The Complete Carl Barks Disney Library is a series of books published by Fantagraphics Books, collecting all of the Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge comic book stories written and drawn by Carl Barks, originally published between late 1942 and Barks' retirement in June 1966. The series was launched in late 2011, and will comprise 6000 pages over roughly 30 240-page volumes when it is finished.


The rights to Barks' works were licensed from Disney by Gemstone Publishing from 2003 until the end of 2008, when they ceased publishing Disney titles. When he heard about it, Fantagraphics Books publisher Gary Groth got in contact with Disney, securing the rights to Floyd Gottfredson's work on the Mickey Mouse comic strip, which resulted in the Floyd Gottfredson Library series that started publication in mid-2011. Groth also tried to get the rights to Barks' duck stories. Disney at first announced they would publish the stories themselves, but eventually changed their minds and passed the work on to Fantagraphics.


Barks' duck stories have been reprinted extensively, especially in Europe. Before Fantagraphics', there were two complete collections in English published by Another Rainbow Publishing. The first was the expensive, scholarly Carl Barks Library archive in 30 hardcover volumes, which was in black-and-white. This was followed up by The Carl Barks Library in Color in album form, with modern beautiful coloring.

Fantagraphics' 7.5" x 10.25" hardcover volumes are published in full color, as the stories originally were. When the series is complete, it will represent a chronological collection of Barks' stories. However, the volumes of the stories are being published out of order, starting with the volumes that the publishers believed would attract the most attention, beginning with Lost in the Andes, a volume containing stories from what is considered to be Barks' "peak" period (the late 1940s to the mid-1950s), including the story "Lost in the Andes", which many fans consider to be representative of Barks' best work, and was Barks' own favorite.

The design work was done by Fantagraphics' lead designer, Jacob Covey. The pages are recolored by Rich Tommaso, using the original comics as a coloring guide, unlike some of Fantagraphics' more scholarly reprints, as the books are aimed at a more general audience than many of Fantagraphics' other offerings, which are often aimed at the comics cognoscenti.

The books are about 240 pages each—about 200 pages of comics, with the remaining pages made up of supplementary material.


The books are completely uncensored, including the racial caricatures that appeared in the originals that had been retouched in later reprintings. Some stories were printed from recently rediscovered original artwork, for the first time since their original printings.

Fantagraphics chose to have the artwork computer-recolored, using the original comics as color guides, rather than reprinting with the original off-register colors as they have in many of their other archival projects. Colorist Rich Tommaso has stuck closely to the original colors, although muting the originally garish ones somewhat in a concession to modern readers. Sometimes the colors were changed when it was known that Barks hadn't liked them, or when it was felt they could be corrected or improved.


Cover Volume (release order) Title Release date ISBN
TheCompleteCarlBarksDisneyLibraryFantagraphicsLostInTheAndes 7 (1) Donald Duck: Lost in the Andes December 5, 2011 978-1-60699-474-0
Featured stories:

The Adventures:

  • "Lost in the Andes!"
  • "The Golden Christmas Tree"
  • "Race to the South Seas!"
  • "Voodoo Hoodoo!"

The Short Stories:

  • "Toyland"
  • "The Crazy Quiz Show"
  • "Truant Officer Donald"
  • "Donald Duck's Worst Nightmare"
  • "Pizen Spring Dude Ranch"
  • "Rival Beachcombers"
  • "The Sunken Yacht"
  • "Managing the Eco System"
  • "Plenty of Pets"

The Gags:

  • "Jumping to Conclusions"
  • "The True Test"
  • "Ornaments on the Way"
  • "Too Fit to Fit"
  • "Sleepy Sitters"
  • "Slippery Shine"
  • "Tunnel Vision"
CarlBarksLibrary OnlyAPoorOldMan 12 (2) Uncle Scrooge: Only a Poor Old Man July 17, 2012 978-1-60699-535-8
Featured stories:
  • "The Round Money Bin"
  • "Ballet Evasions"
  • "The Cheapest Weigh"
  • "The Menehune Mystery"
  • "Burn Steer"
  • "Hospitality Week"
  • "The Secret of Atlantis"
  • "McDuck Takes a Dive"
  • "Slippery Sipper"
  • "Tralla La"
  • "Oil the News"
  • "Dig It!"
  • "Mental Fee"
CarlBarksLibrary ChristmasForShacktown 11 (3) Donald Duck: A Christmas for Shacktown November 7, 2012 978-1-60699-574-7
Featured stories:
  • "A Christmas for Shacktown"
  • "The Big Bin on Killmotor Hill"
  • "Gladstone's Usual Good Year"
  • "The Screaming Cowboy"
  • "Statuesque Spendthrifts"
  • "Rocket Wing Saves the Day"
  • "Gladstone's Terrible Secret"
  • "The Think Box Bollix"
  • "Full-Service Windows"
  • "Rigged-Up Roller"
  • "The Golden Helmet"
  • "Awash in Success"
  • "Stable Prices"
  • "Houseboat Holiday"
  • "Gemstone Hunters"
  • "The Gilded Man"
  • "Armored Rescue"
  • "Crafty Corner"
  • "Spending Money"
  • "Treeing Off"
  • "Christmas Kiss"
  • "Projecting Desires"
Donaldduck-cover 6 (4) Donald Duck: The Old Castle's Secret May 16, 2013 978-1-60699-653-9
Featured stories:
  • "The Old Castle's Secret"
  • "Bird Watching"
  • "Horseshoe Luck"
  • "Wintertime Wager"
  • "Watching the Watchman"
  • "Wired"
  • "Going Ape"
  • "Darkest Africa"
  • "Bean Taken"
  • "Sorry to Be Safe"
  • "Spoil the Rod"
  • "Rocket Race to the Moon"
  • "Donald of the Coast Patrol"
  • "Gladstone Returns"
  • "Sheriff of Bullet Valley"
  • "Best Laid Plans"
  • "The Genuine Article"
  • "Links Hijinks"
  • "Pearls of Wisdom"
  • "Foxy Relations"
CarlBarksLibrary ChristmasOnBearMountain 5 (5) Donald Duck: Christmas on Bear Mountain November 10, 2013 978-1-60699-697-3
Featured stories:
  • "Christmas on Bear Mountain"
  • "Fashion in Flight"
  • "Turn for the Worse"
  • "Donald's Posy Patch"
  • "Donald Mines His Own Business"
  • "Volcano Valley"
  • "Magical Misery"
  • "Ring Wrongs"
  • "Adventure Down Under"
  • "If the Hat Fits"
  • "The Waltz King"
  • "The Masters of Melody"
  • "Donald Duck and the Ghost of the Grotto"
  • "Fireman Donald"
  • "The Terrible Turkey"
  • "Three Good Little Ducks"
  • "Machine Mix-Up"
51jxUeRSa1L 8 (6) Donald Duck: Trail of the Unicorn May 2, 2014 978-1-60699-741-3
Featured stories:
  • "Trail of the Unicorn"
  • "Fractious Fun"
  • "King-Size Cone"
  • "Super Snooper"
  • "The Great Duckburg Frog-Jumping Contest"
  • "Letter to Santa"
  • "Toasty Toys"
  • "No Noise is Good Noise"
  • "Dowsing Ducks"
  • "The Goldilocks Gambit"
  • "New Toys"
  • "No Place to Hide"
  • "Tied-Down Tools"
  • "Luck of the North"
  • "Noise Nullifier"
  • "Matinee Madness"
  • "Donald's Love Letters"
  • "Rip Van Donald"
  • "Land of the Totem Poles"
  • "Serum to Codfish Cove"
  • "A Fetching Price"
036145bd67844f6c53f28e92c8a30cf6 5 (5) Uncle Scrooge: The Seven Cities of Gold November 5, 2014 978-1-60699-795-6
Featured stories:
  • "The Seven Cities of Cibola"
  • "The Million-Dollar Pigeon"
  • "Temper Tampering"
  • "Wrong Number"
  • "The Mysterious Stone Ray"
  • "A Campaign of Note"
  • "Diner Dilemma"
  • "Cash on the Brain"
  • "The Lemming with the Locket"
  • "Classy Taxi"
  • "Blanket Investment"
  • "The Tuckered Tiger"
  • "Easy Meowing"
  • "Ski Lift Letdown"
71JwL6i+jzL 9 (8) Donald Duck: The Pixilated Parrot May 15, 2015 978-1-60699-834-2
71UXbTjTeNL 13 (9) Donald Duck: Trick or Treat September 5, 2015 978-1-60699-874-8
CarlBarksLibrary GhostSheriffOfLastGasp 15 (11) Donald Duck: The Ghost Sheriff of Last Gasp September 13, 2016 978-1-60699-953-0
16 (12) Uncle Scrooge: The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan August 15, 2017 978-1-60699-013-3

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