The Good Witch Azura is a series of fantasy novels that appears frequently in The Owl House. They tell the story of a good witch named Azura, who fights for peace across magical lands. There are at least five known volumes.


The contents of the novels focuses on the adventures of the title character, Azura, who embarks on magical quests fighting evil and bringing peace across enchanted lands. Based on what is seen on the cover/poster, there are two other characters, an old witch dressed in a red cloak and fluffy little doglike creature (similarities to Eda and King).

Luz is a huge fan of the series and owns a copy. She happens to be very possessive of her book, and appears to take it everywhere she goes. It becomes her inspiration to become a witch when she arrives on the Boiling Isles. During her stay, Luz makes a lot references about the Isles to the characters and stories in her novel. In "Witches Before Wizards", Luz believed her arrival on the Isles had a reason and that she had a potential destiny like Azura. Eda dislikes the series as she considers its "flowery" contents insulting to witches.

It is revealed in "Lost in Language" that Amity is a fan as well and owns four of the books, which she keeps hidden in her secret hideaway in the library. She even drew a doodle of herself dressed as Azura on the front cover of her diary. The episode further reveals that the Azura books are also sold on the Boiling Isles. By the end of "Lost in Language", Luz lends Amity her fifth Azura book as a way of apologizing for reading her diary.

While the character is not directly mentioned in "Sense and Insensitivity", the story Luz writes has a protagonist called "Luzura", suggesting Luz is putting herself in Azura's role. She vehemently objects when King "edits" the book in a way that results in Luzura's brutal death.


  • Azura: The main protagonist of the series, who is a warrior witch of peace.
  • Elderly Witch: An ally who accompanies Azura on her quests.
  • Gildersnake: A massive serpent who serves as an enemy to Azura.
  • Hecate: A villain, who is Azura's rival and later friend in the fifth volume.
  • Malin Gael: The mysterious soothsayer.


  • The character Hecate is the Greek goddess of sorcery and necromancy. She can be depicted as having three faces as she can see the past, the present and future. While the book presents her as a villain she was a benevolent and protective goddess bringing blessings and prosperity to those who worshipped her.


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