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"The Delivernator" is the second segment of the sixty-seventh episode of Big City Greens.


Cricket races against a robot to save his delivery job, while Gramma fights an ant infestation.


Cricket enjoys his deliveries for Gloria + Green Café due to his interaction with the people, especially the much older Ms. Torres whom he spends time with by playing ping pong against her. Cricket returns to an upset Gloria as Cricket has been gone for four hours and she has been running the café by herself. Gwendolyn Zapp, who just so happened to be there, unveils her robot the Delivernator which she claims can get the job done quicker than any other human. Gloria sets up a competition to see who can deliver their coffee more efficiently. Meanwhile, Gramma Alice bakes cinnamon rolls for Bill and Tilly, only for ants to infest the house; putting her in another violent mood.

Cricket has Remy and Vasquez follow the Delivernator while he continues with his own deliveries. Despite Cricket's best efforts, Remy informs him that the Delivernator is making better time than him. Remy tries to stall the robot, but is overpowered; forcing Cricket to send a hotdog stand into it and destroying it. Alice proceeds to "fight" the ants via her usual sword wielding way, but this only results in the house getting destroyed. Tilly tells her that sometimes a peaceful solution is better and Alice bakes another batch of cinnamon rolls and leads the ants out of the house and into the garbage dump, an act that saddens Bill as he wanted the rolls himself.

Cricket meets with Ms. Torres and plays ping pong, only to be told by Remy, via walkie-talkie, that the Delivernator is rebuilding itself. Cricket does not want to leave, but Ms. Torres understands Cricket's plight and tells him to finish his deliveries. Unfortunately, the Delivernator defeats Cricket, but Gloria hears the positive feedback from the customers who prefer Cricket's work, due to his friendliness. Gwendolyn reveals her plan to make a Delivernator with a friendly face, but no one likes it and she leaves. Cricket promises to be more dutiful with his time and Gloria wonders who to get to work in the stock room. Her question is answered when a hectic Bill enters demanding work in exchange for cinnamon rolls.



  • Morals:
    • Sometimes your job truly has a purpose in life.
    • Violence is never the answer.
  • The episode is a reference to The Terminator.
  • This episode's premise appears to be similar to the TaleSpin episode "From Here to Machinery", which involved Baloo racing against a robot to save his and all other pilots' jobs.
  • Ms. Torres owns a phone that resembles Garfield from the comic strip of the same name.
  • This episode implies that Gwendolyn's personality stems from being highly caffeinated.
  • When Cricket is attempting to deliver the coffee, he passes by a very unusual girl in a rocket ship. Fans took the character as a reference to Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls due to sharing a similar appearance. However, Chris Houghton denied this; revealing that the character, named Alex, is a creation of a Make A Wish Foundation contributor. A short skit between the character and Cricket and Tilly was also recorded, but did not appear in the final episode.[1]

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