"The Great Cat Family" is an episode of Disneyland. It aired on September 19, 1956.


Walt talks about the cat family, primarily focusing on lions and domestic cats. It is explained particularly on the cats' importance to ancient Egypt and how some people would respect them, and others would fear them as superstitious beings.

Walt then shows the cats of fiction by showing clips from his past films. He recounts Pinocchio's friendship with Figaro, Alice's meeting with the crazy Cheshire Cat and how Cinderella's mouse friends barely escaped the clutches of Lucifer. Finally, he shows a classic cartoon featuring Lambert, the "black sheep" of the great cat family.

Featured clips




  • Starting in 2008, the opening segment of this program has been included as a bonus on home video releases of The Aristocats.
  • The segment about the Black Plague and superstitions surrounding cats was featured in A Disney Halloween .
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