"The Goofy Success Story" is an episode of Disneyland. It aired on December 7, 1955.


Goofy's rise to stardom is featured here, starting with a look at Hollywood, where talent scouts seek out the next superstar. They find Goofy (birth name Dippy Dog) in a movie theater watching a Mickey Mouse cartoon and laughing at it, and he is "discovered". And so begins the career of an actor with a unique laugh. They change his birth name Dippy Dog to his stage name Goofy.

Soon, Goofy becomes one of the most popular stars in Hollywood, but his optimism turns to depression during an award show in which he doesn't receive a single award. Goofy contemplates walking down into the sea to end his misery, but he receives a telegram from the studio saying that he's being offered a double role in a new film about driver safety. At the end, Goofy receives a safety award for his film.

Featured cartoons (in order)



  • This episode was released theatrically overseas in 1959.
  • A rerun of this episode accompanied the prime-time premiere of the Goof Troop 2-part series premiere "Forever Goof".
  • This episode was featured as a bonus on the 2000 Gold Classic Collection DVD release of A Goofy Movie.
  • Pluto has a cameo winning the last award (we see his shadow only).
  • Footage of the award show is featured, with redubbed dialogue, in the primetime special DTV Doggone Valentine.



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