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The Dogcatcher is the secondary antagonist in Disney's 1955 animated feature film, Lady and the Tramp, and its 2001 sequel, Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure.


Lady and the Tramp[]

The Dogcatcher is first seen putting up a notice from the city council of New Haven, Connecticut that says any dog without a license must be impounded immediately. Tramp notices this and frees two dogs, but the dogcatcher notices this. Tramp distracts the dogcatcher whom he manages to outsmart and evade where the dogcatcher loses him in a suburban neighborhood.

Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure[]

He's seen with Buster and the other junkyard dogs trying to throw his hat around. At first, it looks like he captured Buster, however, he escapes and gets the best of him. Later, he catches Reggie after he's chasing Scamp and Angel. Eventually, due to Buster's actions, he captures Scamp without a collar and takes him to the pound. When he confronts Scamp and Tramp and is ready to capture them, Angel suddenly attacks him from behind. He panics as he tries to remove her but his net gets caught on the hook and he hits the wall hard. Becoming dizzy, he says that the fireworks are lovely and he passes out.

Lady and the Tramp (2019)[]

Now named Elliott, he appears in the 2019 remake of Lady and the Tramp. Unlike his animated counterpart, he takes his job as a dogcatcher very seriously and considers Tramp to be his arch-nemesis. Whenever he describes him to others in an effort to keep a lookout for him, he always mentions him as being vicious and having teeth like a shark, which always confuses them.

Elliot is first seen placing a warning poster on the wall telling people that any unlicensed dog will be immediately impounded, just as he approaches a storekeeper, telling him that he already captured Peg and Bull, sending them to the dog pound, while looking for Tramp. He then asks the storekeeper if he can place another warning sign on his store's window which the storekeeper denies just before planning to capture Tramp. When Tramp pretends to be sick, Elliot attempts to capture Tramp and place him into the carriage leading to the dog pound, while he is about to place him inside only for Tramp to trick him, still with the cage open just as Bull and Peg escape. Tramp sees Elliot riding his carriage leading to the dog pound which Tramp finds a way to avoid him again just as he ends up in the house where Jim Dear and Darling leave. Elliot then overhears Tramp barking and stares at Jim, telling him to know if he saw Tramp which he tells Elliot that everything seems to be fine; Jim then tells Elliot that he has a rat problem recently becoming a nuisance across his neighborhood, which Elliot declines, telling him that he never associates himself with rodents like rats.

Elliot is later seen busy talking to a train worker, telling him that he is looking for a stray dog to capture just as Tramp takes Lady to a scenic route just as the man talking to Elliot describes Tramp as the dog who sleeps at his train yard hitch Lady and Tramp board on a steamboat to avoid Elliot. Later that night, Elliot finds Tramp on top of the hill where he attempts to catch him and as the two attempt to split up, Tramp then finds himself at the train yard telling the head worker to split up which Elliot surrounds him with the help of a group of train workers only for Lady to defend him from Elliot and the train workers. Tramp manages to escape but Elliot caught Lady, sending her to the dog pound. He then enters the pound bringing a dog home, followed by Lady being the next, just as Elliot brings Lady to her owners Jim Dear and Darling just before Lady's owners return home. Elliot is later seen staring at Tramp taking Bull's bone in a plan to reunite with Lady which Tramp evades him. Elliot then approaches Lady's owners discussing with them about Tramp, the stray dog he must capture, which Tramp enters Lulu's nursery to take care of the rat. After Tramp kills the rat, Elliot enters and captures Tramp, sending him to the dog pound, as the dogcatcher tells Jim that he has a strict rule on what happens to dogs that attack humans.

As Elliot plans to take Tramp to the dog pound, Lady stops Elliot and approaches the horse pulling the carriage where Tramp is caged, followed by Jock and Trusty who follow alongside her, but could not catch up. Soon as Lady stops Elliot in time, the horses pulling the carriage leading to the dog pound to react in fear, escaping the carriage and tipping it over, successfully rescuing Tramp just as Elliot escapes, followed by Tramp being rescued and revived. Elliot, who escapes from his carriage, plans to take Tramp with him to the pound, but Jim and Darling approach him, telling him to release him, but Elliot refuses at first, giving out a rule that any stray dog will be immediately impounded due to a strict rule on dogs attacking humans, but after Lady's owners tell Elliot that Tramp has a home, he suddenly releases him, clearing his bad reputation just before Elliot leaves, albeit limping due to the injuries he received after Lady caused his carriage to be tipped over in her plans to rescue Tramp.


In one of the Disney adventure comics, he also ends up getting arrested when, while trying to hunt down Scamp and Angel, he accidentally puts his net on a bunch of wigs at a wig shop and on its owner, which results in his arrest.


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