The Dying King is a minor character in Disney's The Prince and the Pauper.  He is the ruler of the Kingdom of England.

The Prince and the Pauper

In the beginning of the film, the Narrator describes the King as a wise and good king who ruled his kingdom, with fairness and kindness but soon the King becomes very ill to which a darkness falls over the kingdom and soon the King's Captain of the Guards Captain Pete a ruthless and greedy man sees his chance to rob and terrorize the people of England in the King's name.  The King's only appearance is toward the middle of the film to which his final hours have arrived and he tells his assistant Horace that he wishes to see his son Prince Mickey to which Horace fetches Pauper Mickey who switched places with the real Prince Mickey and Pauper Mickey enters the King's chambers and tries to tell the King that he's not his son but the King tells him that this is the moment he's been preparing his son for and tells him that he will be gone and soon and asks Pauper Mickey (whom he thinks is his son) to promise him to rule the land with wisness and justice to which Pauper Mickey takes the King's hand and sadly promises and then blows out the candle and the King dies.  When the real Prince Mickey gets the news that his father has died he rushes off to the palace to takes his proper place as King of England but is captured by Captain Pete and the Weasel Guards and thrown into the dungeon with Donald but manages to escape with help from Goofy and they manage to fight off Captain Pete and the Weasel Guards and stop Pauper Mickey from being crowned.  In the end Prince Mickey gets crowned King of England and has Captain Pete and the Weasel Guards arrested, makes Goofy the new Captain of the Guards, and Pauper Mickey the provider for food and like his father before him he rules the kingdom with justice and wiseness.

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