"The Gifted" is the second segment in the forty-first episode of Big City Greens


Tilly and Cricket battle to see if Bill lies about liking their Father’s Day gifts.


Tilly is making a "Potato Papa", a popsicle stick and potato eyed replica of Bill's head for Father's Day. Realizing that he forgot to get his father a gift, Cricket hastily makes "Cricket Coupons", which he apparently makes every year, which simply consist of freebies for him to do chores, adding that Bill never uses them. Tilly cannot understand why Cricket would be so careless with his gift, but the two present them to Bill anyway. Bill is overly enthusiastic not just with Tilly's art gift, but also Cricket's lazily made coupons. Tilly begins to suspect that Bill does not actually like their gifts and accepts them so as not to hurt their feelings while Cricket thinks that Bill just likes everything. The two decide to test him out by making intentionally terrible gifts.

Gramma Alice steps out of the house and heads to Wholesome Foods to get Bill a Father's Day card. After going through a whole aisle, she picks one at random, only to realize that it was a "sorry for your loss" card, but decides to use it anyway. Cricket and Tilly make a sweater using unwashed kitchen towels and string. After giving it to Bill, he happily takes it; shocking the two. They follow it up by giving him a box full of spiders and ask him to kiss one of them. Bill finally snaps and reveals that he hates it. When Tilly explains that it was a test, Bill relaxes. When he believes that the potato papa was horrible on purpose, Tilly is shocked and goes to her room.

Cricket begins to gloat over Tilly's misery, but realizes that she is catatonic. She resolves to destroy all of the gifts she has given Bill over the years. Alice gives her card to Bill who is moved at the simple message, which Alice scribbled out and rewrote, "Dear son, yer a good dad. I'm proud of u. ❤ Ma", but begins to notice Tilly destroying his gifts. He stops her and reveals that he loves them regardless of their quality because they came from her and also because they display excellent craftsmanship. He then suggests that they use the Cricket Coupons he has been saving over the years, much to Cricket's disappointment.



  • It is revealed that Tilly likes to give very strange gifts to Bill for Father's Day, such as reading glasses made from corncobs.
  • This episode is set on Father's Day.
    • Ironically, this episode aired 20 days after Father's Day in the US.
    • A clip from this episode was released early on Twitter on the same day.
  • This is the third episode to feature Wholesome Foods without Chip Whistler, with the other two being "Steak Night" and "Harvest Dinner".
  • This is the first time Greg appears without Chip Whistler.
  • The Barry Cuda song from "Barry Cuda" is heard again, and Alice still despises it.
  • Cricket apparently thinks that Bill is the one who gave birth to him and Tilly.
  • Alice reveals that she thinks that Bill is a good father.
  • Moral: Giving is not a contest; it's what comes from the heart that counts.

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