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"The Fight for Castle McDuck!" is the sixty-seventh episode of DuckTales. It premiered on November 23, 2020 and is the seventeenth episode of the third season.


Scrooge, Huey, Dewey, Louie and Webby return to Castle McDuck after it unexpectedly shows up four years earlier than it was supposed to. Scrooge, of course, has a terrible reunion with his father, Fergus, but his mother, Downy, is always welcoming. Webby is excited that she gets to experience Clan McDuck up close once again and is further excited to learn that Matilda, Scrooge's younger sister, is also present. Webby immediately gets excited over meeting Scrooge's youngest sister, but is quick to regain composure. Matilda is trying to break into the egg business by purchasing an emu. She mockingly turns down Scrooge's attempt to help invest in it, leading to a brief sibling squabble, something that is foreign to Webby as Dewey has to explain it to her.

Meanwhile, Huey convinces Louie to help him search for the Blessed Bagpipes, a McDuck heirloom that possesses magical properties. While Huey wants to try exploring for it, Louie gets Downy to direct them to a room full of old bagpipes for them to dig through. Phantom Blot is revealed to be the reason behind Castle McDuck returning; having used a special device strapped to the castle. He is accompanied by an Egghead named Pepper who is excited and optimistic about joining Phantom Blot in stealing the bagpipes for F.O.W.L., something that annoys him.

Webby is frightened at the prospect of Scrooge and Matilda arguing with one another, especially when they fight over being inducted into the Hall of McDuck, a room full of giant statues of their ancestors, and tries to rectify it by showing a family album to Scrooge. He responds well to it until he learns that Matilda stole his pet hairball and painted it, resulting in Fergus and Downy coming in and getting involved in the argument, much to Webby's horror. As the family sit down to eat, they continue to bicker with one another and Webby recruits Dewey to help her.

Huey and Louie continue their search for the bagpipes as Phantom Blot and Pepper use their notes to follow the runes in search of it. Webby has Dewey fake an injury in the statue room so that the McDucks can come together. Webby tries to guilt them into apologizing. Scrooge grabs Dewey in his hands, feeling remorseful, apologizes. Then after dropping Dewey down, Scrooge furiously berates them for the "death" of Dewey. They continue to argue further. When Scrooge claims that Dewey was his favorite, Dewey proudly declares it when Huey and Louie arrive. Dewey whispers to them that he is Scrooge's favorite. Louie, upset that Dewey's going to have all what he has, insults Huey for bringing him to his "dumb" quest. This word makes Huey furious, that they start to argue as well, culminating in Scrooge in ragingly renouncing his McDuck name. While all of this is going on, Phantom Blot and Pepper sneak around and find the bagpipes. Pepper accidentally brings to life the statues of Dirty Dingus, Murdoch, Agnes and Danny McDuck who all proceed to fight with one another.

As everyone continues to fight over the bagpipes and with each other, Webby laments the fact that she caused the fighting with the castle crumbling around them. Phantom Blot insults Pepper's incompetence, causing her to reveal that the only reason she signed on with him is because no one wanted to work with him. Phantom Blot is surprisingly hurt by this and gains a newfound appreciation for her. Scrooge and Matilda overhear Webby's lament and come to their senses as they realize their dreadful and idiotic mistake and how they were a bad influenced, and together they save Webby from a falling pillar and reconciled with each other and Webby. They get the emu and one by one they start rallying everyone together to reclaim the bagpipes and fight Phantom Blot and Pepper. They succeed with the villains fleeing.

With the statues destroyed, Scrooge and Matilda apologize to Webby for putting everyone in danger and promise that they love one another regardless. The Ducks all get together to clean up the mess.




  • According to Frank Angones, the mist sucking machine was dismantled after the events of the episode.
  • This episode features two major Doctor Who performers. David Tennant played the tenth incarnation of the titular Doctor, while Michelle Gomez played Missy, the first female incarnation of a recurring antagonist, the Master.
    • By sheer coincidence, the episode aired on November 23, the same day that Doctor Who first aired.
  • Phantom Blot is revealed to be not that well liked by the Eggheads of F.O.W.L.
  • This episode takes place roughly one year after the events of "The Secret(s) of Castle McDuck!".

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