The Curse Dragon is the main antagonist of the 2020 Disney/Pixar animated feature film, Onward. It is an artificial dragon made out of debris of Ian's high school, and was summoned by the theft of the cursed Phoenix Gem from a fountain across the street by Barley Lightfoot.


Physical Appearance

The Curse Dragon is a large draconic being made out of various debris. Its face is the mascot of the high school Ian goes to. Its core is made out of red mist while its wings are purely artificial. Before becoming a dragon, it's true form is a floating sphere made out of the red mist.


According to Corey's prophecy, legend tells of adventurers seeking Phoenix Gems. Upon the acquisition of the gems, the curse is activated, unleashing a vicious dragon or monster made out debris of anything it finds, who will seek to battle thieves to the death and reclaim the gems. The only way to slay the dragon or monsters is to use the Curse Crusher and stab the dragon/monster's main weakness, the core.

Powers and Abilities

  • Fire Breath: Typical of any dragon, the Curse Dragon possesses the ability to breathe a stream of fire as well as fireballs.
  • Flight: The Curse Dragon is capable of flight. However, this ability can be negated if the Dragon's wings are severed by the Curse Crusher.


  • Curse Crusher: As a cursed being and dragon, the Curse Dragon can only be defeated with the Curse Crusher (which is made out of rare metals).
  • The Core: The Curse Dragon's core serve as its heart and main weakness. If the core itself is stabbed, the Dragon and curse will be broken as well.

Role in the film

When Barley Lightfoot finds the Phoenix Gem at a nearby fountain towards the end of the film, a curse is unleashed and conjures a powerful dragon to emerge, causing the dragon to be made of debris with the dragon mascot's face from Ian's high school and with artificial eyebrows lowering down to make the dragon look angry. As the artificial dragon attacks Ian and Barley, the two elf brothers fight against the dragon as Corey and Laurel arrive to help the two during battle. During battle, the dragon knocks Wilden's wizard staff into the ocean, causing Ian to lose it while trying to restore his late father's full body; however, he receives a replacement of one from a splinter in his hand as Ian gets more time restoring his father via Visitation Spell. Having restored his father, Ian manages to destroy the Curse Dragon with the Curse Crusher by stabbing the beast's core, breaking the curse once and for all.


  • Despite being the main antagonist, the Curse Dragon is physically present for little time in the film.
  • Whenever the Curse Dragon roars, one can hear a school bell ringing as the dragon is made out of debris from the school.

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