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For the crane game device seen in Toy Story, see The Claw (Toy Story).

The Claw is a character in the cartoon series Quack Pack. He is an extremely violent criminal named for the metal claw replacing his hand. He was voiced by Frank Welker, in a tone very similar to that of his character Dr. Claw from the original Inspector Gadget cartoon.

Role in the series

The Claw first appears in "Ready, Aim... Duck!" when Donald claims that he was responsible for breaking the nephews' video game console (in reality, Donald himself was the one who broke it). This causes The Claw to seek out Donald in anger.

In his second appearance, "Long Arm of the Claw", The Claw reappears as a fully rehabilitated "good citizen." However, he relapses back into his violent nature whenever he sees gold and calms down only when he hears the sound of a ringing bell.


  • In Long Arm of the Claw, a scene showing him going backwards and forwards into relapsing as him running up to a mountain and waving his arms similar to Chernabog in Fantasia, then he hears a bell and cowers like Chernabog did.
  • In Long Arm of the Claw, he is very similar to Comet Guy from Darkwing Duck as he has super strength and every time he hears a bell he does something peaceful, there's even a scene where he keeps hearing bells and going backwards and forwards into relapsing.


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