"The Call" is the thirtieth episode of the Disney XD animated series, Star Wars Rebels. It premiered on February 10, 2016, and is the thirteenth episode of the second season.


The Rebellion is suffering a fuel crisis, and the Ghost crew has been sent on a mission to an asteroid belt where an Imperial mining guild station exists. According to the Rebellion’s Intel, the mining operations refine fuel meant for the Empire, enough shipment to fuel the Rebel fleet for a full cycle. The Empire is scheduled to pick their current shipment, and it is Rebel's mission to get to it before they do. Running on fumes, the Rebels arrive at the Asteroid belt of where the refinery is, but due to the asteroid field scrambling their sensors finding the facility will not be easy. In order to keep the Ghost moving, the Rebels are forced to reserve all power to the engines, leaving them with limited fire-power and little heating. Already the Rebels were feeling the cold of space. As they near the field, Ezra began to hear strange sirens that he described sounded sad. Nobody else could hear anything but Ezra did. Then straight ahead they spotted a group of space animals, known as Purrgil, coming towards them.

Rebels The Call 01

The Ghost Crew's encounter with the Purrgills.

While Ezra is amazed by these creatures, Hera shows caution. The purrgil pass the Ghost, and a few of them collide with the ship. Hera is prepared to open fire in order to draw them away, but Kanan objects as they cannot waste their fire-power. He advises to let the purrgil pass, but Hera remains insistent. Ezra suggests flying with them instead of against them, that way they will not get bashed around so much or need to waste their power reserves. The Rebels agree it is a good idea, including Hera who reluctantly turns the ship about and flies alongside the purrgil. The purrgil themselves begin to calm down and start to fly along with the Ghost. Ezra spots one of them coming up alongside, and notices that it is looking at him. As Hera goes on saying how menacing they are, Ezra tries to connect with the nearby purrgil through The Force. Through his connection, he senses that they are upset about something, and he is proven right as Kanan spots two non-Imperial TIE Fighters closing in. The TIEs open fire on Ghost, and the Rebels fire back. But with their power supplies dangerously low, their fire-power is limited. Despite running on fumes, the Rebels still manage to take out both fighters. The Rebels suspect those fighters were from the refinery, and knowing if they can track where they originated from they may find the refinery. Meanwhile, the purrgil change direction, flying away from the Ghost. Ezra begins to notice something that he cannot figure out. He says they should follow them, but Hera objects. Sabine manages to pinpoint where the fighters originated from, and to both her and Hera’s surprise it is where the purrgil are heading.

Following the purrgil further into the asteroid field, Hera instructs everyone to inspect their cabins and make sure everything is switched off, as they still need to reserve whatever fuel they have left. Already the automatic doors cease to function. While everyone else carries out Hera’s orders, Ezra speaks to her about the purrgil. He never knew there were creatures in deep space. Hera remembers stories about creatures that travelled between worlds, and it was rumoured to believe that it was the purrgil who inspired pilots to jump from system to system. However, Hera does not believe that. She only sees the purrgil as a threat towards ships, as they are known to wonder in hyperspace lanes, crashing into ships. Hera is known to have lost a few friends that way. Ezra on the other hand believes they are just following their nature, and yet do not realize they are putting people in danger.

Rebels The Call 02

Approaching the mining guild.

The Rebels soon have the mining guild station in sight, based in a planetoid crater flowing with a pool of gas. They take a secure position to plan their attack, and land the Ghost on a small asteroid close to the refinery. Observing their plan, they discover the mining guild base has available fighters, anti-ship cannons, and a few guards on patrol. The Empire’s shipment is also present waiting for pick up. The Rebels can simply drop down and scoop up, but since their fuel level is critical, they will have to land and refuel unless they have a chance of getting out. Zeb knows the patrol guards will attack once they catch site of them, and suggests in coming up with a diversion. Sabine suggests using the gas in the pool, as it is known to be highly explosive and could give them the diversion they need to grab the fuel and get out. The explosion will also destroy the refinery in the process. While everyone else is in agreement with the plan, Ezra again notices something about the purrgil. He sees them diving in and out of the gas pool as if they are feeding on it. This gives him reason to believe that there is a connection between the purrgil and the gas.

Since they are in the upper atmosphere of the planet and cannot use the Phantom to fly in, Kanan, Ezra, Sabine, and Chopper jump directly from the ghost and skydive towards the refinery. All four of them make it down safely, but raise the alarm. Sabine is about to use the explosives to set off the gas, but Ezra stops her. After taking out their attackers, Ezra explains to Kanan and Sabine that the purrgil and the gas are somewhat connected and they cannot blow up the gas without harming the purrgil. Kanan trusts Ezra’s instincts, and orders him to man the cannon while Sabine, Chopper, and himself secure the landing zone. The rest of security becomes aware of the Rebel’s presence and proceed to defend the shipment. They open fire on Kanan, Sabine, and Chopper, and Ezra uses the cannon to give them cover fire, but had to avoid hitting the fuel shipment. The landing zone is temporally secured and the Ghost comes in to land. While the Rebels gather up the shipment and refuel the Ghost, Ezra is once again distracted by the purrgil. But he is soon brought back to focusing on the mission as he needs to give his fellow Rebels more cover fire. However, another manned cannon returns fire and knocks Ezra off the platform. He falls into the gas pool, only to be saved by landing on the back of a purrgil. Ezra also loses his helmet in the process. He tries to reach for it as he struggles to breath in the gas, but it falls off. Suffocating, Ezra looks into eyes of the purrgil he is riding, begging for help. Looking into the creatures eyes, he begins to see and finally understand. The purrgil want the help of the Rebels. Another purrgil comes alongside and presents Ezra with his lost helmet, saving his life.

Rebels Season Two - Mid-Season 55

Ezra with reinforcements.

Meanwhile, the Rebels are still loading the shipment aboard the Ghost, and still refuelling. With time running out, they become pinned down with guards everywhere and two fighters blocking their escape. Then suddenly, the Ezra and the purrgil emerge from the gas pool and attack the refinery and its patrols, buying the Rebels more time. The Ghost is finally loaded and refuelled, and at full power the ship takes off from the refinery and assists in the purrgil attack. Together they defeat their attackers and destroy the refinery.

Victorious, the Rebels and the purrgil retreat to open space, and Ezra re-joins with the ship. Ezra found his experience with the purrgil unbelievable. He actually saw what they were thinking, which makes Kanan believe he established a deep connection with them through the force. Through his connection, Ezra saw they needed the gas to breathe and travel, and the crater was not exactly there home but a stop on a long journey. Hera too is grateful for the support they got from the purrgil, and the Rebels look on as the purrgil themselves jump to hyperspace, proving that they were the inspiration for pilots to jump from system to system. 



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  • This is the first episode to not feature the Galactic Empire.
  • The design for Boss Yushyn is based on a rough sketch of a bounty hunter alien that Ralph McQuarrie illustrated during the production of The Empire Strikes Back.
  • Kanan Jarrus' modified stormtrooper helmet has a stylized loth-cat face on it.
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