive produced all episodes alongside the director, Dave Wasson. The series was animated in Macromedia Flash at Bardel Entertainment in Vancouver, Canada and at Future Thought Productions in Mumbai, India. It was the first Disney show to be fully animated in Flash.

2005 print ad.

Production of The Buzz on Maggie started in 2004. Many of the crew members from ¡Mucha Lucha! worked on the show. During an interview with Animation Magazine, Wasson stated that he was influenced by Tex Avery and early Disney shorts when he created the look for the show. He said that The Buzz on Maggie​ has "a lot of 1930s touches," stating, "The characters wear white gloves, for example. That's a direct homage to those classic shorts." He chose to animate it in Flash because he "was convinced it was a good way to go. I had done a few commercials in Flash and a few short films for a museum in Singapore. [...] I've always maintained that in the right hands, you shouldn't be able to see any difference between Flash and regular hand-drawn 2D." Wasson and Jorge Gutierrez were both character designers for the series. Gutierrez was nominated for an Annie Award for his character design in the episode "Bella Con Carny".

The series' theme song, "Just the Way I Am" was performed by Canadian singer Skye Sweetnam. It was produced and written by Dillon O'Brian and Bob Thiele. The song was nominated for a Daytime Emmy in 2006 for Outstanding Original Song.

The series premiered on Friday June 17, 2005 at 8pm and then began airing at 5:30pm on weekends. The series also joined the ABC Kids schedule on September 17, 2005. It premiered at 9:30am with a Nielsen rating of 1.6/7 the kids 2−11 demographic, and a 1.4/7 rating in tweens 9−14, which was the highest rating for that time slot in three months. In August 2005, artist Sean Seles reported on his blog that the series had been cancelled, stating: "Apparently good animation, art direction, and characters don't mean anything to Disney. The Buzz on Maggie is no more." The final episode aired on May 27, 2006 and the series aired in reruns until it was removed from the schedule on August 9, 2008. The Buzz on Maggie was the second Disney original series to be cancelled after one season, after Dave the Barbarian.


  • Margaret "Maggie" Pesky is a tween fly and the second oldest in the Pesky family. She has a taste in "funky fashion and extreme music".
  • Rayna Cartflight is Maggie's sassy best friend. She often thinks Maggie crosses the line with her crazy schemes.
  • Aldrin Pesky is Maggie's older brother. He is popular at school and is the captain of the football team. He is a big fly.
  • Pupert Pesky is the younger brother in the Pesky family. He has the "desire to succeed" like Aldrin, but lacks his talents.
  • Bella Pesky is the youngest in the Pesky family. She is still a non-talking maggot.
  • Chauncey and Frieda Pesky are the parents to the Pesky children.
  • Dawn Swatworthy is a snobby girl and Maggie's rival.


# First segment Second segment Airdate Production
1 Flyinator Ladybugged June 17, 2005 103
2 Funball The Science Whatchamacallit June 17, 2005 102
3 The Candidate Germy June 24, 2005 101
4 Lunchlady Love Stinks July 1, 2005 104
5 The Price of Fame King Flear July 8, 2005 105
6 Rottingmuck Ranch Bella Con Carney July 15, 2005 110
7 Bugsitting Le Termite July 22, 2005 107
8 Pieface The Hangout August 5, 2005 108
9 Slumber Party Spelling Bees August 13, 2005 106
10 Usual Insects Sister Act September 17, 2005 111
11 Hooligans Scum Bites September 24, 2005 116
12 The Big Score Scare Wars October 22, 2005 113
13 Metamorpho Sis Radio Free Buzzdale November 12, 2005 114
14 Those Pesky Roaches Bugtillion December 17, 2005 115
15 Hot for Tutor Sick Days Inc. January 7, 2006 112
16 Scout of Order Ant Mines February 11, 2006 109
17 Faking History Bugs on the Brink March 4, 2006 118
18 Training Day Honey Striper March 18, 2006 117
19 Racooooon! Best, Best Friends April 22, 2006 119
20 Peskys Unclogged Club Hopping May 6, 2006 120
21 Synchronized Flying Roach Hotel May 27, 2006 121

Voice cast

Guest stars

  • Daran Norris - Flyinator ("Flyinator")
  • Laraine Newman - Lacey Ladybug ("Ladybugged")
  • Jon Polito - New Aldrin, New Pupert ("Those Pesky Roaches")
  • Dee Dee Rescher - New Maggie ("Those Pesky Roaches")
  • Paul Rodriguez - Mr. Hairlegger ("Lunch Lady" and "Racooooon!")


Theme Song


Awards and nominations

Award Category Nominee Result
2006 Daytime Emmy Awards Outstanding Original Song Bob Thiele and Dillon O'Brian
For "[[Just the Way I Am]]"
2005 Annie Awards Best Character Design in an Animated Television Production Jorge Gutierrez
For "Bella Con Carny"


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