"The Gift 2: The Giftening" is an episode of Wander Over Yonder.


When mysterious gifts begin appearing on Lord Hater's ship due to the courtesy of Wander, the Watchdogs end up turning into happy, gift-loving zombies. Lord Hater has to avoid the gift spree and find a way to escape before he ends up becoming zombified as well.


The episode begins with a pair of Watchdogs piloting Lord Hater's ship, and accidentally running the thunder-like thing on top through the floor of another ship. They decide to move backward and leave, but then crash with another, bigger spaceship.

It's then revealed that this is Lord Hater showing an audience about the recent mistakes made by the two watchdogs. He then continues to the next mistakes, which include: crashing into a dead-end and allowing the guy they were chasing to flee, let a wizard and two robots continue on their path, failing to destroy a planet with two lasers, and one of them putting a Wander picture on their wall. Once the lights turn on, it turns out that the only Watchdog in the room is Commander Peepers, who says that the Watchdogs went to the wrong conference room.

Lord Hater, furious, punishes most of them until he sees one of them staring at a wall. After unsuccessfully trying to get his attention, Peepers turns him around to reveal his single eye has turned heart-shaped and he's holding a gift box. After the sight, the Watchdog is taking into a quarantine room and Peepers investigates him, soon discovering a shocking reveal: he's happy.

Lord Hater and Peepers watch some security camera footage to see, but it's far too fast for them to see who it is. When slowed down, Wander is revealed to be the one delivering the gifts, so Peepers assembles a team with Teddy and Pete to go catch him. 

However, the two get their gifts and Wander then tries to give Peepers his gift, only for the Watchdog to run for help. Peepers is caught and Wander, seeing that Lord Hater is the only one without a gift, gets out a gift. Hater promptly screams shortly afterward and shuts the door.

Hater soon finds Sylvia in the room with him, and he goes to a small escape pod shaped like a miniature version of his ship. For every planet he goes to, Wander and Sylvia are already there to deliver his gift. He finally arrives on an ice planet and hides inside a cottage. He soon attacks a snowflake when he believes Wander and Sylvia are there, but he soon calms down and sees what it is.

After a short while, Wander and Sylvia burst through the chimney and are ready to give Lord Hater his gift. However, the Watchdogs, now back to normal, arrive and tie the duo up while they secure Lord Hater, giving him a blanket and some hot cocoa. They explain that they were overjoyed about getting their gifts and that it was the least they could do. Lord Hater compliments them shortly afterward.

However, he sees a gift on the floor and walks to it, opening and finding a note from Wander saying "You're Welcome. ♥ Wander" inside. Lord Hater screams "NOOOOOO!!" as Wander and Sylvia leave the planet, ending the episode.



  • This episode was listed as "The Gift II: the Giftening" on TV Guides when it aired by itself or with "The Void". This was fixed after "The Gift" premiered.
  • At various points in the episode, one of Peepers's legs has a blue outline instead of a black one.
  • Right before Lord Hater screams no, the pink blanket he was covered with is suddenly gone.
  • On the monitor showing the security footage of Wander giving a gift to the third Watchdog, he runs around the Watchdog, but when played in slow motion, he runs up to the Watchdog.
  • In this episode and "The Gift", the Watchdogs give Lord Hater a pink blanket and a hot chocolate to calm him down about Wander and Sylvia. He later uses this blanket in "The Funk", suggesting the latter comes after this episode. However, early in "The Gift", the Mooplexians are seen getting a gift, suggesting "The Funk" comes before this episode, creating a plot hole. However, it could be that Hater owned the blanket beforehand, and it his is "comfort blanket", seeing how he uses it in this episode and "The Funk".


  • The episode is played from Wander's perspective in the prequel "The Gift", though this episode comes after it in production order. In other words, this episode takes place at the same time as "The Gift", but from Lord Hater's point of view.
  • The title is a pun on The Shining.
  • During the montage of the various failures of two Watchdogs, one of them is how they allowed a wizard and two robots to continue on their path. This is a reference to Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope when, surrounded by Sandtroopers, Obi-Wan uses the Jedi mind trick so they let them go. The robots in question also look like C-3PO and R2-D2.
  • The scene where Lord Hater throws his wrath on the watchdogs for their stupidity is similar to the scene in Sleeping Beauty where Maleficent throws her wrath on her minions for their stupidity on finding Aurora.



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