The Duck Avenger Strikes Again (rough translation of Paperinik Torna A Colpire) is a Donald Duck comic story with the third appearance of his masked identity the Duck Avenger.


Huey, Dewey, and Louie's remote-controlled plane accidentally falls on Donald, who tries to beat them until Uncle Scrooge arrives with a problem: formerly, his wax museum was visited by several people, but nobody goes there now. Donald tells him the most modern character in that museum is Buffalo Bill, and he needs more current characters. When Huey, Dewey, and Louie suggest actors and rockers, Donald suggests instead some lovable rogue. Scrooge thanks Donald for the idea he has given, and Donald asks Scrooge to pay him for whatever idea he gave him, but Scrooge refuses and leaves.

A night two days later, Donald is awakened by the surprised exclamations of the Duckburgians. The surprising event turns to be the Duck Avenger flying above Duckburg. Donald is surprised as he is the Duck Avenger and the one flying must be an imposter. As the fake Avenger passes near Donald's House, his nephews suspect Donald is the Duck Avenger, but he sends them back to their room. Donald checks his secret hideout to be sure nobody has found his secret and taken his equipment, and everything is in order.

The following day, everybody in Duckburg is scared at Donald, as the newspaper, in its report about the Duck Avenger's night flight, mentions the his uncanny similitude with Donald. The only one who doesn't believe Donald may be the Avenger is Gladstone Gander, who mocks Donald. Huey, Dewey, and Louie move to Grandma Duck's farm due to their uncle being a criminal. Donald decides the real Duck Avenger must find the fake one to fix his life.

As the fake Duck Avenger has been sighted near the ruins of Villa Rosa, the Duck Avenger goes there at night. However, two cops are after him. The Duck Avenger uses a sleeping spray on a cop and rides the 313-X. Then he uses a smokescreen to blind the other cop who was chasing him on motorcycle.

The Duck Avenger becomes Donald again and finds the police has surrounded his house, so he decides to ask Gyro Gearloose to disarm the secret devices of the 313 in case of the police wanting to register it. While Gyro disarms the devices, Donald sees he has made plastic replicas of the Duck family for a parade float, but notice there's no replica of himself, to which Gyro answers there was one but must have been stolen.

Donald goes home in his re-normalized 313 and finds his nephews returning to Duckburg as Grandma had them helping with the chores. They promise to make food and clean the house if Donald takes them back. At Donald's House, the Police expect the ducks and ask the 313 to check it in the station.

Two hours later, Donald goes after his car, in which nothing suspicious was found. When going back home, the ducks see Uncle Scrooge in a plane announcing the Duck Avenger at the wax museum. The nephews find a lucky coincidence that the Duck Avenger resurfaced when Scrooge needed a rogue for the museum, and Donald finds it suspicious. The museum is a success thanks to the addition of a Duck Avenger statue. Scrooge offers Donald to guard the museum at night, but Donald refuses and Scrooge hires Gladstone instead.

That night, the Duck Avenger uses a grappling hook to reach the museum window, and a wielder-pen to cut the window bars and enter. Once inside, he replaces his own statue, scares Gladstone and uses the sleeping spray on him. Then he checks the statue and confirms his suspicions: It's Gyro's plastic replica of Donald, covered in a thin layer of wax forming the Duck Avenger costume, and with a remote-controlled flight system based on the kids' toy plane. The Duck Avenger takes the statue and the museum money.

The following day, Scrooge follows Gladstone to beat him for losing the statue and the money, but Gladstone is hit by an empty ambulance (which is lucky, as it takes him right to the hospital). Suddenly, the flying statue returns, remote-controlled by Gyro, and throws money to all Duckburg. Scrooge, the kids and anyone else catch the falling money except for Donald, who pretends to be too lazy to catch it. Scrooge tells him that's why he will never have luck, and his nephews wish he was like the Duck Avenger.