Splendora Agatha Cromwell (Sara Paxton) wearing the Gift in Return to Halloweentown

The Gift is a magical jewel in Return to Halloweentown. It was created by three Cromwells so only three Cromwells can destroy it. It had been handed down to many Cromwells, even Splendora (Agatha Cromwell), and she knows the Dominion want to use her with the gift, for its powers to have all of Halloweentown into the Gift's user's slaves and Agatha didn't want that for the Cromwell's magic is to be used for good. In the end Marnie, Dylan, and Gwen make everyone believe they destroyed the gift when it in facts goes to Dylan hidden inside one of his textbooks.


The user who possesses the Gift has the power to control people's minds and hearts.

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