The Great Before (also known as You Seminar for rebranding purposes by the Abstract Souls) is a location featured in Disney/Pixar's 2020 animated feature film Soul as the pre-existence place of life where new born souls get their personalities, quirks, and interests before going to the Earth.


The Great Before is a cosmic plane where young souls get their quirks, interests and personalities, all this so they can be ready for life on earth.

The entire place is operated by the abstract souls knowns as Jerrys, whose job is to assign the traits of every soul through the Personality Pavilions (like the Excitable pavilions and the Aloof pavilion).

After they get their personality all that is left to complete is their spark, this job is made by the mentors (the souls of deceased people who already had a life), so they help them to get inspired by anything from earth (example, food, music, their own inspiring moments in life etc)

When they finish the new soul gets an earth pass, which allows them to go to earth through the earth portal and going inside the bodies of new born babies.

Places of Interest

  • You Seminar - The You Seminar is a place for young souls to be taught by the Jerrys.
  • Hall of You - A place mentors bring their unborn soul partners to show them their life to try to find their spark. There is a hand scanner that can show other people's memories.
  • Hall of Everything - A place mentors bring their unborn soul partners to show them all the possibilities of what to do on Earth so they can get inspired and find their spark.
  • Earth Portal - A circular portal where prepared souls go to Earth.
  • 22’s Box (Just a Box) – A home for where 22 lives and travels to the Zone in the Astral Plane.


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