"The Coyote's Lament" is an animated episode of Walt Disney Presents.


The show opens with a group of coyotes howling at the moon before being interrupted by Pluto's barking. After the group sings the song "Yip Yip Yip Yowl", an old coyote relates to his grandson how he and his son tried to change their eating habits and attempted to raid a chicken coop guarded by Pluto.

The pup's father then tells his son about the good they do for themselves and farms by getting ride of rabbits and prairie dogs so cows can graze and they can get lots of food. He then tells his son that dogs like Pluto are distant cousins of coyotes and were once fierce hunters until man domesticated them. At the insistance iof his father, he tells his son about the time when the two tried to steal food from a campsite.

The father coyote tells his son about a humorous way he would hunt turkeys, followed by telling him how dogs have softened up by living as pets. The grandfather then relates the tale of the time Pluto's wild instincts came out, then the father tells his son about how he and his father tried to steal sheep while avoiding Pluto.

The father and grandfather tell the grandson about how their methods of hunting were picked by Indians and the grandfather proceeds to tell the grandson about an old Indian tale about the legend of Coyote Rock. The show ends with the father telling his son that he should be proud of being a coyote.

The coyotes' revival

Thirty years later, this film is then remade as Disney's Coyote Tales. The film was directed by Robert Heath, and premiered on Disney Channel on 24 March 1991. The film's cutscenes were directly been re-used from the 1961 original, with Bent-Tail and Bent-Tail Junior's voices redubbed by Jim Cummings , as well as added extra classic cartoons such as The Whalers, Beezy Bear, Lambert the Sheepish Lion, The Ugly Duckling, Goliath II, etc. Also, there is no Walt Disney host sequences in the 1991 remake unlike the original.


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