The Great Experiment is a song sung by the Mad Doctor in the 1933 short of the same name. Through it, the Mad Doctor exposes his plan to graft Pluto's head on a chicken body, while praising his own scientific skills. The song's tune can be briefly heard again once or twice in the short in an instrumental form such as when Mickey is chased by a skeleton.


I'm a roaring, tearing wizard
When it comes to cutting up!
I can graft a chicken's gizzard
On the wishbone of a pup…
And here's the Great Experiment
I'm just about to tackle,
To find out if the end result
Will bark or crow, or cackle !


  • This song's existence is the reason why it was decided that the Mad Doctor would communicate solely through song in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two.
  • The Mad Doctor speaks with a very thick (apparently Russian) accent. For this reason, some of the lyrics have sometimes been misunderstood, such as "roaring" being confused for "raring", which doesn't make sense.
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