"The Forgotten Droid" is the thirty-fourth episode of the Disney XD animated series, Star Wars Rebels. It premiered on March 16, 2016, and is the seventeenth episode of the second season.


The Rebels have found a suitable location for a base in the Yawst system, where there is no sign of the Empire. They have also found a small habitable moon that will provide everything the Rebellion needs. Commander Sato finds this promising but points out that Yawst is several parsecs away and their carrier does not have enough fuel to make the journey. Following on Sabine’s Intel, the Ghost crew head for the Horizon Base where they will steal an Imperial fuel shipment.

Chopper trying to buy a new leg.

Upon arrival, Chopper is left guarding the ship while the Rebels carry out the mission. Just then, Chopper catches sight of a droid leg in the market, one that matches his right leg. Chopper wants it, and despite being instructed to stay with the ship he flies to the market store and immediately asks the Ugnaught salesmen for the leg. All while the Rebels carry out their mission, Chopper becomes so distracting in trying to buy the leg that he fails to notice his fallow Rebels escaping from Imperial forces without him. Chopper fails to get the leg and the salesman shoo him off and attends to another customer. But while he is not looking, Chopper swipes the leg before realizing that his fellow Rebels have left him behind. Then the salesman catches him with the leg and Chopper makes a run for it. Soon three Stormtroopers chase after him, after he is reported by the salesman. Chopper races through the market until he finally makes it aboard a huge imperial freighter, which soon takes off. With Stormtroopers on the lookout for stowaways, Chopper goes off to hide. However, a protocol droid known as AP-5 is on to him after noticing the door he left opened. Chopper keeps moving and hiding as the droid searches the room. Chopper manages to stay out of site, but AP-5 eventually catches him after he tries to flee. Chopper tries to convince AP-5 that he is one of the Imperial droids on board but the droid is not fooled and easily deduces that he is part of the Rebellion. Stealing back his stolen leg after AP-5 swipes it from him, Chopper makes a run for it with AP-5 in slow pursuit.

Chopper makes it the cargo bay with AP-5 still behind them, continuously doubting his chances of escape. He pretty soon becomes an annoyance to Chopper, and when he insults him he threatens to electrocute AP-5 with his spark projector. This quiets AP-5 but leaves him curious, because Chopper’s spark projector is a military model. Chopper reveals to AP-5 that he was one of the droids who took part in the Ryloth campaign during the Clone Wars. During battle, his Y-Wing was shot down and was left for scrap until Hera found him and fixed him. AP-5 reveals that he too was part of the Ryloth campaign where he served as a military analyst on a Republic warship. He was the best navigator in his class, but after the Empire took over he was resigned to inventory duty. While AP-5 says he does not mind it or the disrespect he commonly gets from his supervisors, Chopper does not believe him. He can see that the droid is not happy with his line of work, and encourages him to choose for himself just like he does. Just then, AP-5 receives a call from his superior who demands a report. He also demands a report of any stowaways, and despite being loyal to his duty he lies to his superior. In gratitude for not giving him away, Chopper shoots off his restraining bolt.

Going through Chopper’s plan to lure the crew into the cargo hold, the two droids come across the captain. Just as he reports Chopper to security, he fights off the captain and knocks him out after electrocuting him. Then after carrying the unconscious captain into a nearby room, Chopper proceeds with his plan. He races around the ship catching the attention of every Stormtrooper on board. They chase him back to the cargo hold, and as they try to surround him Chopper heads back the way he came. He narrowly makes it back after he gets shot down, but AP-5 helps drag him to safety. The droids now have all the troopers trapped in the cargo hold. After jettisoning the cargo and the troopers, Chopper and AP-5 head for the bridge.

Chopper and AP-5 learn of the Empire's trap for the Rebels.

Meanwhile, the Rebels are on their way back to the Rebel fleet with the fuel for the carrier. While they are aware of leaving Chopper behind they remain focused on getting the fuel to the carrier. But upon arriving, they discover the fleet is under attack by Imperial forces. The Imperials catch sight of the Ghost and Admiral Konstantine orders their fighters to attack. Although out gunned, Ketsu Onyo gives them cover as they attempt to dock with the carrier. More TIEs come in, and with no time to make a safe landing, Hera pilots the Ghost aboard the carrier at full speed and manages to skid to a full stop. Soon after landing, the Rebels unload the fuel and immediately begin refuelling the carrier. Just then Hera receives communication from Chopper, who has taken control of the ship he is on with his new friend AP-5 at the helm. Hera and the Rebels also learn from AB-5 that the Yawst system is not safe for the Rebellion. It turns out an Imperial fleet has been dispatched to that system and is waiting for the Rebellion. The Rebels now need to quickly find a safer location and AP-5 has a few suggestions. But just before he can transmit the coordinates, the captain of the freighter shows up with a blaster. AB-5 turns against his superior and Chopper fight him off. AP-5 has isolated a safe system for the Rebel fleet, but just as he begins transmitting the coordinates, he is shot twice in the back by the captain, only to be stopped by Chopper. The Rebels receive the coordinates and the fleet escapes to hyperspace.

After re-joining the fleet and reaching safe haven, AP-5 is fixed after Sabine replaced his damaged thermal sensors with the one from the leg Chopper stole. Although AP-5 is thankful for what Chopper did for him, he still however displays disrespect for doing such a thing. Pretty soon an argument between the two droids breaks out, to which Kanan, Ezra, and Zeb give them weird looks. 



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  • Ketsu Onyo makes her second appearance in this episode, followed by her debut in "Blood Sisters".
  • The Imperial carrier that was stolen in "Homecoming" had some cosmetic changes to it including orange markings, yellow decals, and Sabine's Starbird symbol on the starboard side of the bridge.
  • This is Admiral Konstantine's final appearance in the second season.

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