Thaddeus The Director is a major antagonist in Bolt. He is the director of the Bolt TV show and is determined to prevent Bolt from finding out that he is not really a super dog.

The Director shares many attributes with the creator Cristof from the 1998 film Truman Show.

Role in the film

When reviewing footage of the latest take for an episode, he is dismayed when he discovers a boom mic in one shot, ranting that Bolt could have seen that. When Mindy “from the network” arrives, he discusses his vision of Bolt as a tool of expressing emotion, believing that if Bolt believes that everything he does is real, so does the audience. Mindy is more concerned with the rating points, and complains that the show is too predictable. She warns him that if the show loses at least half a rating point, she will fire the show's entire crew, starting with the Director. In fear of being fired, the Director and the film crew decide to create a cliff-hanger episode, consequently leading to Bolt escaping from the trailer.

During the fire, he and the camera crew barely escape the fire in the studio not sure if there was anyone else still inside. His ultimate fate is unknown, but it can be implied that he lost all of his audience after Penny was replaced with a new teenage actress and subsequently got fired.


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