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The Core also known as the Night from the ancient Olm prophecy was a biomechanical creature and the overarching antagonist of the 2019 Disney animated series Amphibia. It is an amalgam of Amphibia's greatest minds and the true master of King Andrias. While possessing the body of Marcy Wu it refers to itself as Darcy.



Darcy has inherited Marcy's love of red velvet cupcakes with ube frosting.

The Core is shown to be quite malevolent in nature and craves both knowledge and power; It holds wide intelligence from being a compilation of previous intellectual minds, a trait It seems to take pride in, and has embraced the idea of being a conqueror due to the long history of multi-dimensional conquest. Due having the collective memories of multiple beings, the Core refers to itself as "We" instead on "I". The Core is quite particular when it comes to choosing a host for its consciousness and would only settle for the most intelligent beings. After taking over Marcy's body, it is shown to be sardonic as it seems to enjoy mocking Andrias for his failures. It also admits to inheriting some of Marcy's quirks since possessing her, but despite its newly inherited goofiness and childlike tendencies, it is still quite sinister frightening at times. The Core also has some personality traits of King Andrias' late father King Aldrich; as such it is a controlling tyrant who manipulated Andrias to do what it wants and uses his insecurities against him, and shows little warmth or care towards him. The Core is genocidal, as it wishes to exterminate humans for their resources on Earth. The Core is also quite arrogant, as it sees itself as an invincible conqueror due to the long history of multi-dimensional conquest of Amphibia, to the point it doesn't take into consideration scouting the Earth properly before initiating the invasion due to thinking human are weak. After taking apart Marcy's phone, the Core deemed the technology of Earth pathetic. As a bid to keep control over its host and performing at optimal efficiency, the Core had no qualms wiping Marcy's "redundant" memories.


The Core is a large multi-eyed being and it's mostly circular with mechanical tentacles. After possessing Marcy and becoming Darcy, it has her placed in a black and purple suit with a symbol, similar to its eyes, in the center of the chest. The suit also consists of a helm with its eyes and a cord on top of its helmet before being complete with a black and red cape. After Marcy was freed from its control, it now resists in the helmet which would grow spider-like legs.

Role in the series


Not much is known about its past, but it was created after studying the Shadowfish so the greatest minds of Amphibia would be preserved forever as they would be combined into this robotic entity.

Season 2

At the end of "The First Temple", King Andrias informs "his lord" that things are going accordingly as planned after recognizing that the Plantars and Marcy have managed to charge the green stone on the Calamity Box. He tells it that they will get their revenge, and not long afterwards, 12 giant orange diamond-shaped eyes open in response.

Season 3

The Core downloads its consciousness into Marcy

Angered over Andrias' tyranny, Olivia and Yunan decide to rescue Marcy from stasis so that they can create a plan to defeat him. They traverse the castle's many passages and briefly come across the Moss Man. Soon, they manage to find Marcy and revive her, but are all trapped in a hologram that preys on their worst fears. After overcoming the illusions by destroying the source, Andrias appears and reveals that they used the Moss Man to revive Marcy and that her intelligence was what was needed for an entity called the Core to be rebirthed. The Core transfers to Marcy's body, taking her over. Later, after Andrias failed to kill Anne Boonchuy, her parents and the Plantar family, the Core, with full control of Marcy's body, mocked Andrias for his failure, but was reassured that their army would be strong enough to invade Earth.

Darcy reboot in progress

The Core possessed Marcy, now going by Darcy (Dark Marcy) assigns Andrias the mission of overseeing them and turning them back on while they optimize and reboot their system. Andrias and Darcy pass by an old tattered portrait of a younger Andrias with a frog and a toad. Darcy sneers at what appears to be Andrias reliving "old memories", to which he assures them that such memories are meaningless to him. After Andrias has completed his task Darcy tells that they are close to invading Earth as Andrias says he has been ready for 1,000 years. Upon hearing this, Darcy smiles sinisterly, revealing that some of its personality contains that of King Aldrich, as the voice of Andrias' father overlaps that of Marcy's, stating "Why son, I think I'm almost proud of you". However, thanks to the rebellion, the Core was removed from Marcy, bringing her back to normal. After its invasion was thwarted, the Core hijacked the moon in order to destroy Amphibia and everyone on it out of spite, but thanks to Anne's sacrifice, the Core's reign of terror came to an end.


King Andrias

Andrias meets the Core for the first time.

The ruler of Amphibia refers to the Core as "My Lord" implying that the creature is his master. Andrias serves the Core and heals Marcy Wu from her injuries inflicted by Andrias himself as the Core required a host who possessed high intelligence and was capable of beating Andrias at Flipwart. Andrias did not agree with the Core on using Marcy as a host, but followed his master's orders anyhow after recapturing Marcy and allowing the Core to possess her body.


The Core considers humans to be inferior and desires to wipe out their entire species just to claim their world's resources. Because of the ancient prophecy states that the 3 human girls were will end its dreams of conquest once and for all, it wants to undo the prophecy and ensure the dark future it has planned for millennia.

Anne Boonchuy

Due to Anne retaining her powers from the Calamity Box's blue gemstone, the Core definitely sees Anne as a threat, like Andrias, because of the Olm prophecy, but the two have yet to meet yet and it's possible the Core wants Anne dead as much as Andrias does.

Sasha Waybright

Most of what the Core personally thinks of Sasha is unknown as they have yet to meet each, but it is obvious that the Core condensers her a threat because of the Olm prophecy.

Marcy Wu

Darcy explaining Marcy's situation

The Core sought Marcy Wu as its host due to her possessing high intelligence and being capable at beating Andrias at the game Flipwart. After Marcy had been healed from the injuries she sustained from Andrias, she was restrained and possessed by the Core. Also by keeping Marcy a prisoner in her own mind the Core is essentially protecting itself from the prophecy involving her and her friends, but that backfired as Marcy now freed from its influence and considers her a threat as well thanks to Olm's prophecy.


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  • In the trailer, the Core's real voice is heard for the first time before the reveal of Darcy.

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