The General is a character from the short film The Vanishing Private.

Role in the film

He drives up to see Pete's antics, including jumping around a tree while singing "Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush" and throwing flowers. This convinces the General that he is acting crazy, especially after Pete asks the General "Did you see a little guy that you can't see?", and the invisible Donald puts a cactus down Pete's pants, making Pete jump around like a madman. 

The General wonders what is up with Pete. He sees that Pete is at Wit's end scaring The General out of his wits when Pete runs towards him. The frightened General hides behind a nearby power pole. The General tries to reassure Pete and stop his continuous blowing up, but when Donald pokes Pete in the rear with the General's sword, the startled sergeant jumps into the air and onto the General releasing all of the grenades that land on Pete and the General, injuring them in the explosion. It is unknown where the general had gone.


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