"The Candidate" is the first segment of the third episode of The Buzz on Maggie.


The school bully faces some competition for the title of Homecoming Queen when Maggie gives an ugly butterfly named Maria Monarch a makeover.


The episode starts out with Maggie and Rayna talking about the homecoming dance. Rayna says, "At this point, I would go with anyone, or anything." Then someone bumps into Rayna and hits her in the face and steps on her foot. She turns out to be a monarch butterfly.

Then Dawn comes in and talks about being popular and how she is going to win homecoming queen. Maggie tells Dawn to get over herself. Maggie and Rayna then decide to come up with a plan to make Dawn not become homecoming queen. Then Maggie sees Maria (the monarch butterfly) look really beautiful for a second, and makes a plan to run her against Dawn.

They invite her over for a sleepover so they can give her a makeover. The next day at school, Maria looks gorgeous. They also make up a fake game to keep Maria from snort laughing and stuff. Everyone is mesmerized by Maria. The kids even let her pass ahead of them in the lunch line. Then the votes come in and Dawn and Maria are the finalists.

At the Homecoming dance, Maria gets nervous about going on stage. But she eventually gets on and everyone cheers for her. She makes a short speech and everyone loves it. Dawn comes on and only two people cheer for her. But then she shows everyone a picture of Maria's baby picture, and she runs off the stage in tears. Maria then realizes that Maggie and Rayna were using her. Maggie said, "We do really like you! We just used you for our own selfish purposes before we knew that."

Then Maggie got up on stage and showed everyone her baby picture which was completely horrible. Then everyone else started agreed that it doesn't matter what people looked like as baby. Then Dawn is named homecoming queen. But Maria is still happy.

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