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The Fenner Brothers are minor antagonists in Disney's 2009 animated feature film, The Princess and the Frog.

Role in the film

The Fenner Brothers are first seen removing their Real Estate Business sign next to the old sugar mill Tiana buys, which would one day become her restaurant. They promise to bring the papers she has to sign after Mardi Gras but later at night, at the La Bouff's party; wearing horse costumes, they inform her that she was outbid by a gentleman and that unless she can top his offer by Wednesday, she "can kiss that place goodbye". Tiana tries to object, but they only reply to her that "a woman of her background" would have difficulties running a restaurant business despite complimenting her cooking. Later, Tiana turns into a frog and she, with Prince Naveen, are being chased by Stella, they get a cake thrown on them, thus making them resemble clowns.

At the end of the movie, Tiana returns to the Fenner Brothers with her new husband, Naveen and alligator friend, Louis and gives them the large sum of money needed for her to purchase the sugar mill. They were hesitant to accept it at first, but when Louis growled at them, scaring them very much, they finally surrendered and gave Tiana the key to the place.


  • Their appearances are based on the film's directors, John Musker and Ron Clements. Their names, in turn, are revealed in the end credits; Henry (short one) and Harvey (tall one).
  • Harvey may be a bit more sympathetic than Henry, as he seemed reluctant to tell Tiana about being outbid, while Henry just thoughtlessly blurted it out.
  • Technically, the Fenners were a bit correct in the notion that Tiana wouldn't have been to run the restaurant by herself, as she just bought the building but she needed more money in order to pay the personnel and for taxes. However, thanks to Naveen's and possibly Charlotte's financial support (which the brothers probably didn't think about), Tiana was ultimately able to run the place successfully.
  • When they mention Tiana's background, they were likely referring to the fact that she came from a poor working family as well as lacking actual experience in running a business instead of her race.


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