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"The Girl Who Spelled Freedom" is an episode of The Disney Sunday Movie. It originally aired on ABC on February 23, 1986.


A Cambodian family is given sponsored immigration to the United States where one daughter becomes a spelling bee champion. In the mid 1970s, a young girl's family must endure a nightmarish life in her native country of Cambodia under the domination of the brutal Khmer Rouge regime. But things change for the better when an American family agrees to sponsor their immigration to the United States of America. They soon prove to have some difficulty adjusting to their new home as with language barriers and survival habits that are not necessary anymore, but are hard to break. While they are learning, one of the daughters struggles harder than the others and is personally driven to become a champion contender in spelling bees.


  • Wayne Rogers ... George Thrash
  • Mary Kay Place ... Prissy Thrash
  • Kieu Chinh ... Phoen Yann
  • Kathleen Sisk ... Laura Thrash
  • Margot Pinvidic ... Mandy
  • Susan Walden ... Suanna
  • Blu Mankuma ... Henry Turner
  • Jade Chinn ... Linn Yann
  • Diana Ung ... Kiev Yann
  • Linda Wong ... Yieng Yann
  • Jasmin Tam ... Ngor Yann
  • Wilson Lo ... Chhoueng Yann
  • Raymond Lui ... Hing Yann
  • Robert Broyles ... Jim
  • Shawn Clements ... Billy
  • Don Davis ... Realtor
  • Tom Heaton ... Buddy Brannan
  • Gary Hetherington ... Bill Johnson
  • Garrick Jang ... Thai Soldier
  • Don MacKay ... Dr. Fitzroy
  • Terry David Mulligan ... Zack Coley
  • Ron Tarrant ... Judge, Cheerleading Contest
  • Keeman Wong ... Thai Sergeant
  • Meredith Bain Woodward ... Elinor Howes (as Meredith Woodward)
  • Janet Wright ... Woman Neighbor