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"The Dying of the Light" is the sixth episode of Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles.


Hudson's vision blurs during an investigation about the Quarrymen, getting ambushed by Quarrymen he mistook for Brooklyn and Broadway. However, they manage to capture a Quarryman for Eliza to arrest, albeit slightly injured. Adding the problem with his sight, Hudson has been having a recurring nightmare about when the Archmage blinded his left eye. Resting the day away from the rest of the clan, Hudson admits that this means he's going blind; his dreams are his body's way of telling him of what's happening. Deciding to not dishonor his clan with his impending disability, Hudson pays one last visit to his blind friend Jeffery Robbins.

When Robbins brings up he noticed Hudson having trouble with his footing and taking a simple glass of lemonade from him, Hudson admits to his impending blindness. Robbins, however, tells him that he has an eye doctor who works late that can help him. Hudson tries to protest, but Robbins tells him that he knows that he's a gargoyle; the late night visits, Scottish accent and smell of leather and concrete gave him away. Hudson thanks Robbins, who is grateful for the trust, but tells his friend that it offended him to think Hudson would believe something as simple as being non-human could end their friendship. Hudson apologizes, scolding himself for ever suspecting the worst of humanity in a good man like Robbins.

Hidden by a cloak, Hudson is taken to the hospital by Robbins' driver, with Robbins attending as moral support. A doctor allied with the Quarrymen alerts the organization of Hudson's location. In the meantime, Robbins' doctor examines Hudson's eyes; while clearly nothing can be done for the blinded one, the one now fading is suffering from glaucoma. She tells him that with some surgery and medication, he can preserve his sight; Robbins tells Hudson that keeping his sight is a battle only he can choose to fight. Hudson tells them that he's always up for a fight, going through with the surgery. Once, Hudson is informed that he must have a day's rest before he can take off the bandages; then they can start the medicine. Hudson is confidant in the success, as gargoyles heal fast in their stone sleep; he thanks Robbins for talking him into seking help.

The Quarrymen attack the hospital. Though advised to flee as he cannot use his eye yet, Hudson protests as it is a gargoyle's duty to protect others. With Jeffery's help, Hudson manages to set traps for the Quarrymen, which leave them defeated. Goliath and Angela arrive, with Hudson happily boasting of his and Robbins' victory. He tells them that he will require some aid getting back home for a day's rest, but also to not get used to him being too feeble.


  • Hudson learns valuable lessons in this episode.
    • There is no shame in admitting when you are suffering a crippling ailment; its only a shame to refuse help and allow said ailment to cripple you.
    • If you have a long-standing friendship with someone, always trust they would never turn against you if you reveal a secret to them that would normally frighten others.
  • This is first episode to focus on Hudson since A Lighthouse in the Sea of Time

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