"The Donald Duck Story" is the fourth episode of Disneyland.


Walt Disney takes a look at the story of the creation of Donald Duck and his later career (although with some factual inaccuracies).

At the beginning of the show, Walt shows us how Donald was created in 1932, on Friday the 13th, when the Disney artists tried to figure out that kind of animal character fit a very unusual voice that had come to them. After starring in shorts with Mickey Mouse, Donald became famous enough to headline his own cartoon series, and he ended up becoming a foil for various bullies, both big and small. Walt then shows the international appeal, and misunderstanding, of Donald's unusual voice, and shows a cartoon where Donald bought voice pills to improve his speech. Finally, Donald arrive's in Walt's office to show off his many talents, but Walt urges him to "be himself", and puts him in a picture with Chip and Dale.

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