The Golden Guard is a recurring antagonist in the second season of The Owl House. He is the right-hand man of Emperor Belos.



The Golden Guard is laid-back, easy-going, chill, and likes to make quips towards the people he battles with. He is also shown to have an endearing side, taking a liking towards King for his cute nature. In spite of this, he takes his job seriously and always makes sure to follow his boss's orders. He might be quite arrogant and obnoxious as Lilith calls him "a brat." He is apparently a "genius teen prodigy" among the members of the Emperor's Coven, implying him to be intelligent and resourceful at magic, which serves as the reason for his high rank despite his age.

Physical appearance

He is 16 years old with fair skin, pointy ears, crimson eyes, black eyebrows, bags under his eyes, and blond hair with a long, jagged forelock. He has a notch on his left ear and scars on his left arm close to his shoulder.

He wears a golden-yellow tunic with darker sleeves and a dark brown belt, black leggings, dark brown boots and gloves, a golden two-faceted mask, and an ivory hooded cape with a triangle clasp. He wears a golden pauldron on his left shoulder, while his right shoulder is armorless.


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