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The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together.
Obi-Wan Kenobi[src]

The Force is the universal principle in the Star Wars universe. It is the efficient formal material and final cause of all life. As an energy field emanating from the Wellspring of Life, the Force takes abode in material vessels. This Force within living beings is the "spirit" and "essence" of the living. The Force is from which all emerges and dissolves into: when a living thing dies, life passes from the Living Force to the Cosmic Force; the Cosmic Force renews the Living Force, and in turn, the Living aspect empowers the Cosmic aspect. The Force binds material and immaterial reality into unity, since it pervades and penetrates all.

Individuals born with the inherent ability to sense the Living Force around them, possessing the power or potential to use the Force are known as Force-sensitives, Force-wielders, or Force-users. There are two sides to the Force: the light side (or Ashla) and the dark side (or Bogan); those that harness its power, as the Jedi and the Sith, gain access to several psychic powers and enhanced physical and mental capabilities. Users of the Force have the potential to have any power it bestowed, though they needed to be skilled or powerful enough to use such powers to better extent.

Manifestations of the Force

As seen in Star Wars Rebels, certain creatures have also been seen to have an affinity for the Force, such as the Convor, a type of bird. What this affinity is is not known. The Lasat species also can use their Bo-Rifles to tap into the Force's power, indicating that they have knowledge of it and can make use of it. In Marvel Comics' Star Wars series, it is revealed that a certain type of mysterious blue rocks originating from a sacred living mountain alive with the Force can grant individuals the ability to use the Force.

This ability, known as Stonepower, can further be strengthened in consuming thin slivers of these rocks, as discovered by Yoda. There also exist physical embodiments of the Force, such as the Bendu, who represents the center of the Force between the light and dark sides of the Force.

Other physical embodiments of the Force, each representing a different aspect (i.e. the Father representing order and balance, the Daughter representing the light side of the Force, and the Son representing the dark side of the Force) also once existed, but have since become deceased due to the actions of the Jedi, in particular, Anakin Skywalker.

Prophecies in the Force also exist; the prophecy of the Chosen One, an individual meant to bring balance to the Force was one of these, and was fulfilled when Anakin (the prophecy's focus) destroyed the Sith, bringing balance to the Force once more. The Force can also have a strong affinity to physical locations and objects as well as living creatures, which were known as Force vergence or nexuses. Such places and objects were commonly able to temporarily amplify a Force-users mental attunement to the Force, usually resulting in powerful illusions and visions.

Known Aspects of the Force

Light Side of the Force

The light side of the Force, also known as the Ashla, is an aspect of the Force that is aligned with passiveness, empathy, selflessness, calmness, peace, compassion and other serene emotions. It is normally used for benevolent purposes.

The Jedi are notable practitioners of the light side of the Force.

Despite the fact that the light side of the Force is often used for benevolent purposes, serving as the cosmic opposite to the malevolent forces in the galaxy, it is actually neutral.

Dark Side of the Force

The dark side of the Force, also known as the Bogan, is an aspect of the Force that is aligned with pain, aggression, fear, anger, hatred, passion and other intense emotions. It is normally used for malevolent purposes.

Most practitioners of the dark side of Force are noted to become physically altered by the dark side, with their eyes turning yellow with fire-shaped red rims, as well as orange or reddish. This alteration can progress through intense immersion in the dark side's power and teachings, especially for extended periods of time, leading to the user becoming deformed, gaining a diseased, corpse-like appearance, such as Sheev Palpatine.

Although the dark side of the Force has a slightly corrupting influence on those who are exposed to it, it does not necessarily turn the individual who is utilizing it evil, as each individual can choose whether or not to allow it to gain full control over them or may possess the willpower or discipline to maintain control over themselves, though usually only temporarily. For example, Palpatine who naturally had the potential for good, but he chose to give in to his inner darkness due to his desire for power, as becoming good or evil is a personal choice, for both light and dark side Force-users alike. Alternatively, Dooku saw the dark side as a means to an end, a tool that would help him reshape the galaxy into one free of political and sociological corruption, no matter how immoral or unethical his methods were during his attempts to achieve this end, which inevitably allowed the dark side to feed into his arrogant belief in the righteousness of his mission and corrupt him.

The Sith, Snoke and the Knights of Ren are notable practitioners of the dark side of the Force.

Despite the fact that the dark side of the Force is often used for malevolent purposes, serving as the cosmic opposite to the benevolent forces in the galaxy, it is actually neutral.

Unifying Force

The Unifying Force is an aspect of the Force that is accepted by a minority of Jedi, the Unifying Force is thought to be present in all shining stars, surrounding and penetrating them. Thus, making all universal things connected by it.

Obi-Wan Kenobi is a notable follower of the Unifying Force.

Living Force

The Living Force is an aspect of the Force that is accepted by a minority of Jedi, the Living Force is thought to be present in most living beings, surrounding and penetrating them. Thus, making all living things connected by it.

Qui-Gon Jinn and Anakin Skywalker are notable followers of the Living Force.

Cosmic Force

The Cosmic Force is an aspect of the Force that bound everything together from energy fed into it through the Living Force.

Yoda and Ezra Bridger are notable followers of the Cosmic Force.

Physical Force

The Physical Force is an aspect of the Force that allows Force-users to manipulate and otherwise interact with matter in their surroundings.

The Jedi and the Sith are notable practitioners of the Physical Force.

List of Known Force Powers

Extrasensory Perception Powers

Force sense

Yoda sensing the victims of Order 66, as a result of Force sense.

Force-users can sense another sentient being's emotions, the future, ripples in the Force caused by momentous or traumatic events, impending danger, and the presence of other light or dark side Force-users.

Force-users can sense impending danger, warning them of a threat, the power to sense danger would often come naturally to other Force-users and allowed them to escape a potentially deadly situation.

Force sense is possessed by both light and dark side Force-users alike.

Force vision

Luke Skywalker having a Force vision on Dagobah.

Force-users can see visions of the past, present, and future. However, the visions are not always clear or sometimes they have visions without warning.

Rey unknowingly utilized this power when she touched Anakin Skywalker's lightsaber, resulting in her having a vision where she saw the Luke Skywalker's Jedi Temple burning, the Knights of Ren, Kylo Ren, and herself as a child.

Force vision is possessed by both light and dark side Force-users alike.


Certain Force-users have the power to deduce information about events, individuals, and places simply by touching the objects they hold. However, this power can also prove dangerous, for using psychometry on a weapon can bring the practitioner using psychometry closer to the dark side of the Force. Jedi Master Quinlan Vos had an affinity for this power during the time of the Clone Wars, using it for primarily for tracking.

Psychometry is used only through the light side of the Force.

Telepathic Powers

Luke hearing Darth Vader calling out to him through the Force.

Force-users can read minds, mentally communicate with other individuals over small or vast distances, as well as to transmit and receive information of the minds of other individuals.

Leia Organa used it to telepathically communicate with her son, Ben Solo. However, because she was in an extremely weakened state, she passed away, becoming one with the Force sometime later.

Telepathy is used through both the light and dark sides of the Force alike.

Mind trick

The Force can have a strong influence on the weak-minded.
―Obi-Wan Kenobi explaining the Force mind trick to Luke

Obi-Wan Kenobi using mind trick to control the mind of a Stormtrooper.

Force-users can influence and control weaker willed individuals using verbal ideas, orders, or suggestions, which the victim often then repeats and then acts upon without hesitation. Some users can even control certain animals by reaching out empathically with the Force, though verbal ideas, orders or suggestions to persuade or compel the creature.

If a Force-user combines this power with other Force-users, they will be able to overwhelm and influence the minds of individuals with strong wills. However, this variant was, if misused or prolonged, capable of not only causing great discomfort and pain for the subject of their mental attacks, but also ran the risk of damaging and destroying their mind, leaving them insane. A highly powerful and skilled Force-user can have full control over a victims thoughts, memories, perception, and emotions to an extent.

In "Steps Into Shadow", it is revealed that a Force-user does not need to verbally control their subject, as Padawan Ezra Bridger managed to control the mind and body of a Walker Pilot to attack his fellow Stormtroopers from several yards away. However, this particular version of the technique is derived from the dark side of the Force.

Mind trick is used through both the light and dark sides of the Force alike.

Mind probe

Kylo Ren using mind probe to telepathically torture Poe Dameron.

Some Force-users can sense or even sift through the thoughts, emotions, and memories from the minds of other individuals without their consent, seeking useful information. It can only be resisted by skilled or powerful Force-users and possibly more mentally resilient individuals in general. Though not always the case, this form of telepathic intrusion was capable of causing the recipient to experience great discomfort, to the point of extreme pain, making it useful in torturing subjects that were unwilling and attempted to resist.

Depending on how used, this invasive technique can potentially cause damage to or even destroy the victim's mind, though this would depend on the Force-user's level of power and skill in the Force, as well as how well their victim could resist them. Despite this, this would only serve to allow a Force-user to better coerce or torment their victim into revealing information, as well as to incentivize the victim into compliance so as to avoid any permanent further harm or suffering. However, as the two minds are linked, an individual with a strong will and Force sensitivity not only has the potential to resist the mind probe, but use the link to probe a Force-user instead, turning their mental attack against them.

In The Rise of Kylo Ren #4 comic book, mind probe is revealed to be a version of "mind trick".

Mind probe is used through both the light and dark sides of the Force alike.

Taming beasts

Force-users can tame or telepathically connect with several different types of animals in order to control or communicate with them. However, this power can only be mastered by fully opening oneself to the Force and letting go of one's inhibitions. Animals such as Reeks, fyrnocks, purrgils, and tibidees are among the many animals Force-users can connect with.

Some animals such as krykna spiders, can not be controlled and remain dangerous to those who try to connect with them unless they are seen through the Force for what they are, rather than with fear and apprehension. Skilled Force-users such as Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus can understand the creatures they are connected with, and use the Force to communicate with them. Aligning with the dark side allows for a user to more forcefully bend such creatures to their will, as demonstrated by Darth Vader, who managed to communicate with and control large animals.

Taming beasts is used through both the light and dark sides of the Force alike.

Memory manipulation

A Force-user can alter or erase both the memories or learned skills of other individuals. This rare, advanced technique is known to a very select few, as only a few have the level of power or skill to achieve it.

This power is used through both the light and dark sides of the Force alike.

Induced sleep

Kylo Ren uses the Force to induce Rey to sleep, allowing him to abduct her.

Force-users can telepathically sedate other individuals. It allows a skilled or powerful Force-user to command a user to become tranquil, dazed, stunned or unable to act or feel. A Force-user can even induce sleep in a victim and cause the person to instantly collapse into unconsciousness.

This power requires focus, mental balance and discipline, with a Force-user also being mentally centered and calm. A Force-user can remove panic from a victim with a command, as well as physical contact or a hand gesture. Qui-Gon Jinn notably demonstrated this on Jar Jar Binks, causing him to nearly pass out after verbally compelling him to relax. Similarly, Mace Windu was able to cause the bounty hunter, Rako Hardeen, to fall asleep with a gesture and verbal suggestion. Kylo Ren demonstrated even further potency with the technique when he caused Rey to immediately fall unconscious with a wave of his hand, allowing him to abduct the girl, carrying her in his arms all the way towards his shuttle, with her only waking up sometime later inside the Finalizer's interrogation room.

This power is used through both the light and dark sides of the Force alike.

Force projection

Luke uses a Force projection to distract his nephew, Ben Solo.

A Force-user can create an illusion of himself/herself that can telepathically be transmitted over small or vast distances.

This power is described in the sacred Jedi texts, therefore Luke Skywalker probably learned about it while studying these books. Luke used this power to distract his nephew Ben Solo during the Battle of Crait. While still on Ahch-To, Luke projected himself and dueled Kylo Ren, long enough to allow the Resistance and Rey to escape. However, the effort to manifest such an illusion from such distance was proved to be too much for him to bear as it took a tremendous toll on his body, causing Luke to become one with the Force.

Force projection is used only through the light side of the Force.

Mind Link Powers

Force-users can be bonded by the Force, which creates a link between their minds and allows them to share a great variety of powers. Users that have a bond can have insight on each other's thoughts, feelings, knowledge, visions and more.


Rey and Ben Solo touching hands through the Force, as a result of their Force-bond.

Some Force-users can have their minds connected to each other through a psychic link that allows them to telepathically sense the other feelings and thoughts, besides being able to see, hear, and communicate across great distances by manifesting one's presence on the other's location. Bonded individuals are also subject of shared visions and hallucinations.

The bond can be created by the Force-users, but it may be formed between the individuals without any outside interference. A bond can be formed between a Jedi Master and a Padawan, but it can also be created and used by some dark side wielders to manipulate someone. Once a bond is formed between Force-users, it is extremely hard to be broken, even if it is unwanted. Some Force-users are also able to manipulate a bond that already exists, as Snoke did with Rey and Ben Solo's bond while trying to lure the young Jedi apprentice to a trap.

Because the Force-bond allows an emotional insight on the other Force-user, the bonded individuals can comprehend each other's inner thoughts and actions like nobody else. Rey and Ben Solo having access to the other's inner struggles, caused the understanding between the pair as they realized they had similar feelings of loneliness and abandonment. As result, the bond brought them closer together and they developed a strong emotional connection, with them sympathizing and eventually falling in love with each other.

A Force-bond can be formed between two light or dark side Force-users, or between a light and a dark side Force-user alike.

Force dyad

We are a dyad in the Force, Rey. Two that are one.
Kylo Ren to Rey[src]

Ben Solo and Rey, the dyad in the Force.

A Force dyad is a unique and very rare kind of bond in which the Force-users are two physically separated individuals, but they are actually one in the Force. As such, this bond formed by the Force allows them a much more powerful connection. The dyad is an unbreakable bond that is a power like life itself, connecting the two halves across space and time.

The Force dyad is present in Sith legends. The Rule of Two is said to be just a pale imitation of its predecessor, the Doctrine of the Dyad. According to legend, the two beings sharing this bond have access to great number of abilities, even skills which are beyond the grasp of the most powerful Force-users. Partners in a dyad are deeply connected, transcending their physical beings, and are believed to be capable of unlocking together a power with no limits. However, unlike other Force-bonds, Force-users are unable to create this unique connection through will. Palpatine sought the power of this connection for years and attempted to form a dyad with his apprentice, Anakin Skywalker, and before this, Darth Plagueis had tried to create a dyad with Sidious. However, both these attempts resulted in failure, only managing to create pale imitations of a real dyad.

The Force dyad is a bond not seen in generations, its return was prophesied in ancient times by the Sith Eternal and realized through the respective grandchildren of Darth Vader and Sheev Palpatine: Ben Solo and Rey. Thus, while Ben and Rey were born as separated beings, in the Force they are connected as two halves of the same, with the two of them being inextricably linked to each other's lifeline. The cause and nature of this connection are still a mystery. Rey was born when Ben was at the age of ten starting his training at his uncle's Jedi academy, and they both were gifted with a raw strength in the Force and a powerful family lineage. Because of the nature of their connection, they already have been referred as "soulmates" or "twins" in the Force.

After her awakening in the Force, Rey progressivily became stronger in the light side to match the strength of her counterpart who was in the dark side at the time, and the connection between them also grew stronger over time as the two of them became more powerful Force-users. After a while, besides being capable to communicate and sense the other thoughts and feelings, their bond started to make them experience Force connections, allowing them to see a manifestation of each other at the location they were in, regarless of the distance that they were separated. Despite this, during the Force connections, the users seem not to be able to see each other's surroundings, only the individual who they are connected to. Other Force-users might see one's partner in the dyad while the bond is manifesting the individual at the location during a connection. Luke Skywalker was able to see Ben Solo holding hands with Rey as if he was there sitting inside the hut with her. However, Luke was not able to see or sense his nephew in the island during the previous connections, showing that this was possible because the bond between Rey and Ben had grown stronger.

With Ben and Rey's bond progressivily becoming stronger, they started to be able even to physically interact despite being in separated locations. This was not possible initially as Rey attempts to fire on Kylo with a blaster during their very first Force connection, but fails. However, in the following connections, the dyad is shown to be so powerful that allows them to touch each other and transport matter through time and space. This is something that has never been seen with other kinds of Force-bonds and is demonstrated several times during their connections: when Kylo Ren's hand became wet with sea drops from Ahch-To, when they reached for each other and touched hands, when Kylo stole Rey's necklace on Pasaana, when they fought and hit their lightsabers at Vader's burned helmet on Kijimi, and when Rey gave the Skywalker lightsaber to Ben on Exegol.

This bond also allows one to assimilate the other's knowledge and powers, as Rey was able to learn some abilities and even assimilate some of Ben Solo's Jedi training after seeing inside his mind while he attempted to interrogate her using the mind probe. As result, she was able to apply what she learned from his mind to use her own newfound Force powers, as when she uses the mind trick to escape the interrogation room and when she pulls the Skywalker lightsaber from the snow just before fighting Kylo Ren for the first time.

The union of the two halves potentially holds an immeasurable power. The dyad allows the pair to mirror and amplify each other's powers, making them grow stronger while fighting together. It gives them a sense of oneness that is further reinforced by the bond which mentally links the pair, allowing the development of an emotional connection. Ben and Rey's bond was strengthened by various feelings as mutual searching, grief, rage, hate, empathy, compassion and love. Individuals in a dyad are able to use Force healing on themselves or on others, a rare Force power which Rey used on Ben Solo after their last duel, healing him completely of all his physical and psychological wounds, and helping to free him from the dark side influence.

Rey healing Ben in act of tenderness and unconditional love for him is what cemented their bond, making it much stronger than they had experienced before. As a consequence, when Ben Solo comes to her rescue on Exegol, Rey not only can see him as if he is next to her but she can also feel how much he changed after leaving the dark side as their thoughts become intertwined. This caused them to be empowered by the dyad, allowing them to duel in sync to defeat their enemies. During this, Rey warns Ben about an enemy coming to attack him from behind, indicating that she is then able see his surroundings or at least sense the danger around her partner in the dyad while they are fighting as one.

Ben revives Rey using Force healing, bringing his beloved soulmate back from the dead with the power of their dyad.

The dyad is so poweful to the point that Palpatine was able to fully restore his imperfect cloned body and then unleash a great amount of power in the form of Force lightning after stealing life-force from Ben and Rey, when the pair attempted to face him together. By using Force healing, the pair also can even revive the dead by transferring the life energy of the user to someone else. This was seen when Ben willing gives the remaining of his own life energy to resurrect Rey after she was killed confronting Palpatine. However, this resulted being lethal to him because he did not have much energy left after Emperor Palpatine drained both him and Rey of their life-force.

It is unknown exactly how the dyad is affected in case one of the halves dies. However, this kind of Force-bond is unbreakable and links the two halves across space and time, with their lives inextricably joined, so the bond continues to exist regardless of the plane of existence that the users are currently in. After Ben Solo sacrificed himself, Rey mourned for her lover and described the feeling of having half of her soul ripped from her. However, a few moments after he vanished, he communicates with her through the Force to assure that he still is and will always be there with her. Upon hearing his voice, Rey feels comforted and concludes that he is not truly gone. Afterwards, it is known that his mother ferried him to the realm beyond the living but, for some reason, he did not become one with the Force.[1]

The only known Force dyad is the one formed by the former dark side user Ben Solo and the light side user Rey.

Telekinetic Powers

Luke using Telekinesis.

Force-users can move or otherwise interact with objects or other individuals from a distance and without physical contact. Those who use this power can potentially manipulate even large starships in accordance with their mental strength and focus, which could be achieved by letting go of the distinction of the target's size, mass or weight, though this was difficult for most Force-users. The versatility, precision, accuracy, range, and strength of this power depended on a Force-user's own power and natural limits.

Telekinesis allowed a Force-user to apply great force on a target, usually used to lift, drag and press against small to medium-sized objects or mechanisms. This limitation may cause telekinesis to manifest as an extension of the user's own strength, meaning all the strength they have may be used to telekinetically affect matter. It may also limit Force-users to a short burst of strength, which amplified by will and awareness of a target, can cause great feats of telekinetic strength. For a sufficiently skilled or powerful practitioner, the size, number, or weight of the target did not matter, with some Force-users being able to manipulate large structures with this power. It is utilized through intense concentration when a practitioner began using it, but it became much easier with time, learning, and practice.

Particularly skilled practitioners of the ability were capable of affecting a target without being physically near them, though they were still required to know the target's location relative to themselves. This allowed a user to affect a target from another room or even another planet, viewing the target only through a video screen or a hologram. With enough focus or simply enough natural skill or power, this ability could allow a target to affect more than one target at a time, such as causing multiple objects to levitate.

The effect will always wear off eventually, much like the exhaust of stamina or endurance, and the user may be limited on how many times it can be used or how many targets it can be used on. As the target is influenced by mental effort and physical senses, a Force-user may be naturally unable to focus upon multiple targets for long periods and may be unable to manipulate a target when out of their line of sight, or being unable to hear or otherwise have awareness of the targets presence or position in relation to themselves. A Force-user is able to reach out and essentially lock onto a target through sheer concentration, picturing it in their mind if it was obscured or obstructed.

But in doing so, they are left unable to perform other tasks in the meantime, including moving in most cases, as they are forced to divert much of their concentration and effort on that specific task, which could leave them vulnerable in dangerous scenarios such as open combat, lest they be interrupted and lose their hold on their target.

The power can cause physical and mental stress and exhaustion, especially when using it on objects that are larger or heavier than the user or that have greater amounts of force already being exerted on it, such as falling objects or moving vehicles. The telekinetic abilities of the user could be enhanced by intense emotions such as anger or fear, which lessened the effort of maintaining a hold on a targeted object or allowing a user to apply abnormally precise or extreme amounts of force beyond their limit.

Common and basic uses are summoning or repelling small objects, cease the mobility of a moving object, causing objects to fly or float in the air, slow a fall from an otherwise dangerous height, and manipulating certain mechanisms (such as a door) without touching them. However, those who are stronger or more skilled with the power, naturally possess greater levels of precision and accuracy with their power, allowing them to perform more delicate and complex tasks. This allowed for manipulating inner workings and controls of objects, telekinetically use controlling internal mechanisms, such as a power source, as well as other technological systems, including lightsaber controls, allowing for a user to keep the blade active without touching it.

The power holds many combative applications, both offensive and defensive, allowing a Force-user to violently manipulate a target and to attack opponents from a distance, though other Force-users can potentially resist telekinetic attacks through their own power by actively using the Force to protect against such attacks. If opposing Force-users are able to match the other's skill and power in the Force, they are more likely to defend against the other's powers, which would force them to rely other means of attack, especially close-quarter combat or by weaponizing the environment, such as by launching objects at an opponent. Overwhelming an opponent's defenses during battle can allow a Force-user a chance to strike using telekinesis, either to repel them or if the opponent is weak enough, to restrain or otherwise incapacitate them.

During meditation, which drew forth a stronger and more direct connection with the Force, the enhanced state of consciousness could sometimes inadvertently affect one's surroundings, usually by causing surrounding objects, or even the practitioner themselves to levitate. In fact, some practitioners were so skilled and powerful that they could consciously resist gravity, inertia, friction, and other physical forces to enhance their mobility, notably allowing them to slow their falls. It was still difficult for a user to sustain levitation on themselves or resist natural forces around them, especially for extended periods of time without being in a meditative state, which amplified their concentration and focus.

Telekinesis is used through both the light and dark sides of the Force alike.

Force push

Dooku uses the Force to telekinetically push Obi-Wan away.

Force-users can create a wave of physical force to send there opponents flying through the air, causing them serious injury or temporarily incapacitating them/knocked them unconscious, depending on how much power is unleashed. It is used for offensive or defensive purposes.

Force push is used through both the light and dark sides of the Force alike.

Force pull

Rey and Kylo Ren use the Force to pull the Skywalker lightsaber.

Force-users can telekinetically pull objects or other individuals towards them. When more than one Force-user attempt to pull the same object, it may go to one of them depending on the circumstances, which may be by chance, skill, strength, or other advantages of the users. If the users are able to have a tug war, the object might be destroyed.

When Kylo attempts to use the Force to pull his grandfather's lightsaber from the snow on Starkiller Base, Rey is able to pull it to her, making it fly pass him into her hand, because the saber has been calling for her in that occasion. However, when the duo attempts to pull the same lightsaber simultaneously on the Supremacy, they both have to struggle to gain its possession, which results in the weapon being split in half.

Force Pull is used through both the light and dark sides of the Force alike.

Force Crush

Force-users can telekinetically crush objects, droids, or other individuals.

Force Crush is used through both the light and dark sides of the Force alike.

Force Throw

Force-users can telekinetically cause objects or other individuals to be hurled toward a target at an astounding velocity. Skilled Force-users can throw multiple, large objects simultaneously at great speed.

Force Throw is used through both the light and dark sides of the Force alike.

Saber Throw

Force-users can telekinetically guide the lightsaber towards their opponents similar to a boomerang or shuriken. It can also return the lightsaber back to the hand of the Force-user.

Saber Throw is a version of "Force Throw" and it is used for offensive or defensive purposes.

Saber Throw is used through both the light and dark sides of the Force alike.

Force levitation

Rey using the Force to levitate herself.

Force-users can telekinetically levitate themselves or slow down their fall to the ground. This is demonstrated when Rey is using the Force to levitate herself while she is meditating and trying to contact the Jedi of the past. Supreme Leader Snoke also taught Kylo Ren how to use this power to avoid to fall to his death by halting the motion of his own body in the middle of a fall and hovering above the jagged rocks of a pit.

This power is used through both the light and dark sides of the Force alike.

Force Stasis

Kylo Ren using Force Stasis to freeze a blaster bolt.

Force-users can forcibly restrain and immobilize individuals or to halt objects headed in the Force-user's direction. This power allowed the Force-user to cancel out the motion of a target to not only reduce its speed, but even suspend it in place. It is used for defensive purposes.

This power was demonstrated by Kylo Ren when he stopped Poe Dameron's blaster bolt in the air and continued to hold it even after he started to dialogue with the pilot, and when he froze Rey to stop her from shooting at him during the Battle of Takodana. On Starkiller Base, Kylo Ren used the Force Stasis along with a Force barrier to protect himself and prevent Chewbacca's bowcaster bolt from mortally wound him after the Wookiee shot him for killing Han Solo. During the duel atop the ruins of the Death Star II, Kylo and Rey used this power to stop the motion of each other's lightsabers.

Force Stasis is used through both the light and dark sides of the Force alike.

Force repel

Force-users can unleash a wave of telekinetically-derived force to knock back and repel anything within the power's blast radius or push multiple opponents simultaneously, which is similar to "Force push" but has a much more powerful result. Luke used this power to destroy one hut at the Temple island on Ahch-To after seeing Rey holding hands with Kylo Ren.

This power is used through both the light and dark sides of the Force alike.

Force barrier

Force-users can create a barrier or wall of Force energy in front of or surrounding themselves or his/her allies.

While most Force-users can protect themselves telekinetically from falling debris, oceanic pressure and explosions of fire or shock-waves, other Force-users can use a barrier of Force energy to hold back an explosion, therefore it is used for defensive purposes. This was demonstrated when Kanan Jarrus used the Force to create a barrier and hold back an explosion in order to save his friends just before his death. On Starkiller Base, Kylo Ren used a type of Force barrier combined with the Force Stasis to protect himself and prevent Chewbacca's bowcaster bolt from mortally wound him after the Wookiee shot him for killing Han Solo.

Force barrier is used through both the light and dark sides of the Force alike.

Force Orb

Force-users can create a ball of air underwater, either directing it to their opponents as an attack or surrounding an individual's head who cannot breathe underwater. It is used for offensive or defensive purposes.

Force Orb is used through both the light and dark sides of the Force alike.

Force grip

Force-users can telekinetically grip the target to either restrain or immobilize them, lift and hold them suspended in the air, forcibly control their movements or at a high enough degree, apply a damaging amount of pressure that has the potential to crush bones and organs.

Force grip is used through both the light and dark sides of the Force alike.

Force choke

Be careful not to choke on your aspirations, Director.
Darth Vader Force choking Director Krennic[src]

Darth Vader using Force choke.

Force-users can telekinetically grip, squeeze, or crush the neck and choke, or strangle the victim with the Force, rendering them unable to act. Depending on the degree of power applied, the effects of a Force choke would result in either death, unconsciousness or simply leave the individual gasping but still conscious.

A Force-user did not need to squeeze or crush the neck or throat to do this, as they could simply restrict or block air ways and therefore restrict, disrupt, or even cease the victims breathing and speech, as well as quickly exhausting the victims remaining air, thereby suffocating them.

On rare occasions, a Force-user's telekinetic grip can be used to inflict fatal damage to a victim after releasing them or be aimed to break the neck of the victim by bending, twisting, or crushing it with enough force. Sometimes, the individual would be lifted off the ground by the neck, which can allow a user to more effectively restrain their target, as well as open said target up for another telekinetic attack.

Therefore, once suspending a target in a Force Grip, a Force-user is able to easily throw them great distances, slam them into a surface or at another target or even pull them towards a Force-user for a close-range attack. Using this ability is usually accompanied by loud rumbling like thunder.

The power is generally used at close range, but in rare instances, the target could be grasped through the Force at a greater distance if they are seen through a viewscreen or hologram. Particularly skilled practitioners of the ability were capable of attacking victims with the ability without being physically near them, though they were still required to know where their victim was in relation to themselves. This allowed a Force-user to affect a victim from another room or even another planet, viewing the target only through a viewscreen or a hologram.

It commonly required great amounts of concentration and mental effort to maintain hold of their victim, especially from a great distance. However, the effort of maintaining the ability could be lessened through the use of dark, negative, or aggressive emotions, which allowed a Force-user to not even have to look at a target that was near them to hold them with the choke. Additionally, more powerful and skilled Force-users tended to be able to have hold of multiple targets at once, though usually up to two or three.

Force choke is a version, and sometimes also a synonymous, of "Force grip".

Force choke is used only through the dark side of the Force.

Force deflection

Vader using Force deflection to block Han Solo's blaster bolts.

Force-users can telekinetically redirect incoming attacks such as blaster bolts or Force lightning, without their lightsabers, and it is used for defensive purposes.

However, it is very difficult for most Force-users to telekinetically redirect incoming attacks without their lightsabers.

Force deflection is used through both the light and dark sides of the Force alike.

Supernatural Powers

Energy absorption

Force-users can dissipate concentrated energy such as blaster bolts, Force lightning or lightsaber blades with their bare hands, as it is used for defensive purposes. However, it is very difficult for most Force-users to master this power.

This power is used through both the light and dark sides of the Force alike.

Sever Force

A Force-user can cut off his/her connection to the Force, as other Force-users cannot sense their presence, even when they utilized other Force powers. According to Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, it is far more difficult to block out the Force than learning how to feel it, as it took him years to master Sever Force.

Sever Force is used through both the light and dark sides of the Force alike.

Force valor

Force-users can temporarily push past physical limitations and renew their morale, stamina, accuracy and overall battle prowess through sheer concentration and willpower.

Force valor is used only through the light side of the Force.

Focused rage

Force-users can channel their anger to amplify their own strength, durability, endurance, speed, ferocity, aggression and potency of their combat prowess/attacks. Darth Vader and Kylo Ren are notable users of this power.

Focused rage is used only through the dark side of the Force.

Transport matter

Ben Solo gets his grandfather's lightsaber from Rey through their dyad connection.

Force-users that form a Force dyad can physically interact during Force connections and even instantly transport or receive matter through time and space during the connections. This was demonstrated several times during Rey and Ben Solo's connections: when his hand became wet with sea drops from Ahch-To, when they reached for each other and touched hands, when he stole her necklace on Pasaana, when they fought and hit their lightsabers at Vader's burned helmet on Kijimi, and when she gave the Skywalker lightsaber to him on Exegol so he could defeat the Knights of Ren.

This power possessed by the dyad, is used both through the light and dark sides of the Force.

Force healing

Rey using the Force to transfer her own energy to Ben Solo in order to heal his injuries and save his life.

Force-users can heal themselves or other individuals from physical injuries at the cost of the Force-users' own life-force. This is a rare Force power, in the case of Rey and Ben Solo, they were able to use it because this is a power that individuals in a dyad possess.

Rey first learned about this power when she was reading one of the sacred Jedi texts that she took from the tree library. Using the descriptions of the book, she used the fundamentals of this ability to heal the broken kyber crystal of the Skywalker lightsaber. She also used this power to heal a vexis snake on Pasaana, and later a gravely wounded Ben Solo on the ruins of the second Death Star. In this last case, as Ben was fatally injured, Rey had to give a large amount of her own life-force energy to heal him, but she willing did so in order to save his life. By doing this, she was able to heal him completely, from all his physical injuries including the old wounds as the scar she gave him during their duel on Starkiller Base, and also clear his mind and free him from the dark side influence. Healing Ben left Rey in a state of exhaustion that persisted for a long time after the act, but her act of unconditional love for him also causes their dyad connection to be cemented, becoming stronger than ever before.

Afterwards, using this power, Ben Solo was also able to return the favor to Rey by transferring back into her all the life-force energy she had given to him before to bring her back from death, after she was killed confronting her paternal grandfather, Sheev Palpatine. However, because he was in an extremely weakened state, it resulted being lethal to him. Having drained himself to revive his lover, exchanging his own life for hers, he vanished into the Force shortly after.

A Force-user can also drain and transfer his\her life-force energy from an individual to heal another individual, reviving the person from death. On Mortis, Anakin Skywalker used a variation of this power, when he drained the life energy from the Daughter and transferred it to Ahsoka Tano, healing and bringing Ahsoka back to life.

Force healing is used only through the light side of the Force.

Force drain

Sheev Palpatine using Force drain to absorb the life-force energy of Ben and Rey.

A Force-user can absorb life-force energy from other individuals to restore vitality and regenerate his\her own damaged body. This was demonstrated by Sheev Palpatine when he drained both Ben Solo and his granddaughter Rey, of the life-force energy of their Force dyad to regenerate and physically restored his almost imperfect naturally degenerated clone body completely back to life.

A Force-user can also drain and transfer his\her life-force energy from an individual to revive another individual from death. On Mortis, Anakin Skywalker used a variation of this power to drain the life energy from the Daughter and transfer it to Ahsoka Tano, healing and bringing Ahsoka back to life.

Force drain is used through both the light and dark sides of the Force alike.

Transfer essence

An even more rare and ancient technique known only to few who practiced the dark side was the ability to transfer more than just their essence, but their very consciousness into a target, whether it be a living being, an object, or even a small area, but usually those that are themselves already filled with the dark side of the Force. The spirit of the dark sider would therefore be able to cling to the physical universe while possessing or haunting a suitable receptacle. In this manner, Sheev Palpatine was able to survive his physical death on the Second Death Star, as his spirit would then travel through space, until it reached Exegol and began inhabiting his imperfect clone body. His attempts to return to power would lead to the creation of Rey, whom he tried to turn to the dark side in order to be able to inhabit her body.

Meanwhile, the Sith Lord Darth Momin would incidentally imprint his essence into his helmet at the moment of his death due to the destruction of his superweapon. When activated, this cursed artifact able to telepathically communicate and transmit thoughts and memories from Momin's past, as well as influencing and controlling weaker willed beings that were close to and left alone with it, emitting a hypnotizing red light from its eyes. Upon manipulating its victims to physically wear the mask, it allowed the consciousness of Momin to possess their bodies. He would utilize this ability to work with Darth Vader and create a portal into a dimension connected to the pure dark side of the Force, with which he managed to physically manifest his original body and join with it, resurrecting himself.

Before the end of the Clone Wars, Jedi Grand Master Yoda would encounter an apparition of the long deceased Darth Bane that had been lying dormant inside of the ancient's Sith's sarcophagus. When the spectral image attempted to tempt Yoda into being his apprentice in exchange for the secrets of defeating the Sith in his time and becoming immortal, Yoda rejected the spirit as an illusion created by the dark side of the Force to mislead him on his path and that had nothing to offer, which resulted in the image being banished.

Transfer essence is used only through the dark side of the Force.

Force lightning

Palpatine using Force lightning.

Force-users can generate and project bright blue or purple electricity from both their hands or fingers. With its purely degenerative nature, the electricity could shock, deform, and otherwise severely harm the victim, with the potentially of fatally wound them. The amount of intensity and force from the electricity could be determined by the user, who could use it to cause agonizing pain to the victim. It could simply be used to stun or knock out a target, as well as physically repel them in the same manner as Force push, all the while delivering an incapacitating shock to the target.

Skilled or powerful Force-users can deflect, absorb, dissipate, or redirect the electricity with physical contact, such as catching it with their hands. Lightsabers can also be utilized to deflect Force lightning and suffered no ill effects to their inner workings from deflecting it. Force-users who are sufficiently skilled in controlling their lightning's power can demonstrate greater feats with it, such as channeling it into surfaces as a wave of energy or causing it to ricochet off surfaces and people. Ancient Sith could employ Force lightning as part of dark side rituals.

Sheev Palpatine unleashes a great amount of power in the form of Force lightning after absorbing the energy of Ben and Rey's dyad.

A noticeable user of Force lightning is Palpatine. The Sith Lord is often seen using this power to torture and kill his victims. After absorbing the power of Ben and Rey's Force dyad, he obtained a power so immense that allowed him to continuously unleash a great amount of Force lightning, which he aimed towards the battle happening at Exegol's atmosphere. This power that he gained stealing the energy of the dyad was so strong that he was able to hit and take down numerous Resistance ships while they were fighting the Sith Eternal fleet during the Battle of Exegol.

Force lightning is used only through the dark side of the Force.

Weather control

Yoda's Force spirit summons a lightning bolt that destroys the tree library.

Force-users can affect the weather and cause an atmospheric effect with conscious effort. This phenomenon took the form of powerful and localized lightning storms from the sky, strong enough to cause considerable destruction.

The Force spirit of Jedi Grand Master Yoda only summoning a single lightning bolt from the sky to strike the tree library on Ahch-To through concentrating and a gesture. The Bendu, an entity that seemingly represented balance within the Force itself, was able to surround himself in storm clouds, with which he nearly decimated an Imperial army. Likewise, the lightning storm that destroyed Luke Skywalker's Jedi Temple and killed all the students inside may have been summoned by a Force-user or may have been caused by a natural meteorological event.

This power is used through both the light and dark sides of the Force alike.

Force spirit

Luke Skywalker as a Force spirit.

Certain Force-users are able to transcend physical death and preserve their identity through the Force. This allows them to become one with the Force when they die. Clothing usually does not dissipate along with the Force-users when they become spirits.

Upon dying, the soul of every living being goes to another realm of existence in the afterlife, called the Netherworld of the Force. However, with the proper training, the Jedi are able to appear in the realm of the living as Force spirits. Force spirits can be seen and heard by living Force-users, in case the spirits choose to manifest themselves. It is unknown if living non-Force-sensitive individuals can also see and hear them as well.

However, if a Force-user dies before completing the training regarding becoming a Force spirit, the user will only be able to speak to the living, not being able to show himself/herself like most other Force spirits. This was demonstrated by Qui-Gon Jinn, who died at the hands of Maul before he could complete his training with the Force Priestesses.

Despite the fact that Force spirits do not have corporeal forms, they are still able to physically interact with living beings and objects. This was demonstrated when Yoda summoned a lightning bolt to destroy the tree library on Ahch-To and was also able to physically interact with Luke Skywalker while scolding him. Later, Luke is also able to grab the lightsaber that Rey attempts to throw at the fire that is burning Kylo Ren's TIE whisper.

This Force power is used only through the light side of the Force.

Physical Attributes

Advanced Vitality

Force-users of any age can enhance their natural stamina, endurance, mobility, strength, and overall physical capabilities throughout their lives by using the Force, to the point where most users possess advanced athletic and acrobatic abilities, even while disabled or elderly. These abilities remain potent with little or no physical maintaining, as they come from their concentration on the Force.

This makes them able to physically exert themselves for extended periods of time, though they can eventually become exhausted from the effort and need rest and sustenance. As previously stated, skilled and powerful users can possess unnatural vitality and physical abilities even in old age or while being severely crippled or otherwise, disabled. Not even the degenerative power of Force lightning can weaken this vitality.

While physical augmentation through the Force is a mostly passive ability, its potency is strengthened by directly focusing on channeling the Force through one's body. However, it is not possible to maintain the effect indefinitely, nor can a Force-user permanently transcend their natural physical limitations. For most users, age and physical condition can hinder the potency of their ability to physically enhance themselves with the Force. Additionally, Force-user’s with natural physical disabilities tend to become far more dependent on the Force to maintain their enhanced physical performance, making their concentration on their augmentations vital to their effectiveness in dangerous situations like battle, lest they begin to tire and weaken.

Advanced Strength

The ability for the user to generate far greater force through physical contact and exertion. Force-users can use this, and even combine it with telekinesis, to jump several feet in the air, as in a Force jump and to not be affected by a fall from an otherwise dangerous height or at great velocity. These abilities remain potent with little or no physical maintaining.

Using telekinesis, a Force-user can reduce or enhance their own momentum and motion, therefore, exert greater force. They can also use it to some extent in their attacks to enhance their striking force, to the point were a skilled and powerful user could harness their power to strike or kick a target and send them flying backwards without much physical exertion.

A skilled and powerful Force-user can resist weight to some extent, and can lift objects and other individuals several times their own weight with ease. In addition, many skilled and powerful Force-users can exert themselves for longer periods than normal while not being truly strained by effort. Intense, uncontrolled, and aggressive feelings such as distress, pain, anger, hatred, frustration, and rage can enhance physical and telekinetic strength as well as performance. These feelings are mostly used by dark side Force-users and at the cost of awareness, reaction time, mental strength, and analytical thinking capabilities. As the Force-user is overwhelmed by his/her intense and uncontrolled feelings, the user is unable to think clearly, resulting in overall poor judgment, especially in combat.

Force jump

Obi-Wan uses the Force to jump several feet off the ground.

Force-users can leap or jump at great distances, as they can jump several feet off the ground. The Force additionally allows them to temporality augment their agility, dexterity, and balance, beyond their natural limits through conscious effort. As such, some Force-users are able to perform acrobatic and gymnastic feats with ease.

Force jump is used through both the light and dark sides of the Force alike.

Force Dash

Force-users can move and react at amazing blur-like speeds. Most Force-users can move so fast that they are able to kill their opponents before they can react in time. Alternatively, in conjunction with their extrasensory perception, their augmented reflexes can potentially allow them to respond to threats in advance.

Force Dash is used through both the light and dark sides of the Force alike.

Advanced Endurance

Vader after suffering through his extreme burns is still clinging to life.

Various Force-users possess notable stamina, endurance, durability, and overall survivability to varying degrees. Physically, a skilled and powerful user is less vulnerable to physical damage and has a slightly greater resistance and tolerance to injury, stress, pain, sickness, exposure, lack of air, or otherwise, harmful trauma, temperatures, exposure to harmful environments, or toxic substances, all the while still functioning normally and slightly undeterred.

They could withstand and survive with the effects of such trauma, unsafe environments, and abstinence for longer periods and with less recovery. They can withstand physical and mental pain and trauma, and can even resist its effects if they are strong or skilled enough in the Force. A skilled user can still fight and act as if uninjured, despite great pain. Since dark side users are empowered by strong and negative emotion, feelings of pain can actually make them stronger, both physically and telekinetically for a time, though it can also make them fight with less thought and make them vulnerable to more skilled users. In most extreme cases, users are able to survive for days or longer in isolation without sleep, shelter, food, or water by relying on the Force alone.

A user was even able to influence the amount of air their body needed and survive without it for extended periods of time. Furthermore, a user could potentially use their resilience to withstand the vacuum of space and a complete lack of atmosphere for a limited time with little to no after affects. Despite this, a Force-user could not become truly invulnerable or indestructible through the Force and a user could still be limited by their age and physical condition. As augmentation of one's own physical condition beyond their physical limits is temporary, users with natural physical weaknesses and disabilities are more vulnerable to harm and can be more prone to exhaustion, fatigue, and strain.


  • In the Gargoyles episode "Her Brother's Keeper", Brooklyn says to Lexington "use the force, Lexington".
  • Both the light and dark sides of the Force are technically neutral.
  • Falling to the dark side; is a term that refers to individuals who have become evil.
  • Returning to the light side; is a term that refers to individuals who have become good again.
  • In the Darkwing Duck episode Twin Beaks, Launchpad McQuack is practicing having psychic powers, which Darkwing Duck mockingly refers to as "the farce".


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