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"The Fate of the Roommates" is the thirtieth episode of Big Hero 6: The Series. It premiered on May 13, 2019 and is the sixth episode in the second season.


While driving Fred home from his "Comic Book Club", Heathcliff avoids a weird neon car that nearly rear-ends the limo. A lot more neon cars appear, prompting Heathcliff to essentially dodge all these cars while causing as little collateral damage as possible. Fred shares his encounter with the neon cars with his friends, and according to Hiro a bank robbery occurred the night before. This leads to the belief that the cares might have been the get-away cars. Hiro recommends they go on a stake out, but Honey Lemon says she cannot come because she is throwing another Sticker Party, which is now BYOS (Bring Your Own Stickers). Go Go expresses sarcastic sadness about how she cannot come to the Sticker Party, but Honey tries to cheer her up saying they can have a Sticker After Party, much to Go Go's dismay. At Go Go and Honey's apartment, Go Go is cleaning her discs when she notices how warm it is in the apartment. Honey Lemon has turned up the heating because warm stickers stick best. She also has mood stickers that change color depending on the person they are on's mood.

During the stake out, Go Go is getting tired of Honey's happy antics. While talking about her problems, the neon cars drive past the team, starting the chase. Baymax attempts to stop one of the cars peacefully, but it jumps over him. Go Go manages to relieve a car of one of it's wheels by throwing her disc at it, causing the car to loose speed. When they open the car, they discover it is remote controlled. Fred also finds a token that says "Maximum Insane Driving Challenge", which reveals this to be a plot of Mr. Sparkles. Somewhere at a warehouse, Mr. Sparkles eliminates the first contestant of the challenge. He says whoever wins the challenge will win Kashmir Lined Driving Gloves, which for some odd reason makes the other contestants excited. Back at Go Go and Honey’s apartment, Go Go walks in to what she assumes to be a Sticker Party. Honey Lemon is aware the she has been invading Go Go's space and tells her that she can return to the dorms, allowing her to have her apartment back to herself. Go Go seems to be disappointed about this, but pretends to be delighted.

At Joe's Diner, Hiro and Fred consult Globby and Felony Carl for some information on the Maximum Insane Driving Challenge. Carl says that Mr. Sparkles is running some racing challenge for well-to-do thrill seekers, or basically rich people who are also thrill seekers. He also says that Sparkles is working with Yama.

At SFIT, Honey Lemon finds Go Go busy designing some kind of motorcycle. She tells her that she will be out her apartment by the end of the week. Go Go is still sad about this but hides it from the rest of the team. Baymax however notices that Go Go is troubled and tells her that sharing her feelings might help. Go Go tries to share her feelings about Honey Lemon leaving, but she chickens out. At Frederickson Manor, Fred, Wasabi, and Hiro try to find a way to infiltrate the racing league. They cannot send themselves as Mr. Sparkles and Yama would recognize them, so they need someone that looks rich to show up in order to infiltrate the league. Heathcliff walks in and the group find the person they need. In the secret room, Fred asks his father if he has any advice for Heathcliff. It was revealed that after Heathcliff graduated Butler School, Mr. Fredrickson taught Heathcliff the art of undercover work.

At the racing league warehouse, Heathcliff successfully infiltrates the league. Mr. Sparkles reveals that the racing league is just a diversion so that Sparkles and Yama can commit crimes, and their final heist is to steal the most valuable comic book. Captain Fancy #8. Meanwhile at the apartment, Go Go tries to tell her feelings to Honey Lemon but is interrupted as Hiro notifies them that Sparkles and Yama are planning on raiding Richardson's shop. The race begins while the Big Hero 6 confront Yama at the comic book store, only for both of them to find out that Yama has been tricked. The race goes as well as one would expect. Heathcliff manages to pull a backwards driving to distract the other driver, allowing him to go through the right path while the other driver drives off into the bay. Fred checks the safe the money was previously in only to find it empty. Mr. Sparkles hijacks one of the cars, prompting a race between him and Heathcliff. During the race, Mr. Sparkles summons a giant robot chicken and manages to total Heathcliff's car. Go Go goes out on her own in a new motorcyle. She chases after Mr. Sparkles and short circuits his car. However, he ejects and escapes with the money.

The next day, Honey Lemon gets ready to leave the apartment, but Go Go stops her finally expresses her feelings about her not wanting to leave. Honey Lemon agrees to stay with Go Go and they have an emotional moment selfie. Meanwhile, Mr. Sparkles meets with Liv Amara, as he has heard she can give villains interesting abilities.



  • The episode's title is not just a callback to "Big Roommates 2", it is also a reference to the movie The Fate of the Furious in reference to the underground racing league.
  • The name of Richardson Mole's comic shop is revealed to be "Richardson's Rare Comics".
  • Liv Amara appears in this episode but has no speaking lines.
  • Go Go's upgraded motorcycle resembles the Light Cycles from TRON.
  • This episode was released posthumously after Stan Lee's death.

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